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Helen H. Durrant is a British author who writes crime fiction. She was born to an English father and a Scottish mother. The author lives in a small village in Greater Manchester. Durrant was ten years old when the desire to write fiction struck her.

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Order of DI Greco Series

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Order of Calladine & Bayliss Series

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3 Dead List 2015 Description / Buy
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6 Dead Nasty 2016 Description / Buy
7 Dead Jealous 2017 Description / Buy
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Order of DS Hedley Sharpe Mysteries Series

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Helen H. Durrant Anthologies

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1 Joffe Books Murder Mystery & Suspense Short Story Collection 2021 Description / Buy
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She remembers sitting at the kitchen table and digging into a stack of Enid Blyton novels she’d received for her birthday. However, even though she dabbled in storytelling, the author couldn’t bring herself to take writing seriously until she entered her thirties.

Even then, it was more of a hobby than a serious career option. At the time, Durrant couldn’t figure out what she should write about. So publishing became one of those ambitions she intended to pursue at some undefined point in the future.

She had no choice. Her day job was all-consuming. She couldn’t find the time to do anything else. However, her imagination was always at work. It never stopped concocting plots, names, and settings. Eventually, the author retired, which gave her the opening to put her ideas to good use.

Her first book was ‘Dead Wrong.’ She had written three novels in the Calladine and Bayliss series by the time Joffe Books came along and published the book. She wanted to call it ‘Handy Man,’ but her publisher thought ‘Dead Wrong’ was a better name.

They edited the book and reworked the cover before putting the novel out for the author’s followers to consume. Durrant doesn’t know why she writes crime thrillers. No other genre has ever appealed to her.

She doesn’t target a particular age or gender, although she expects children to steer clear of her work. Despite selling numerous copies of her books, Durrant is still occasionally plagued by self-doubt.

By the time she gets halfway through a manuscript, the author is tempted to throw her laptop away because she can’t help but question her ability to write stories worth publishing. Part of her thinks her stories are too far-fetched or too complicated.

But she always perseveres, completing her manuscript and submitting it for publication. To her surprise, readers always respond positively, leaving lovely comments that compel her to keep writing.

Durrant is thankful for her friends and family, who provide ample support. Her husband is smart enough to stay out of the way when the author needs peace and quiet to write her stories. He will also accompany her on research trips, not to mention acting as a sounding board.

When her children were teenagers, they would keep the author apprised of the developments in their world. She can also rely on a senior nurse and a paramedic, who are more than happy to answer her drug-related questions.

Everyone has a role to play in Durrant’s life. Where her research is concerned, she relies heavily on Google. But when the opportunity arises, she will visit locations and interview experts.

Best Helen H. Durrant Books

The author’s stories are largely fictional. However, she bases some aspects on personal experiences. Durrant’s best books include:

Dead Wrong: Leesdon is a small village on the outskirts of an Industrial English town. The scarcity of work and abundance of crime keep Tom Calladine busy. The single 51-year-old detective has a shattered personal life that includes an early divorce, which explains the older fellow’s devotion to his job.

Ruth Bayliss is still in her thirties. Unlike Calladine, she’s determined to find love. However, with her demanding workload, she barely has time to visit the gym, let alone meet eligible men.

Calladine and Ruth have been tasked with solving the mystery of a bag of severed fingers discovered in a playground. Their superiors are quick to blame a local drug lord, but Calladine is not convinced.

The D.I. thinks there’s more going on than meets the eye. Can he prove his theory before more people die?

Next Victim: Someone killed a young man and burnt his body before leaving the remains near a Manchester Canal. The victim was a journalism student working on a big story, or so he told his friends.

Rachel King’s superiors expect the detective to find the truth. But Rachel’s a little distracted. The love of her life has returned, which wouldn’t matter if he wasn’t a renowned villain.

When Does The Next Helen H. Durrant book come out?

Helen H. Durrant doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Dig Two Graves and was released on March, 14th 2024. It is the newest book in the DS Hedley Sharpe Mysteries Series.


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