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Kansas City, Missouri is the place where Denise Grover Swank was born and where she lived until she was nineteen. After that she started a wild gypsy life – constantly moving from city to city, actually, she lived in 5 different cities, four states and 10 houses and all that in the course of only 10 years.
If you wonder why she wanted to become an author the answer lies in the worldwide famous phrase: “it is now or never” and she decided to do something with her talent and it was the right decision.

Order of Asheville Brewing Series with A.R. Casella

1Any Luck at All 2020Description / Buy
2Better Luck Next Time 2020Description / Buy
3Getting Lucky 2021Description / Buy
4Bad Luck Club ( By: A.R. Casella) 2021Description / Buy
5Luck of the Draw 2021Description / Buy

Order of Bachelor Brotherhood Series

1Only You 2016Description / Buy
2Until You 2017Description / Buy
3Always You 2017Description / Buy

Order of Bad Luck Club Series with A.R. Casella

1Love at First Hate 2021Description / Buy
2Jingle Bell Hell 2021Description / Buy

Order of The Blood Borne Series

1Recombinant 2015Description / Buy
2Replica 2016Description / Buy

Order of Bluebird Bay Series

1Finding Tomorrow 2019Description / Buy
2Finding Home 2019Description / Buy
3Finding Peace 2019Description / Buy
4Finding Forgiveness ( By:) 2021Description / Buy

Order of Book Of Sindal Series

1Descended from Shadows 2019Description / Buy
2Reign of Mist 2019Description / Buy

Order of Carly Moore Series

1A Cry in the Dark 2019Description / Buy
2Her Scream in the Silence 2020Description / Buy
3One Foot in the Grave 2020Description / Buy
4Buried in Secrets 2020Description / Buy
5The Lies She Told 2021Description / Buy
6Shades of Truth 2021Description / Buy

Order of The Chosen Series

1Chosen 2011Description / Buy
2Hunted 2011Description / Buy
3Sacrifice 2012Description / Buy
4Emergence 2012Description / Buy
5Middle Ground 2012Description / Buy
6Homecoming 2012Description / Buy
7Redemption 2012Description / Buy

Chronological Order of The Chosen Series

1Emergence2012Description / Buy
2Middle Ground2012Description / Buy
3Homecoming2012Description / Buy
4Chosen2011Description / Buy
5Hunted2011Description / Buy
6Sacrifice2012Description / Buy
7Redemption2012Description / Buy

Order of Curse Keepers Series

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2The Curse Breakers 2014Description / Buy
3The Curse Defiers 2014Description / Buy

Order of Curse Keepers Secret Series

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2This Changes Everything 2014Description / Buy
3This is Your Destiny 2015Description / Buy

Order of Darling Investigations Series

1Deadly Summer 2018Description / Buy
2Blazing Summer 2018Description / Buy

Order of From the Ashes Series

1Let it All Burn 2020Description / Buy

Order of Magnolia Steele Mystery Series

1Center Stage 2016Description / Buy
2Act Two 2016Description / Buy
3Call Back 2017Description / Buy
4Curtain Call 2017Description / Buy

Order of Neely Kate Mystery Series

1Trailer Trash 2017Description / Buy
2In High Cotton 2018Description / Buy
3Dirty Money 2019Description / Buy

Order of Off the Subject Series

1After Math 2013Description / Buy
2Redesigned 2013Description / Buy
3Business as Usual 2014Description / Buy

Order of On the Otherside Series

1Here 2011Description / Buy
2There 2012Description / Buy

Order of Piper Lancaster Series

1Of Ash and Spirit 2018Description / Buy
2Of Fire and Storm 2018Description / Buy
3Of Blood and Monsters 2019Description / Buy

Order of Rose Gardner Mystery Series

1Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes 2011Description / Buy
2Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons 2012Description / Buy
3Thirty and a Half Excuses 2013Description / Buy
4Falling to Pieces 2013Description / Buy
5Thirty-One and a Half Regrets 2014Description / Buy
6Thirty-Two and a Half Complications 2014Description / Buy
7Picking Up the Pieces 2014Description / Buy
8Thirty-Three and a Half Shenanigans 2014Description / Buy
9Rose and Helena Save Christmas 2014Description / Buy
10Ripple of Secrets 2015Description / Buy
11Thirty-Four and a Half Predicaments 2015Description / Buy
12Thirty-Five and a Half Conspiracies 2015Description / Buy
13Thirty-Six and a Half Motives 2016Description / Buy
14Sins of the Father 2016Description / Buy

Order of Rose Gardner Investigations Series

1Family Jewels 2016Description / Buy
2For the Birds 2017Description / Buy
3Hell in a Handbasket 2018Description / Buy
4Up Shute Creek 2018Description / Buy
5Come Rain or Shine 2019Description / Buy
6When the Bough Breaks 2020Description / Buy
7It All Falls Down 2021Description / Buy

