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Rich and Jade are the chief protagonists in the Rich and Jade series of novels by renowned British novelist Jack Higgins and Justin Richards of the “Doctor Who” fame. Rich and Jade are twins that first made their appearance in the first novel in the series, “Sure Fire” published in 2007. After writing mystery thrillers, the authors made an about turn with these novels, writing mainly for the young adult fiction crowd.

Order of Chance Twins/Rich and Jade Series By: Jack Higgins, Justin Richards

# Read Title Published Details
1 Sure Fire (By: Jack Higgins, Justin Richards) 2007 Description / Buy
2 Death Run (By: Jack Higgins, Justin Richards) 2007 Description / Buy
3 Sharp Shot (By: Jack Higgins, Justin Richards) 2009 Description / Buy
4 First Strike (By: Jack Higgins, Justin Richards) 2009 Description / Buy
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The twins Rich and Jade are fifteen years old when their mother dies in a car accident, leaving them to their father John Chance. But the twist is that, they have never met their father who lived in London while they lived in New York with their mother.

The first novel of the series follows the twins as they come to terms with living with a father who seemingly is too busy to look after them. He works a very mysterious job that sees him out of the home most of the time, leaving the children to their own devices. Things suddenly turn very serious when their father goes missing for days, forcing Rich and Jade to venture out of the house to try to find him.

What follows is a highly engrossing narrative they travel around the world having to work and put their trust in strangers to help them find and save their father. Time and again they put their lives in danger trying to find the father they hardly know, in a quest to ensure that they have a family again. This is a unique novel in that Higgins did the research and outline while Richards wrote the final novel, making for a narrative that is full of verve and thrills that is characteristic of the works of the two authors.


Sharp Shot: The third novel of the Rich and Jade series of novels is one of its most highly regarded. Rich and Jade Chance continue on their adventures taking advantage of their father’s perennial absences. After a hair-raising chase through the amusement park, Jade trips and is taken by a man from their father’s past. The man is planning to overthrow the government of a Middle Eastern country with nuclear weapons at his disposal. Worst of all, the United States President is planning a visit to the country for a regional summit. It is now up to the Chance family to bring all their skills and wits to bear, find the bomb, and neutralize the deranged man.

First Strike: The fourth novel is one of the most engaging of the Rich and Jade series. After their horrifying ordeal with a deranged terrorist in the Middle East, Rich and Jade are back in the US, only to walk into a bigger nightmare. Back in Washington, the children are enjoying a stay at the White House while their father rummages through China, trying to find a set of missing nuclear missiles. The enjoyment of the teenagers is cut short when the President whom they had saved from an assassination plot in the previous novel finds himself the cross hairs yet again. From their new home in the White House, they face up to a shocking battle and siege that they must win if the world is to avoid World War III.

Death Run: The second novel in the series is another exhilarating novel in the series. A case that John Chance had been investigating for a long time finally comes to fruition when a mafia banker agrees to defect and testify against his former bosses. But the mob discovers that they may just unravel the entire case by intimidating Chance through targeting the twins. Rich and Jade find themselves in the very unusual situation of being the targets in a case.


Fans of the Rich and Jade series of novels recommend the “Boy Soldier” series of novels by Andy McNab. These are detective thrillers featuring Danny Watts, a boy on a quest to find the people behind the false imprisonment and denunciation of his grandfather as a traitor. If you loved the Rich and Jade series, you will also love the “Jimmy Coates” series by Joe Craig. Coates is a genetically engineered boy that was made to be the perfect assassin. But he has rebelled and is on the run from the government and its retinue of killers sent after him.

What Is The Next Book in The Chance Twins/rich And Jade Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Chance Twins/rich And Jade Series. The newest book is First Strike and was released on May, 1st 2009.

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