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Harry Bingham is about forty years old, British, married and lives in Oxfordshire. Harry Bingham used to be a banker and is now a full time writer. Harry also likes walking, swimming and rock-climbing. Harry is a critically acclaimed crime novelist and his works have been published all around the world. He has published both fiction and non-fiction for various international publishers. Harry also runs the Writer’s Workshop.

Order of Fiona Griffiths Series

1Talking to the Dead 2012Description / Buy
2Love Story, With Murders 2013Description / Buy
3The Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths 2014Description / Buy
4This Thing of Darkness 2015Description / Buy
5The Dead House 2016Description / Buy
6The Deepest Grave 2017Description / Buy

Order of Harry Bingham Standalone Novels

1The Money Makers 2000Description / Buy
2Sweet Talking Money 2001Description / Buy
3The Sons of Adam 2004Description / Buy
4Glory Boys 2005Description / Buy
5The Lieutenant's Lover 2006Description / Buy

Order of Harry Bingham Non-Fiction Books

1This Little Britain 2007Description / Buy
2Stuff Matters 2010Description / Buy
3The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook Guide to Getting Published 2010Description / Buy
4The Writers and Artists Guide to How to Write 2012Description / Buy
5By the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
6Consistent Adherence to Democratic Principles 2015Description / Buy
7The Annexation of Hawaii 2016Description / Buy

Harry Bingham Anthologies

1 Dead Simple2017Description / Buy
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Harry started the Writers’ Workshop in 2005 by starting a website that offers editorial services. He spent approximately £800 on the website. The trouble for Writers’ Workshop started when more people started to send him their manuscripts than what he could manage on his own. Thus, he decided to hire an editor assistant and then kept on hiring more of them to fulfill the need of the online business.

Writer’s Workshop offers manuscript assessments and editorial advice to upcoming and budding new writers. Writers’ Workshop also offers creative writing courses and also organize the best writers’’ festival in the UK. This was the way in which Harry Bingham played the role of a literary consultant. Harry’s Writers’ Workshop is the largest editorial consultancy in the United Kingdom. Harry also published industry leading texts of Getting Published and How To Write, both of which were published by Bloomsbury.

Harry is currently in the midst of writing a crime series – Fiona Griffiths Crime Thriller Series that features Fiona Griffiths, a young Welsh detective. He sold the series in the UK, the US, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and many more countries. The first novel of the series was broadcasted on Sky Living and was televised by Bonafide. This crime series is notable for the strange character of its protagonist and for the strong voice. The first three novels of this crime series are Talking to the Dead, Love Story with Murders, and the Strange Death of Fiona Griffiths. These books have received nice reviews in the New York Times, Bostone Globe, Seattle Times, Telegraph and many more important newspapers and magazines.

When asked about the Fiona Griffiths crime novel series, Harry mentioned that it is a detective novel with three mysteries wrapped in one. He mentioned that along with the mystery of the novel that one has to unravel as one reads the book, one also needs to unravel the mysterious character of Fiona herself. Harry writes in the first person as a woman, despite being a guy himself as he believes that most of the mystery stories have middle aged men as their heroes or people of substance and he wanted to write something different and from a different point of view.

Also, Harry has used Wales as the backdrop of his crime series, he is not Welsh himself but he did spend huge chunks of his childhood in Wales and that is where his mother currently resides. He loves Wales and its landscape. Harry’s father – Lord Bingham of Cornhill, was one of the most important judges of his generation. Harry’s father was the Lord Chief Justice, Senior Law Lord and even the Master of the Rolls.

Best Harry Bingham Books

Talking to the Dead – Talking to the Dead is a thrilling and a mesmerizing novel where Fiona Griffiths is introduced to the world as most junior and the youngest detective on the South Wales Major Crimes Unit. The story revolves around a murder case when a six year old girl and her mother are found dead in Cardiff. Fiona is given a small task on this murder case but eventually following the rules and sometimes not, she starts to uncover a wider and more brutal crime of Cardiff. The crime is solved on a remote Pembrokeshire coast, in blood. At the end of the book, readers get to known of Fiona as a detective and why she is always so interested in corpses.

Love Story with Murders – This is the next dark and disturbing and full of mystery novel in the series of Fiona Griffiths Crime Thriller Series. This novel starts when Fiona is almost at the end of her work shift and along with another colleague on their way home, when they called for some illegal rubbish. They did not think the case to be hard or even remotely what it actually turned out to be. But when they arrive at the location of the crime, they find a woman’s leg in a freezer and the victim is Mary Langton, who vanished some five years ago and was a pole dancer. New body parts start to appear which belongs to a male person and are dark skinned and very fresh at that. Fiona tries to discover the killer and her investigation to all kinds of cold and dark places.

When Does The Next Harry Bingham book come out?

Harry Bingham doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Deepest Grave and was released on June, 14th 2017. It is the newest book in the Fiona Griffiths Series.


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