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Tom Clancy born on 12th April 1947 was an American bestselling novelist and a game designer popularly known for his well-crafted military science and espionage story plots set after and during the Cold War. Clancy was born Maryland and spent his childhood years in Northwood neighborhood. His father, Thomas Clancy had secured a job in United States Postal Service while his mother Catherine Clancy worked in a local store. In 1969, he graduated from Loyola University with a degree in English literature.

Order of Jack Ryan / John Clark Series

Order of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Series

# Read Title Published
1 Splinter Cell 2004
2 Operation Barracuda 2005
3 Checkmate 2006
4 Fallout 2007
5 Endgame 2009
6 Conviction 2009
7 Blacklist Aftermath 2013

Order of Tom Clancy's Net Force Series

# Read Title Published
1 Net Force 1998
2 Hidden Agendas 1998
3 Night Moves 1999
4 Breaking Point 2000
5 Point of Impact 2001
6 Cybernation 2001
7 State of War 2003
8 Changing of the Guard 2003
9 Springboard 2005
10 The Archimedes Effect 2006

Order of Tom Clancy's Net Force Explorers Series

# Read Title Published
1 Virtual Vandals 1998
2 The Deadliest Game 1998
3 One is the Loneliest Number 1999
4 The Ultimate Escape 1999
5 The Great Race 1999
6 Cyberspy 1999
7 End Game 1999
8 Shadow of Honor 2000
9 Private Lives 2000
10 Safe House 2000
11 Gameprey 2000
12 Duel Identity 2000
13 Deathworld 2000
14 High Wire 2001
15 Cold Case 2001
16 Runaways 2001
17 Cloak and Dagger 2002
18 Death Match 2002

Order of Tom Clancy's Op-Center Series

# Read Title Published
1 Op-Center 1995
2 Mirror Image 1995
3 Games of State 1996
4 Acts of War 1997
5 Balance of Power 1998
6 State of Siege 1999
7 Divide and Conquer 2000
8 Line of Control 2001
9 Mission of Honor 2002
10 Sea of Fire 2003
11 War of Eagles 2004
12 Call to Treason 2004
13 Out of the Ashes 2014
14 Into the Fire 2015
15 Scorched Earth 2016

Order of Tom Clancy Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Red Storm Rising 1986
2 SSN 1996

Order of Commanders Series

# Read Title Published
1 Into the Storm 1997
2 Every Man a Tiger 1999
3 Shadow Warriors 2002
4 Battle Ready 2004

Order of Military Reference Series (non-fiction)

# Read Title Published
1 Submarine 1993
2 Armored Cav 1994
3 Fighter Wing 1995
4 Marine 1996
5 Armoured Warfare 1996
6 Airborne 1997
7 Carrier 1999
8 Special Forces 2001

Order of Tom Clancy's Power Plays Series

# Read Title Published
1 Politika 1997
2 1998
3 Shadow Watch 1999
4 Bio-Strike 2000
5 Cold War 2001
6 Cutting Edge 2002
7 Zero Hour 2003
8 Wild Card 2004

Order of Ghost Recon Series

# Read Title Published
1 Ghost Recon 2008
2 Combat Ops 2011

Order of EndWar Series

# Read Title Published
1 EndWar 2008
2 The Hunted 2011

Order of H.A.W.X Series

# Read Title Published
1 H.A.W.X. 2009

Order of Campus Series

# Read Title Published
1 Tom Clancy Support and Defend 2014

Order of Max Moore Series

# Read Title Published
1 Against All Enemies 2011
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His efforts to join the Army Reserves Officers were in vain due to his shortsightedness, a condition that required him to wear thick glasses. After his graduation, he worked for a particular insurance company in Hartford, Connecticut. He joined O.F Bowen Agency, a local insurance company in Maryland which was founded by his wife grandfather. Later in 1980, he purchased the insurance firm and began writing novels during most of his free time, and in 1984, his first novel The Hunt for Red October was published. Tom Clancy died 2013 at Johns Hopkins Hospital due to an undisclosed disease.

Tom Clancy first novel The Hunt for Red October was published in 1984 by Naval Institute Press. The book received positive acclaims globally and ended up selling over 45,000 copies, other than 5,000 copies that Clancy opted would sell. Other fiction works by the same author include; Patriot Games (1987), The Sums of All Fears (1991), Clear and Present Danger (1989).

The release of the novel The Teeth of the Tiger in 2003 introduced three other main characters, Jack Ryan Son, and two of his nephews. These new characters served as the continuation of his four previous novels, Command Authority, Dead or Alive, Threat Vector, and Locked On. The author also wrote other non-fiction novels describing other branches of the United States Armed Forces.


Tom Clancy was one of the three writers to sell over 2million copies on his first printing during the 90’s. The other two writers who accomplished the same are J.K Rowling and John Grisham. The novel Clear and Present Danger was listed the bestselling book of the 1980’s; this is after it made over 1.5 million hardcover sales. Subsequently, in 1990, the Navy League of the United States awarded him with Alfred Thayer Mahan Award for Literary Achievement category.


Due to his outstanding and unique novel writing skills, most of the film production firms have adapted several of Tom Clancy novels for big screen filming. Here is a list of Films based on Clancy writing; Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Clear and Present Danger, Patriot Games, The Hunt for Red October, NetForce, and the Sum of All Fears.


These are two best novels written by Tom Clancy, Patriot Games (1987) and Clear and the Present Danger (1989)

Patriot Games: Jack Ryan, ex-marine, historian and now a CIA analyst is busy enjoying his vacation in London when the Ulster Liberation Army, in a treacherous manner make a terrorist attack of the Prince and the Princess of Wales. The ex-marine dives into action to save the prince and princess, his heroic actions gains him the gratitude of the nation but also at the same time earns him hatred, especially from the country’s most dangerous men. These men are determined to eliminate him at all cost such that people get killed. However, Jack Ryan must utilize all his skill instilled in him during his service to the nation to battle against the country’s most dangerous men.

Clear and the Present Danger: The hero of Patriot Games, Jack Ryan finds that he probably won’t have a boring summer season, after an assassination of three American officials in Colombia. With many people going off and on missions and others moving in places, series of events begin to unfold. Clear, and the Present Danger is a novel themed on American war on drugs and drug cartels. Jack Ryan confrontation with Congress over the illegal operations, meetings with various committees soon discovers that the honor and dignity are things that everyone must undertake for his/her country. The novel has a well-written plot with great twists; the characters are well depicted with each character playing its role quite well. Above all, the novel describes what a nation is forced to undertake especially when faced with threats from drug cartels.