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The Helen Grace series of books is a series of crime fictions novels written by the British author MJ Arlidge. The books focus on Detective Inspector Helen Grace, a police officer in Southampton, a city on England’s south coast. The Helen Grace series are dark both in the nature of the murders, but also the back story of Grace and her personal life, which become darker the more that is revealed throughout the series.

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Order of Green Mountain Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 All You Need is Love / Your Love Is All I Need (By: Marie Force) 2014 Description / Buy
2 To Know Her Is to Love Her (Short Story) (By: Marie Force) 2014 Description / Buy
3 I Want to Hold Your Hand / Let Me Hold Your Hand (By: Marie Force) 2014 Description / Buy
4 I Saw Her Standing There / I Saw You Standing There ( By: Marie Force) 2014 Description / Buy
5 And I Love Her / And I Love You ( By: Marie Force) 2015 Description / Buy
6 You'll Be Mine (Short Story) ( By: Marie Force) 2015 Description / Buy
7 It's Only Love / It's Love, Only Love ( By: Marie Force) 2015 Description / Buy
8 Ain't She Sweet ( By: Marie Force) 2016 Description / Buy
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The first book in the Helen Grace series of books was published in May 2014, called Eeny Meeny. It introduces us, the reader, to Detective Inspector Helen Grace, and her troubled life. We find out that she is a straight-talking, no-nonsense police officer, but who has her own personal demons to cope with as well as the demons she encounters on the streets of Southampton. Grace is also suffers from depression, which, unusually for fictional detectives, she does not use drink and drugs to cope with, but instead uses S&M to numb her emotional trauma through Jake, who administers the domination. In Eeny Meeny, Grace must overcome her demons and get to the bottom of who is abducting pairs of victims. It turns out that the victims are being offers the choice of being killed or killing, and when individual victims turn up in the space of a few days, Grace must use them and the clues the possess to stop the murders.

The second book in the Helen Grace series is Pop Goes the Weasel, which was published in September 2014, following the success of Eeny Meeny. When the body of a man is found in an abandoned house minus his heart, which was then delivered to his family, Helen Grace is well aware that he is not going to be the last victim. Grace must investigate why a married man was so far away from his family home at such a late hour, and it turns out that he’s not the only victim who is leading a double life. Pop Goes the Weasel sees Helen Grace having to come to terms with her personal demons, as well as stop a killer who is rapidly flying off the handle.

Pop Goes the Weasel was followed by The Doll’s House in February 2015, and then Liar Liar later that same year. Then, in 2016, Little Boy Blue, the first book in the Helen Grace series was published. Little Boy Blue has DI Helen Grace’s past coming back to haunt her in a shocking manner when a corpse found in a nightclub in Southampton turns out to have a very close connection to her. Grace must decide whether to keep this connection a secret and jeopardise not only the case, or her career, or let her colleagues know more about her private life, which she so desperately tries to keep as private as possible.

Marie Force‘s Green Mountain series is set in the state of Vermont, and it focuses, initially on the Abbott family, who run the Green Mountain County Store. We first meet the Abbott family in the first book of the Green Mountain series, All You Need Is Love, which was released in 2014. The main protagonist in the story is Will Abbott, one of the Abbot family’s adult children. He encounters Cameron Murphy who is in the area to build a website for the Green Mountain County Store, when she collides with a moose on her way to her retreat. Initially, the pair are at loggerheads, but soon, amidst family arguments and chaos, their relationship starts to blossom and they have to work out how they can make their relationship work.

The second book in the Green Mountain series of books, I Want To Hold Your Hand was also released in 2014. While it continues the story of the Abbott family and the Green Mountain County Store, the storyline in I Want To Hold Your Hand revolves around Hannah Abbott Guthrie, who was widowed when her husband was killed in Iraq seven years prior to the events in the book. Hannah has conflicting feelings about moving on into a new relationship since the death of her husband, but the attentions of a childhood sweetheart make her rethink things, and she has to come to terms with falling in love for the second time I her life, and if she is ready to move on and start a new life.

The Green Mountain series takes a look at all the ten of the Abbott siblings, their lives and their loves, as well as the goings on in the Green Mountain area.

The author, who has lived in places like Florida and Spain because of her husband’s Navy background, is a mother who wants, above else, to raise her two children and their dogs.

However, Marie Force has almost as much passion for writing and she intends to keep working at the activity for as long as her mind and body will permit her. With a series like Green Mountain, it is easy to see why the author has so many fans.

The Green Mountain series began publication in 2014. The books tell the story of the Abbot Family. This clan of ten siblings lives in Vermont where they oversee the operations of a Country store.

In between solving family quarrels and running a business, the family struggles with issues of love and romance. The family is so close that the members are often meddling in one another’s lives, determined to see every one of their kin find the perfect love.

The Green Mountain series didn’t just pop into Marie Force’s from nowhere. The author was inspired to pursue this story after she came across a news report exploring the Orton Family and their actual Vermont Country Store.

The idea of an old-fashioned store in the mountains being run by a close knit family appealed to Marie Force. She took a trip to Vermont in order to see the store for herself.

She used the opportunity to get a sense of life in the mountains of Vermont. And the moment she got home, the author immediately pushed out the first three chapters of All You Need is Love, the first book in the Green Mountain Series.

All You Need is Love focuses on Will Abbot, a brash member of the Abbot family who clashes with and initially rejects his attraction to Cameron Murphy, the girl that was hired to build his father’s website. However, the pair is soon overwhelmed by the throes of passion.

Best Green Mountain Books

The Green Mountain series, while a recent addition to Marie Force’s bibliography, is quickly gaining momentum amongst the author’s fans, with some of the best books in the series including:

I Want to Hold Your Hand: Hannah Abbot Guthrie never thought she would ever be ready to date again. But it has been seven years since her husband died, and she can no longer afford to ignore the attention her longtime friend is throwing her way.

It doesn’t help that the kiss she shared with Nolan Roberts continues to occupy her waking hours. If only she didn’t see her potential relationship with Nolan as a betrayal of her husband’s memory.

Nolan has spent years hiding his feelings from Hannah. However, he can longer keep his love for her tempered, not after they shared a kiss. He knows that winning Hannah’s love will be a challenge, but he is ready to do whatever it takes.

The second book in the Green Mountain series gives emphasis to another member of the Abbot family. Hannah Abbot has spent years recovering from the death of her husband.

At thirty-five, Hannah knows that there is still so much more for her to give. This book finds her struggling to give Nolan Roberts the chance she knows he deserves.

I Saw Her Standing There: Ever since her friend Cameron went to Vermont to pursue her relationship with Will Abbot, Lucy Mulvaney has been afraid to tell her that she has been seeing Colton Abbot, Will’s brother.

However, their secret can only last for so long, and Lucy is tired of the constant travel between New York and Vermont. Luckily for Lucy, she won’t have to worry about her secret affair much longer, not with Will and Cameron having chosen to vacation at the family Lake house on the same weekend as her and Colton.

Colton Abbot is the focus of this book, known for being the mountain man of the Abbot family. Colton lives a solitary life and only leaves the mountains to have dinner with the rest of the Abbot clan. When Colton encounters Lucy on a rare occasion, the pair engages in a passionate yet secretive affair.

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Helen Grace FAQs

Q: What is the first book in the Helen Grace series of books?

A: The first book in the Helen Grace series of book is Eeny Meeny, which was published in 2014.

Q: Who writes the Helen Grace series of books?

A: The Helen Grace series of books are written by the British author MJ Arlidge.

What Is The Next Book in The Green Mountain Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Green Mountain Series. The newest book is Ain't She Sweet and was released on April, 26th 2016.

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