Order of The Wedding Pact Series

1The Substitute 2014Description / Buy
2The Player 2015Description / Buy
3The Gambler 2015Description / Buy
4The Valentine 2016Description / Buy

Order of Denise Grover Swank Standalone Novels

1One Paris Summer 2016Description / Buy

Denise Grover Swank Anthologies

1 The Naked Truth about Self-Publishing2013Description / Buy
2 Skip to the Good Part2014Description / Buy
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She started writing in the fourth grade and since then she never stopped, rediscovering the love of writing in high school and then the final touchdown was in the fall of 2009 when Denise realized that she isn’t getting any younger, so she found her courage to participate in NaNoWriMo and she make it successfully.

Denise Grover Swank is well known for her Rose Gardner Mystery series of books. The famous author confirmed that Thirty-Six and a Half Motives will be the last Rose Gardner Mystery.

The author of this fantastic series of book admitted that it was not easy for her to make this decision and to announce it officially. However, don’t worry that you will lose your favorite character from this interesting series of a book because the end of the Rose Gardner Mystery doesn’t mean that it will be the end of Rose. Nobody is ready physically and emotionally well prepared enough to say goodbye to Rose.

The decision was made and Denise decided to keep Rose and to transform her in a new book of series. It is normally that some of the readers will say that for them the end of Rose Gardner Mystery means the end of Rose too and that some of them need to move on in their life of loving and reading books, but still many of them will keep following the story of Rose in no matter what kind of title of a new series of book she appears again.

Another series Swank is well known for is the Magnolia Steele series of novels.

Center stage – book 1 – it happens 10 years ago with Magnolia Steele. She lived a quietly normal life until the graduation day when something happened and stole her memories and those memories were hunting her since then, in her dreams. When she gets caught in the murder investigation, the real drama is going to start. Drama is Magnolia’s best friend and she is following her wherever she decides to go, like a shadow in dark.

The fact that she has serious problems with holes in her memory means that something terrible happened and that someday somehow it will step outside into daylight and show why was so important for Magnolia to try to remember the missing parts from her memory. Maybe she wanted to end with the past and unconsciously she has been trying to avoid memories to come into daylight but something will happen that will force her to remember. She will found out that secrets always found a way to find us. Will she be brave enough to face those memories – stay tuned and follow Magnolia Steele Series. This story line is absolutely captivating.

Best Denise Grover Swank books

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes: Rose Swank is a great character who is introduced in this novel. Rose sees visions. Usually these visions are boring stuff, mundane things like an overflowing toilet. She never sees things that really matter, but today she had a vision of herself dead. That’s new.

The crucial moment comes when Rose figures out that somebody broke into her house, looking for something that she owns and she realizes that whoever it was, it won’t quiet until gets what he was looking for. Worse, someone killed Rose’s mama. She lay there dead on the couch with no other suspects except for Rose. Being in jail is one thing, knowing that whoever did this is still out there is another. This is definitely one of the best Denise Grover Swank books with the very intriguing plot.

After Math: The main character of this book is Scarlett Goodwin who is famous by the way she sees the world, divided into 2 parts: Before and After. The Before is her life as a student, a mathematics major, who lives a simple life of studying, tutoring and hanging out in her apartment.

The After comes when she meets someone who will make a chaos of her life, one of her tutored students, Tucker Price. Suddenly, she will find herself not choosing anymore between Before and After, but living in temporary chaos. Tucker has a world of secrets and the more she tries to help, the worst things start to get for her.

The Substitute: This book has all the makings of a great romantic comedy. You have Megan Vandemeer who just had her engagement broken off and needs to tell her judgmental parents. She knows he’s at fault, he was the one cheating, but she also knows they won’t see it that way. They’ll blame her. On a flight home, she decides to have a couple of drinks and the next thing you know she is spilling her story to the guy in the seat next to her.

Meanwhile, Josh McMillian only has a week left to save his business and heads to Kansas City in hopes of fixing it all. He meets a pretty stranger on his flight who charms him, even if she is a bit drunk and loopy. When Megan needs a little help off the plane, her parents see it and assume that he is her fiance. Sensing a chance to help a stranger and help his dying business, Josh plays along, but what happens next surprises them both.

This book twists and turns and really makes you feel the plight of these characters. They both come in with one idea and what they need to do to make that idea become a reality, but then love intervenes. Can they go from pretending to be engaged to the real thing?

When Does The Next Denise Grover Swank book come out?

The next book by Denise Grover Swank is Shades of Truth and will be released on September, 28th 2021. It is the newest book in the Carly Moore Series.

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