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The name James Bond refers to a series of novels and short stories about a British Secret Service Agent. The concept was created by Ian Fleming, a British author, and journalist.

Order of James Bond Series

1Casino Royale ( By: Ian Fleming)1953Description / Buy
2Live and Let Die ( By: Ian Fleming)1954Description / Buy
3Moonraker ( By: Ian Fleming)1955Description / Buy
4Diamonds Are Forever ( By: Ian Fleming)1956Description / Buy
5From Russia with Love ( By: Ian Fleming)1957Description / Buy
6Doctor No (By: Ian Fleming)1958Description / Buy
7Goldfinger ( By: Ian Fleming)1959Description / Buy
8For Your Eyes Only ( By: Ian Fleming)1960Description / Buy
9Thunderball ( By: Ian Fleming)1961Description / Buy
10The Spy Who Loved Me ( By: Ian Fleming)1962Description / Buy
11The Living Daylights ( By: Ian Fleming)1962Description / Buy
12On Her Majesty's Secret Service ( By: Ian Fleming)1963Description / Buy
13You Only Live Twice ( By: Ian Fleming)1964Description / Buy
14The Man with the Golden Gun ( By: Ian Fleming)1965Description / Buy
15Octopussy and The Living Daylights ( By: Ian Fleming)1966Description / Buy

Order of James Bond (Extended) Series

1Colonel Sun ( By: Kingsley Amis)1968Description / Buy
2License Renewed ( By: John Gardner)1981Description / Buy
3For Special Services ( By: John Gardner)1982Description / Buy
4Icebreaker ( By: John Gardner)1983Description / Buy
5Role of Honor ( By: John Gardner)1984Description / Buy
6Nobody Lives Forever ( By: John Gardner)1986Description / Buy
7No Deals, Mr. Bond ( By: John Gardner)1987Description / Buy
8Scorpius ( By: John Gardner)1988Description / Buy
9Licence to Kill ( By: John Gardner)1989Description / Buy
10Win, Lose or Die ( By: John Gardner)1989Description / Buy
11Brokenclaw ( By: John Gardner)1990Description / Buy
12The Man from Barbarossa ( By: John Gardner)1991Description / Buy
13Death Is Forever ( By: John Gardner)1992Description / Buy
14Never Send Flowers ( By: John Gardner)1993Description / Buy
15SeaFire ( By: John Gardner)1994Description / Buy
16GoldenEye ( By: John Gardner)1995Description / Buy
17Cold Fall ( By: John Gardner)1996Description / Buy
18Zero Minus Ten ( By: Raymond Benson)1997Description / Buy
19Tomorrow Never Dies ( By: Raymond Benson)1997Description / Buy
20The Facts of Death ( By: Raymond Benson)1998Description / Buy
21The World is Not Enough ( By: Raymond Benson)1999Description / Buy
22High Time to Kill ( By: Raymond Benson)1999Description / Buy
23Doubleshot ( By: Raymond Benson)2000Description / Buy
24Never Dream of Dying ( By: Raymond Benson)2001Description / Buy
25The Man With the Red Tattoo ( By: Raymond Benson)2002Description / Buy
26Die Another Day ( By: Raymond Benson)2002Description / Buy
27Devil May Care ( By: Sebastian Faulks)2008Description / Buy
28Carte Blanche ( By: Jeffery Deaver)2011Description / Buy
29Solo ( By: William Boyd)2013Description / Buy
30Trigger Mortis ( By: Anthony Horowitz)2015Description / Buy
31Forever and a Day ( By: Anthony Horowitz)2018Description / Buy

Order of James Bond Collections

1Quantum of Solace ( By: Ian Fleming)2008Description / Buy
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Order of James Bond Collections

1Quantum of Solace ( By: Ian Fleming)2008Description / Buy
Print: Print PDF

Fleming kicked the series off with Casino Royale in 1953. The book found James Bond gambling at a Casino with the intention of bankrupting a figure by the names of Le Chiffre.

The book set the stage for the legend of James Bond, a highly skilled operative of the British government with competency in hand to hand combat and the use of military arms.

James Bond operates behind the scenes to stop nefarious criminal entities hell bent on either ruling the world or destroying. Operating with a shocking amount of freedom and making effective use of his license to kill, James Bond is normally assisted in his endeavors by a host of technologically advanced gadgets that take the series into the fantastical.

Each novel finds Bond encountering a beautiful woman who he proceeds to seduce and rope into helping him with his schemes. While the nature of the threats that James Bond faces have transformed with the passing of time, the British operative himself has stayed largely unchanged.

Ian Fleming wrote the James Bond novels after leaving the British Naval Intelligence Division. The WW II veteran took the best version of his persona and exaggerated it to create the character of Bond.

Ian also admitted to using his military experience and knowledge to craft distinct concepts for the Bond novels. Casino Royale, the first novel in the series, was such a great success that it gave Ian Fleming the money to buy Gildrose Publications, a small publishing company.

In 1999, that company became Ian Fleming Publications. It primarily works to manage the licenses surrounding the James Bond Franchise. The company also publishes new books in the James Bond series.

Ian Fleming died of a heart attack in 1964 but he did not take the Bond series with him. Numerous authors have come on board to produce more James Bond novels.

James Bond Books into Movies/TV

The first ever adaptation of the James Bond series was an hour long television production of Casino Royale in 1954. CBS paid Ian Fleming a thousand dollars to adapt his first novel.

It wasn’t until 1962 that Eon Productions delivered the first cinematic adaptation of a James Bond novel. The novel in question was Dr. No and it was turned into a theatrical release of the same name.

Since then, numerous James Bond novels have been adapted into more than two dozen theatrical movies. There have also been a variety of actors that have undertaken the mantle of James Bond over the decades.

The Legacy of James Bond is such that movie adaptations of the series are expected to endure for the next several years and decades.

Best James Bond Books

With James Bond, Ian Fleming created an astounding legacy that has outlasted anything he ever achieved in World War II, with some of the best books in the James Bond series including:

Casino Royale: James Bond is a charming and sophisticated man whose handsome façade hides a ruthless operative with a license to kill. Bond is assigned the task of eliminating a Russian operative by the names of Le Chiffre.

To accomplish his mission, James must contend with Le Chiffre at a Baccarat table and completely ruin him, forcing his Russian masters to kill him. However, even after Bond infiltrates his opponent’s world and puts him on a losing streak, he finds his path barred by people who won’t play by the rules.

Live and Let Die: James Bond doesn’t believe Mr. Big’s reputation as a Voodoo Baron of Death and Master of fear. He won’t be taken in by such superstition, not when he learns that Solitaire, a beautiful Fortuneteller is his prisoner.

Bond knows that, as a SMERSH operative, Mr. Big is a real threat. So he takes great care as he tracks him from Harlem to the Caribbean, with each encounter revealing to Bond why his prey might be the most dangerous man he has ever met.

Other Book Series You May Like

The “Jason Bourne” Series by Robert Ludlum is another great one. These books tell the story of Jason Bourne, a highly competent operative working for a covert government agency. When he loses his memory and his former masters turn against him, Jason makes it his mission to take his makers down using the very skills they gave him.

Check out the “Alex Rider” Series by Anthony Horowitz as well. These young adult novels tell the story of a 15-year-old who is recruited by MI6 after he loses his uncle in suspicious circumstances.

What Is The Next Book in The James Bond Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The James Bond Series. The newest book is Octopussy and The Living Daylights and was released on January, 1st 1966.


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