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Robert Ludlum was an American based writer of more than 27 thriller novels. He is best known as the creator of James Bourne, the protagonist in the Bourne Trilogy Series. Ludlum was born on May 25, 1927, in New York City. He is the son of George Ludlum and Margaret Ludlum. Ludlum attended The Rectory School before joining Cheshire Academy. He was later on admitted to Wesleyan University, which is located in Middletown, Connecticut. Ludlum graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Drama. While a student at Wesleyan University Ludlum became a member of the Ludlum Alpha fraternity. After becoming a writer, Ludlum set his very first novel in the fictitious Carlyle University, which was located in Connecticut.

Order of Jason Bourne Series

1The Bourne Identity 1980Description / Buy
2The Bourne Supremacy 1986Description / Buy
3The Bourne Ultimatum 1990Description / Buy
4The Bourne Legacy ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2003Description / Buy
5The Bourne Betrayal ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2007Description / Buy
6The Bourne Sanction ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2008Description / Buy
7The Bourne Deception ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2009Description / Buy
8The Bourne Objective ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2010Description / Buy
9The Bourne Dominion ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2011Description / Buy
10The Bourne Imperative ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2012Description / Buy
11The Bourne Retribution ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2013Description / Buy
12The Bourne Ascendancy ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2014Description / Buy
13The Bourne Enigma ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2016Description / Buy
14The Bourne Initiative ( By: Eric Van Lustbader) 2017Description / Buy
15The Bourne Evolution ( By: Brian Freeman) 2020Description / Buy
16The Bourne Treachery ( By: Brian Freeman) 2021Description / Buy

Order of Covert-One Series

1The Hades Factor ( With: Gayle Lynds) 2000Description / Buy
2The Cassandra Compact ( With: Philip Shelby) 2001Description / Buy
3The Paris Option ( By: Gayle Lynds) 2002Description / Buy
4The Altman Code ( By: Gayle Lynds) 2003Description / Buy
5The Lazarus Vendetta ( By: Patrick Larkin) 2004Description / Buy
6The Moscow Vector ( By: Patrick Larkin) 2005Description / Buy
7Robert Ludlum's The Arctic Event ( By: James H. Cobb) 2007Description / Buy
8The Ares Decision ( By: Kyle Mills) 2011Description / Buy
9The Janus Reprisal ( By: Jamie Freveletti) 2012Description / Buy
10The Utopia Experiment ( By: Kyle Mills) 2013Description / Buy
11The Geneva Strategy ( By: Jamie Freveletti) 2015Description / Buy
12The Patriot Attack ( By: Kyle Mills) 2016Description / Buy

Order of Matarese Dynasty Series

1The Matarese Circle 1979Description / Buy
2The Matarese Countdown 1997Description / Buy

Order of Paul Janson Series

1The Janson Directive 2002Description / Buy
2The Janson Command ( By: Paul Garrison) 2012Description / Buy
3The Janson Option ( By: Paul Garrison) 2014Description / Buy
4The Janson Equation ( By: Douglas Corleone) 2015Description / Buy

Order of Road to Series

1The Road to Gandolfo 1975Description / Buy
2The Road To Omaha 1992Description / Buy

Order of Treadstone Series with Joshua Hood

1The Treadstone Resurrection ( By: Joshua Hood) 2020Description / Buy
2The Treadstone Exile ( By: Joshua Hood) 2021Description / Buy

Order of Robert Ludlum Standalone Novels

1The Scarlatti Inheritance 1971Description / Buy
2The Osterman Weekend 1972Description / Buy
3The Matlock Paper 1973Description / Buy
4Trevayne (As: Jonathan Ryder) 1973Description / Buy
5The Rhinemann Exchange 1974Description / Buy
6The Cry of the Halidon (As: Jonathan Ryder) 1974Description / Buy
7The Gemini Contenders 1976Description / Buy
8The Chancellor Manuscript 1977Description / Buy
9The Holcroft Covenant 1978Description / Buy
10The Parsifal Mosaic 1982Description / Buy
11The Aquitaine Progression 1984Description / Buy
12The Icarus Agenda 1988Description / Buy
13The Scorpio Illusion 1993Description / Buy
14The Apocalypse Watch 1995Description / Buy
15The Prometheus Deception 2000Description / Buy
16The Sigma Protocol 2001Description / Buy
17The Tristan Betrayal 2003Description / Buy
18The Bancroft Strategy 2004Description / Buy
19The Ambler Warning 2005Description / Buy
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Before becoming an author, Ludlum served in the Marines. He also worked as a theatrical producer and actor. In the year 1950, he produced several shows at the renowned Grant Lee Theatre, which is located in Fort Lee, New Jersey. From the year 1960 and 1970, he produced and managed shows within the Playhouse Mall, which was located at Bergen Mall. Due to the theatrical experience that he gained while working in theaters, Robert Ludlum understood the escapism, action, and energy that the general public which was required in a novel.

Robert Ludlum Awards

Robert Ludlum has not been awarded any literary awards.

Robert Ludlum Books into Movies

A majority of the author’s novel have been adapted into mini-series and films such as the Holcroft Covenant, The Bourne Identity, The Osterman Weekend, The Bourne Identity and Bourne Supremacy. The Bourne Identity movies feature the critically acclaimed author; Matt Damon has been critically and commercially successfully. His works are published under Treadstone Trademark.

Best Robert Ludlum Books

The Bourne Identity: This is the very first book by Robert Ludlum in the Jason Bourne trilogy. This novel begins as a half-deadman with a bloody body that is riddled with bullets is being dragged from the ocean and onto a trawler. A few hours ago, the man was not only shot but also thrown into the ocean by individuals who has the intent of killing him for reasons that he could not remember. Their only mistake was believing that the man was dead. The man finally finds his way to Zurich. He discovers that his name is Jason Bourne and he used to work for a covert company. An assassin that he does not know had been following him throughout. As all this happens, Jason Bourne begins to experience the flashback. These flashbacks begin to trigger memories as Jason Bourne tries to find out his real identity.

In an exceedingly amazing fashion, these flashbacks provide him with what he needs to avoid being killed. Nonetheless, the real beauty of this noel is that it is not the only action packed but it is also action packed. This is the story of a man who is exceedingly desperate enough to find out who he is regardless of the consequence. Full of intrigue and suspense, with an exceedingly unique twist on character development, this novel is without any reasonable doubt one of the best thrillers to be written.

Bourne Supremacy: This is the second book in the Jason Bourne Trilogy. Some of the things that made this book a great include the separation of David Webb and the protagonist, Jason Bourne, the highly-trained killing machine, who does not care for anything else apart from himself. Ludlum has managed to create different characters within the same body; Jason Bourne, David Webb, and Delta, David Webb’s codename during the period that he served as a cold-blooded American guerilla fighter during the 1970 Vietnam war. The story begins with Webb who has had more than five years of therapy and peace. He also managed to successfully put away his alter ego, Jason Bourne behind him together with his chaotic years in Vietnam.

However, his peace is short-lived as he is plunged back into the world of covert operations that he had been trying so hard to forget about. This time around, he is allied with his long time enemy, and friend Alex Conklin. This time around he must fly back to Asia, and kill an assassin who had been using his pseudo-name of Jason Bourne. What you are going to love about this installment is the inner struggles between Jason Bourne and Webb. Webb is not only slow but also exceedingly weak. However, he feels emotions such as love and empathy. As the story progresses, we get to see more of Webb and less of Jason Bourne.

When Does The Next Robert Ludlum book come out?

Robert Ludlum doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Ambler Warning and was released on October, 18th 2005.

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