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Ellen Hopkins is a New York Times Bestselling author born in 1955. The author lived quite the dramatic life before finally embarking on her writing journey. This includes being adopted by a 72-year-old and a 42-year-old, dropping out of college to start a family, losing her first marriage and having her daughter from a rebound relationship get kidnapped by her father to mention but a few.

Order of Crank Series

1Crank 2004Description / Buy
2Glass 2007Description / Buy
3Fallout 2010Description / Buy

Order of Burned Series

1Burned 2006Description / Buy
2Smoke 2013Description / Buy

Order of Impulse Series

1Impulse 2007Description / Buy
2Perfect 2011Description / Buy

Order of Tricks Series

1Tricks 2009Description / Buy
2Traffick 2015Description / Buy

Order of Love Lies Beneath Series

1Love Lies Beneath 2015Description / Buy
2A Sin Such as This 2018Description / Buy

Order of Ellen Hopkins Standalone Novels

1Identical 2008Description / Buy
2Triangles 2011Description / Buy
3Tilt 2012Description / Buy
4Collateral 2012Description / Buy
5Rumble 2014Description / Buy
6The You I've Never Known 2017Description / Buy
7People Kill People 2018Description / Buy
8Sanctuary Highway 2019Description / Buy
9Closer to Nowhere 2020Description / Buy
10What About Will 2021Description / Buy

Order of Ellen Hopkins Non-Fiction Books

1Tarnished Legacy 2000Description / Buy
2Air Devils 2000Description / Buy
3Orcas: High Seas Supermen 2000Description / Buy
4Canopies in the Clouds 2001Description / Buy
5The Thunderbirds 2001Description / Buy
6The Golden Knights 2001Description / Buy
7Countdown to Yesterday 2001Description / Buy
8Fly Fishing 2001Description / Buy
9Freshwater Fishing 2001Description / Buy
10United States Special Forces 2002Description / Buy
11Storming the Skies 2003Description / Buy
12U.S. Armed Forces 2003Description / Buy
13Mysteries in Space 2004Description / Buy
14Inside a Star 2004Description / Buy
15Lights in the Sky 2004Description / Buy
16Telescopes 2004Description / Buy
17Are We Alone? 2004Description / Buy
18United States Air Force 2008Description / Buy
19U. S. Air Force Fighting Vehicles 2008Description / Buy
20Scripture Confident through the Bible 2018Description / Buy
21Freed to Love (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy

Ellen Hopkins Anthologies

1 A New Dawn: Your Favorite Authors on Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series2008Description / Buy
2 Grim2014Description / Buy
3 Scary Out There2016Description / Buy
4 Our Stories, Our Voices2018Description / Buy
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When Ellen finally got around to writing in 1990, she had more than enough material to fill quite a few books. The author’s initial focus was nonfiction books targeted towards children. She went on to write books like Air Devils which didn’t exactly strike a chord amongst readers.

She eventually leaped into fiction, focusing her attention on the issues and struggles teenagers typically face and how they normally overcome them. Elements like drug addiction and mental illness tend to liter Ellen Hopkins’ books.

While her young adult books have a dedicated fanbase, she has also made a few waves with adult novels like Collateral that take an even darker tone because they explore uniquely disturbing aspects of the human psyche.

Whenever she is asked about her literary inspirations, Hopkins is quick to mention her daughter Cristal. The author has never fought against suggestions that her books might actually be about Cristal’s escapades (Cristal is Hopkins’ daughter from her first marriage).

Hopkins has also suggested that there is more of her life in her books than most people realize, though she has admitted to mining interesting tidbits from the lives of some of her family members. Hopkins believes that her work exposes the universal truths of life.

Things like addiction and position are nothing new, and they tend to touch and affect everyone in one way or another. Hopkins believes that in those moments when her daughter is clean, Cristal understands and appreciates her mother’s stories and the purpose they may yet achieve.

Ellen Hopkins and her husband John Hopkins adopted Cristal’s son at some point.

Ellen Hopkins Awards

For all her efforts writing fiction, Ellen Hopkins has been awarded generously over the years, receiving accolades like the Charlotte award, the SSLI Honor Book Award, and the Soaring Eagle award, not to mention the Green Mountain Book Award.

The author has also been nominated for a Quill award and a National Book Award.

Best Ellen Hopkins Books

If you are new to Hopkins’ work and you would like to better understand her approach to storytelling, consider reading these, some of the best books the author has produced:

Identical: Everyone thinks that Kaeleigh and Raeanne have the perfect family. The twins, who are perfectly identical, are the daughters of a district court judge and a politician. And if things appear too perfect to be real, it’s because they are not.

Behind the façade lies a dark secret. Kaeleigh doesn’t know what to do with the intense love and adoration she receives from her father, feelings that are clearly misplaced and intended for a mother whose campaign has kept her away from home for far too long.

Raeanne hates the fact that she has lost her Dad’s affection. So she looks to drugs, sex, and alcohol as a way of fighting back. Both sisters are drowning and everything will soon be lost unless one of them steps up and saves the other.

This book is disturbing in more ways than one. And to an extent, it could be argued that Ellen Hopkins goes a little too far. It is easy to see how some people might be turned off by the way things play out in this book.

No one can accuse Hopkins of being clichéd, though.

Perfect: Four High school seniors are looking for perfection. Cara wants to taste a new kind of love. Kendra desires the perfect physical form and she doesn’t care what she has to do to get it.

Sean will stop at nothing to get his perfect home run, and not just on the field. For Andre, it is all about delivering that perfect performance.

Everyone seeks perfection, and there is no telling what they will eventually give up to get it.

This is a story about four teens who are determined to overcome their flaws. However, they quickly find that life isn’t nearly as generous as they might have assumed. Hopkins is effective in her efforts to represent the beautiful yet broken lives of young people as they struggle to determine their identities.

When Does The Next Ellen Hopkins book come out?

Ellen Hopkins doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is What About Will and was released on September, 14th 2021.


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