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Anthony Horowitz, who is a UK national, is a renaissance man; Horowitz is a man of letters, scriptwriter, playwright, and journalist, all rolled into one. Horowitz, who is in his early sixties, was born in April 1955. Horowitz’s birthplace is Stanmore upon Middlesex in England.

Order of Alex Rider Series

1Stormbreaker 2000Description / Buy
2Point Blank 2001Description / Buy
3Skeleton Key 2002Description / Buy
4Eagle Strike 2003Description / Buy
5Scorpia 2004Description / Buy
6Ark Angel 2005Description / Buy
7Snakehead 2007Description / Buy
8Crocodile Tears 2009Description / Buy
9Quite a Ride 2010Description / Buy
10Scorpia Rising 2011Description / Buy
11Russian Roulette 2013Description / Buy
12Never Say Die 2017Description / Buy
13Nightshade 2020Description / Buy

Order of Alex Rider: The Graphic Novel Series

1Stormbreaker 2006Description / Buy
2Point Blank 2007Description / Buy
3Skeleton Key 2009Description / Buy
4Eagle Strike 2012Description / Buy
5Scorpia 2016Description / Buy
6Ark Angel ( With:) 2020Description / Buy

Order of Alex Rider Non-Fiction Series

1The Gadget 2005Description / Buy
2Alex Rider, Mission Files 2008Description / Buy

Order of Detective Daniel Hawthorne Series

1The Word Is Murder 2018Description / Buy
2The Sentence Is Death 2019Description / Buy
3A Line to Kill 2021Description / Buy

Order of Diamond Brothers Series

1The Falcon's Malteser 1986Description / Buy
2Public Enemy Number Two 1987Description / Buy
3South by Southeast 1991Description / Buy
4The Blurred Man 2003Description / Buy
5The French Confection 2003Description / Buy
6I Know What You Did Last Wednesday 2003Description / Buy
7The Greek Who Stole Christmas 2007Description / Buy
8The Diamond Brothers in... Two of Diamonds 2009Description / Buy

Order of Diamond Brother Mysteries Series

1Three of Diamonds 2004Description / Buy
2Four of Diamonds 2012Description / Buy

Order of Groosham Grange Series

1Groosham Grange 1988Description / Buy
2The Unholy Grail/Return to Groosham Grange 1990Description / Buy

Order of Horrowitz Horror Shorts Series

1Horowitz Horror 1999Description / Buy
2More Horowitz Horror 2000Description / Buy

Order of Legends Series

1Battles and Quests 2010Description / Buy
2Beasts and Monsters (Short Story) 2010Description / Buy
3Death and the Underworld 2011Description / Buy
4Heroes and Villains 2011Description / Buy
5Tricks and Transformations 2012Description / Buy
6The Wrath of the Gods 2012Description / Buy

Order of Pentagram Chronicles Series

1The Devil's Door Bell 1983Description / Buy
2The Night of the Scorpion 1985Description / Buy
3The Silver Citadel 1986Description / Buy
4Day of the Dragon 1989Description / Buy

Order of Pocket Horowitz Series

1Burnt 2002Description / Buy
2Killer Camera 2002Description / Buy
3The Night Bus 2002Description / Buy
4The Phone Goes Dead 2002Description / Buy
5Scared 2002Description / Buy
6Twist Cottage 2002Description / Buy

Order of Power Of Five/The Gatekeepers Series

1Raven's Gate 2005Description / Buy
2Evil Star 2006Description / Buy
3Nightrise 2007Description / Buy
4Necropolis 2008Description / Buy
5Oblivion 2012Description / Buy

Order of Power Of Five/The Gatekeepers Graphic Novel Series

1Raven's Gate 2010Description / Buy
2Evil Star 2014Description / Buy
3Nightrise 2014Description / Buy

Order of Sherlock Holmes Series

1The House of Silk 2011Description / Buy
2Moriarty 2014Description / Buy
3The Three Monarchs 2014Description / Buy

Order of Susan Ryeland Series

1The Magpie Murders 2016Description / Buy
2Moonflower Murders 2020Description / Buy

