David Hagberg Books

David Hagberg is an American author that has written a number of popular titles, from Flash Gordon to a Novelization of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Though, most of David’s hardcore fans will tell you that the true manifestation of his skills is all the techno-thrillers he has written.

Order of Kirk McGarvey Series

# Read Title Published
1 Without Honor 1989
2 Countdown 1990
3 Crossfire 1991
4 Critical Mass 1992
5 High Flight 1995
6 Assassin 1997
7 White House 1999
8 Joshua's Hammer 2000
9 The Kill Zone 2002
10 Soldier of God 2005
11 Allah's Scorpion 2006
12 Dance with the Dragon 2007
13 The Expediter 2009
14 The Cabal 2010
15 Abyss 2011
16 Castro's Daughter 2012
17 Blood Pact 2014
18 Retribution 2015
19 The Shadowmen 2016
20 The Fourth Horseman 2016
21 End Game 2016

Order of Wallace Mahoney Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Kremlin Conspiracy 1979
2 Eagles Fly 1980
3 Hollow Men 1982
4 Broken Idols 1985
5 Moscow Crossing 1988
6 Crossed Swords 1989
7 False Prophets 1996

Order of Nate Osborne and Ashley Borden Series

# Read Title Published
1 Blowout 2012
2 Gridlock 2013

Order of Flash Gordon Novels Series

Order of Killmaster Series

Order of The Magic Man Series

# Read Title Published
1 The Magic Man 1983
2 The Gamov Factor 1983
3 Pipeline from Hell 1984
4 Call of Honor 1985

Order of Bill Lane Series

# Read Title Published
1 Eden's Gate 2001

Order of David Hagberg Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Twister 1975
2 The Capsule 1976
3 Croc 1977
4 That Winslow Woman 1977
5 Trinity Factor 1981
6 The Kummersdorf Connection 1982
7 Heartland 1983
8 Heroes 1985
9 Gulag 1987
10 The Zebra Network 1989
11 Counterstrike 1990
12 Moving Targets 1992
13 Last Come the Children 1992
14 Desert Fire 1993
15 Winner Take All 1994
16 False Prophets 1996
17 Kilo Option 1996
18 Achilles' Heel 1998
19 Terminator 3 2003
20 By Dawn's Early Light 2003
21 Burned 2009

Order of David Hagberg Non-Fiction Books

# Read Title Published
1 Mutiny 2008


# Read Title Published
1 Victory 2004
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David Hagberg was born in 1942 in Duluth, Minnesota. Upon leaving high school, David immediately went into the army, finding a place in the Air Force as a cryptographer. The author’s experience in this field definitely aided his eventual success as a writer.

David’s contribution to the Air Force, especially during the time he was stationed in Greenland and in Germany was definitely notable, particularly if you take into account the work he did when it came to constructing the world’s most impressive crypto center at the time.

David’s Educational background includes time spent at the University of Maryland and the University of Wisconsin where he gained an understanding of subjects like math, physics and philosophy.

It is difficult to determine when the writing bug first struck David. However, he has admitted that he didn’t really learn to write until he went to the Duluth Herald and News Tribune, working as a Club Reporter. The opportunity gave him the skills to organize his thoughts and craft interesting stories, and it wasn’t long before the Associated Press took him on as a news desk editor.

David Hagberg’s first book was published in 1975 by Dell. He went on to publish several dozen books, with his most popular works revolving around a super spy called Kirk McGarvey.

David’s books are very detailed and manifest the time he injects into researching the techno aspects of his stories. He has also been praised for playing with plots that have proven prophetic over time.

For instance, Joshua’s Hammer which came out in 2000 included a plan by Osama bin Laden to carry out a catastrophic terrorist attack on American home soil; just a year after this book hit the shelves, the attack on the World Trade Center happened.

The author also wrote a book that saw a super spy track Osama bin Laden down and shoot him in the head. Four years after this book was released, Osama was found and killed by the United States government.

Besides his work as a news desk editor, David Hagberg has also credited his efforts on the Nick Carter-Killmaster series as a very formative experience, availing to David the chance to hone his abilities as a spy writer.

Some of David’s fans do not even know that he was a writer-for-hire assigned with producing novels adapted from the Flash Gordon comic strip, a fact that tends to earn him admiration from fans of the cult classic that is Flash Gordon.

David Hagberg awards

David hasn’t won any notable awards for his work as a spy writer or even a mystery novelist. However, he has been nominated for The American Book Award and the Edgar Allan Poe Award.

He can also boast of various American Mystery Awards nominations.

Best David Hagberg Books

David Hagberg might not have that many awards to his name, but he has a loyal fanbase of followers who love his work, with some of the best books in his bibliography including:

Assassin: Nothing will stop Yevgenni Anatolevich Tarankov from bringing back communism, or so he thinks. Kirk McGarvey is an Ex-CIA Officer who knows that the so-called Tarantula must be killed if Russian Democracy is to thrive.

The sixth book in the Kirk McGarvey series is a little cliché at the start, with the protagonist being painted as the perfect assassin, not only handsome despite his age but also very effective at his job. Some of the occurrences in the book also require some suspension of disbelief.

Joshua’s Hammer: The world cannot help but take notice when Osama bin Laden gets his hands on a very powerful yet compact nuclear weapon. The United States’ decision to counter his acquisition of the weapon by bombing his base of operations doesn’t help matters, especially when his daughter is killed in the process.

It is up to Kirk McGarvey to find a man with the power to wreak deadly havoc and who has little to lose.

This book’s biggest strength is its tension. Every page is dripping with it, probably because the stakes are so high and failure is no option for Kirk.