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David Hagberg was born in Duluth, Minnesota on October 9, 1942. He is a renowned American writer best remembered for his technical thriller novels from the seventies right through the millennium. He writes under various pseudo names for his vast standalone novels and book series. Hagberg served in the military as a U.S Air Force cryptographer in the Intelligence department.

Order of Nick Carter: Killmaster Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Sign of the Prayer Shawl 1976 Description / Buy
2 Race of Death 1978 Description / Buy
3 The Ouster Conspiracy 1981 Description / Buy
4 The Strontium Code 1981 Description / Buy
5 Deathlight 1982 Description / Buy
6 The Dominican Affair 1982 Description / Buy
7 The Puppet Master 1982 Description / Buy
8 The Hunter 1982 Description / Buy
9 Appointment in Haiphong 1982 Description / Buy
10 Operation McMurdo Sound 1982 Description / Buy
11 Retreat for Death 1982 Description / Buy
12 The Damocles Threat 1982 Description / Buy
13 Earthfire North 1983 Description / Buy
14 The Istanbul Decision 1983 Description / Buy
15 Zero-Hour Strike Force 1984 Description / Buy
16 Death Island 1984 Description / Buy
17 Death Hand Play 1984 Description / Buy
18 The Vengeance Game 1985 Description / Buy
19 The Killing Ground 1986 Description / Buy
20 Death Orbit 1986 Description / Buy
21 Operation Petrograd 1986 Description / Buy
22 East of Hell 1987 Description / Buy
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His thrillers feature super-spy heroes that almost depict a prophetic outcome in their accuracy. His chilling novel, Joshua’s Hammer, published in 2000, predicts with precision on Osama bin Laden plot to kill dozens of US citizens in their homeland. It was released just a year before the fatal 9/11 World Trade Center attacks in New York. Hagberg has published more than 20 editions in the Nick Carter-Killmaster series, which we shall review in this article.

Best Killmaster Books

Run, Spy, Run #1 Killmaster: This novel begins with the sophistication behind the intrigues of international intelligence with a boisterous Nick Carter against a dangerous and vicious spy nemesis, Mr. Judas. Inspired by James Bond, this novel features a permanently retired spy, Nick Carter chasing down his rivals on a horse-drawn carriage and a pack of explosives.

The protagonist plans on a secret mission to replace American ambassadors with Chinese adherents. The plot advances well in exhaustive detail with new developments of a co-agent and a fresh episode of romance with his new colleague. The final chapters of the book provide excellent entertaining scenes and verbal vitriol between the hero and the villain. If you love the intricate descriptive stories in the James Bond series, then you will definitely enjoy this novel.

The China Doll #2 Killmaster: Spymasters have one thing in common. Sex and savagery of which, one or both traits must be exploited heavily by high-level spies to survive the tumultuous lonely life. After an eventful episode in Run, Spy, Run, Nick takes a break to recover at home in New York while waiting for his next assignment. Instead of chasing villains, this time he gets to be a personal bodyguard for a prominent person at a Soviet Leadership opening ceremony of the United Nations.

Carter balks two separate assassination attempts on the Russian Premier, Khrushchev. One of the factions responsible for the murder aversion is The AXE, and its Soviet equivalent SIN believes the assassination attempt was planned by communist Chinese efforts to undermine the association between the USA and the USSR. Nick teams up with a communist agent to infiltrate China and obliterate a notorious terrorist faction known as CLAW.

Nick Carter perfectly fits his role of a bodyguard. He has a tall, lean
physique finely chiseled by his intense daily yoga regimen. He may be brutal in his job but is full of passion for his women. Nick secretly works with an underworld covert operation only known by its acronym the AXE; and authorized by the highly classified spies answerable only to the President of the United States the Defense Secretary and the National Security Council.

Nick is tasked with heading a protection detail for the Soviet Madam President Nikita Kruschev, and he’s forced to work with an arrogant associate. He then travels to Japan to probe into the mysterious disappearance of one of his colleagues at the secret AXE clique. He then traverses to China to enter the Forbidden City where Caucasians are not allowed. His mission is to kill the head of the CLAW, another spy faction under a man named Mandarin.

The passionate side of the book explores the exotic orient, introducing us to a Coveted Chinese beauty, Taka. She is Mandarin’s concubine but has deep feelings for Nick; she adores him and would do anything for him. She was introduced to the protagonist to rat him out to her master lover, Mandarin but she fell in love with him instead. We also see a ferocious dragon-lady famous for her evil ways, which far outweigh her beauty. Yasura is one of Mandarin’s favorite concubines, who derive her sexual pleasure from watching her lover torturing his victims.

She’s a hot lass, and unlike her counterpart Taka, she plays to win. Yasura is very observant and keen on her surroundings. She embraces pain as a form of pleasure to hide her fear and somehow confuse Mandarin that pain motivates her, rather than break her. It’s her insurance in case things get out of hand, and she finds herself in a compromising situation with her lover.
The book contains a plerotha of mischief, drama and the Asian cultural beliefs and obstacles, especially the restrictions the women have to put up with.

Reading their complicated lifestyles is sad. Nevertheless, they found a way to have fun and entertain themselves in such strenuous circumstances. Overall, The novel was a little bit trivial but enjoyable nonetheless. While it heavily relied on cliché ideas, some readers, I included did not mind the overly descriptive storyline.

Checkmate in Rio #3 Killmaster: The adventure in this edition takes place in Brazil, in January of 1964. After the mission in Japan and China as described in “The China Doll,” six spy agents linked with AXE in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are found murdered and mutilated. Nick Carter and his fellow agent Rosalind Adler have just arrived in the South American country to investigate the latest developments. It’s terrible to have all the best men in a secret operation die most horrifically imaginable. Someone has infiltrated the network and possibly squeezed information out of the weaker ones before killing them.

The third book in this adventurous series starts on a wrong foot, but you can trust Nick Carter, the top agent of the highest secret order of the American government to dig out the truth of the matter in the mysterious deaths. Without wasting time, they crack deep into the spy world, looking for hidden clues in the places such a crown would hideout. You can trust Nick to go all out with the girls, although there isn’t much romance in Brazil due to the tension of the situation, time is running out. Nick and Rosalind must find the killers at once. What a thrilling novel! It won’t keep you on the edge of your seat, but it’s enjoyable and informative on the inner secrets of government operations.

What Is The Next Book in The Nick Carter: Killmaster Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Nick Carter: Killmaster Series. The newest book is East of Hell and was released on July, 1st 1987.