Order of James Bond (Extended) Series

1Colonel Sun ( By: Kingsley Amis) 1968Description / Buy
2License Renewed ( By: John Gardner) 1981Description / Buy
3For Special Services ( By: John Gardner) 1982Description / Buy
4Icebreaker ( By: John Gardner) 1983Description / Buy
5Role of Honor ( By: John Gardner) 1984Description / Buy
6Nobody Lives Forever ( By: John Gardner) 1986Description / Buy
7No Deals, Mr. Bond ( By: John Gardner) 1987Description / Buy
8Scorpius ( By: John Gardner) 1988Description / Buy
9Licence to Kill ( By: John Gardner) 1989Description / Buy
10Win, Lose or Die ( By: John Gardner) 1989Description / Buy
11Brokenclaw ( By: John Gardner) 1990Description / Buy
12The Man from Barbarossa ( By: John Gardner) 1991Description / Buy
13Death Is Forever ( By: John Gardner) 1992Description / Buy
14Never Send Flowers ( By: John Gardner) 1993Description / Buy
15SeaFire ( By: John Gardner) 1994Description / Buy
16GoldenEye ( By: John Gardner) 1995Description / Buy
17Cold Fall ( By: John Gardner) 1996Description / Buy
18Zero Minus Ten ( By: Raymond Benson) 1997Description / Buy
19Tomorrow Never Dies ( By: Raymond Benson) 1997Description / Buy
20The Facts of Death ( By: Raymond Benson) 1998Description / Buy
21The World is Not Enough ( By: Raymond Benson) 1999Description / Buy
22High Time to Kill ( By: Raymond Benson) 1999Description / Buy
23Doubleshot ( By: Raymond Benson) 2000Description / Buy
24Never Dream of Dying ( By: Raymond Benson) 2001Description / Buy
25The Man With the Red Tattoo ( By: Raymond Benson) 2002Description / Buy
26Die Another Day ( By: Raymond Benson) 2002Description / Buy
27Devil May Care ( By: Sebastian Faulks) 2008Description / Buy
28Carte Blanche ( By: Jeffery Deaver) 2011Description / Buy
29Solo ( By: William Boyd) 2013Description / Buy
30Trigger Mortis 2015Description / Buy
31Forever and a Day 2018Description / Buy

Order of Anthony Horowitz Standalone Novels

1Enter Frederick K. Bower 1978Description / Buy
2The Sinister Secret Of Frederick K. Bower 1979Description / Buy
3Misha, the magician and the mysterious amulet 1981Description / Buy
4Robin of Sherwood: The Hooded Man 1986Description / Buy
5Adventurer 1987Description / Buy
6The New Adventures of William Tell 1987Description / Buy
7Starting Out 1990Description / Buy
8Granny 1994Description / Buy
9The Switch 1995Description / Buy
10The Devil and His Boy 1997Description / Buy
11Mindgame 2001Description / Buy
12The Killing Joke 2002Description / Buy
13Vermeer to Eternity (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy

Order of Anthony Horowitz Short Story Collections

1Myths and Legends 1985Description / Buy
2Death Walks Tonight 1995Description / Buy
3Bloody Horowitz 2010Description / Buy
4Scared to Death 2018Description / Buy

Order of Anthony Horowitz Standalone Plays

1A Handbag (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy

Anthony Horowitz Anthologies

1 The Puffin Book of Horror Stories1994Description / Buy
2 Midnight Feast2007Description / Buy
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Among the authors who influenced Anthony Horowitz include English penman Charles Dickens. Horowitz niche is particularly juvenile literature, mystery-thriller books, and science fiction; and his literary work is often juxtaposed with that of British authors Enid Mary Blyton alongside Mark A. Cooper.

For his basic education, Anthony Horowitz attended the Harrow-based Orley Farm School and thereafter proceeded to the Warwickshire-based Rugby School. For his undergraduate studies, Horowitz attended the York-based Vanbrugh College, a constituent of University of York; at the said institution, Horowitz pursued English literature coupled with Art history, ultimately graduating in 1977.

While schooling, Anthony Horowitz grappled with weight problems, and a sad and brutal school life. This prompted Horowitz to start narrating stories to schoolmates and writing which was more or less a form of escapism. He opines that he only got happiness when he put pen to paper. As young as aged eight, he felt writing was his calling. Even then it was not until in his twenties when he started writing seriously, culminating in the publication of his debut book in 1978, titled Enter Frederick K Bower.

Anthony has been outsourced to write James Bond and Sherlock Holmes books. Horowitz, who has co-authored work with British scribblers Tony Lee and Nigeel Dobbyn, has a comprehensive bibliography encompassing standalone novels and novellas, a play, collections, stories, series of books, and graphic novels to his credit.

Anthony Horowitz has authored more than five series of books. Horowitz’s most notable series is the Alex Rider series. There are eleven major books in the said series. There are almost 110 editions of the first book in the serialized Alex Rider. However, the first edition was initially published in January 2000, titled Stormbreaker; and the book is shelved under the young adult, adventure, mystery, and fiction genres.

Alex Rider is the featured protagonist in Anthony Horowitz’s book Stormbreaker. Meet Alex Rider: aged fourteen, watchful and, intelligent. Rider was orphaned, prompting his uncle, named Ian Rider, to take care of him. The critical moment in Horowitz’s book, Stormbreaker, is the suspicious road accident that claimed Ian’s life because he had reportedly not buckled up. Alex Rider soon finds out that Ian was an MI6 undercover agent and was killed in the line of duty. Eventually, Alex is recruited and trained by the Special Air Services to work for the unit. The precocious child protagonist has to face up to an assignment seeking to neutralize a well-off sadistic criminal, Herod Sayle, to nip Sayle’s intention of annihilating all English children in the bud in this multi-award-winning literary gem.

Anthony Horowitz Awards

Anthony Horowitz has clinched several literary awards. In 2004, Horowitz clinched the Rebecca Caudill Young Reader’s Book Award. In 2005, Horowitz bagged the South Carolina Book Award, Junior Book category; and also won the Iowa Teen Award. In the three cases, Horowitz won courtesy of his 2000 book Stormbreaker. Stormbreaker also bagged Golden Archer Awards in the Middle and Junior High category (2003), Beehive Award in the Young Adult category (2004), and California Young Reader Medal (2005).

In 1989 and 2006, Anthony Horowitz clinched the Lancanshire Book of the Year in virtue of his 1988 book titled Groosham Grange and 2005 book named Raven’s Gate, respectively. In 2003, Horowitz bagged the Hampshire Book Award courtesy of his 2002 book Skeleton Key; the book also clinched the Louisiana Young Readers’ Choice Award in 2006. In 2003, Horowitz’s book Point Blank won the Black-Eyed Susan Award, in the Grades 6-9 category. Most importantly, Horowitz is a recipient of the Order of the British Empire in virtue of his literary works.

Anthony Horowitz Books into Movies

Author Anthony Horowitz has written many scripts for films and TV shows. Contextually, however, there are few film adaptations of his books. For instance, the 1988 film named Just Ask for Diamond; it is a film adaptation of Horowitz’s 1986 book called The Falcon’s Malteser (first in the serialized The Diamond Brothers); and starring Colin Dale and Dursley McLinden who played as Nick and Tim, respectively. Horowitz’s book Stormbreaker was made into a similarly titled 2006 film; Alex Pettyfer starred, appearing as Alex Rider.

Best Anthony Horowitz Books

The best books authored by Anthony Horowitz are the said Stormbreaker, Skeleton Key, and Groosham Grange.

Skeleton Key: In Skeleton Key, Alex is battling contemporary terrorism; Alex’s nemesis is a patriotic and bereaved Russian who wants to avenge himself on the world and make Russia a superpower through nuclear warfare.

Groosham Grange: This book features David Eliot who attends a school where teachers, seemingly monsters, have cast a spell on the learners.

Other Book Series You May Like

Readers who liked the books authored by Anthony Horowitz also liked the following books. The first is called “Young Bond” series, authored by Charlie Higson and Stephen Cole; it features a youthful James Bond, then an Elton College student. The second is called “Cherub” series, penned by Robert Muchamore; it is all about a department within the MI5 that uses juveniles as undercover agents. The third is called “Rich and Jade” series, authored by Jack Higgins. It features twin brothers; their single mother dies, prompting their absentee father, a spy, to take them in begrudgingly.

When Does The Next Anthony Horowitz book come out?

Anthony Horowitz doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is A Line to Kill and was released on August, 19th 2021. It is the newest book in the Detective Daniel Hawthorne Series.

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