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J. B. Turner is an English author that writes mysteries and thrillers. Turner comes from Dunbar, a small town in Scotland. The author has fond memories of the location because of its close proximity to the sea.

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From what he has seen, everyone that grows up near the sea feels a strong sense of freedom, as though the entire world has opened up to them. This sensation returns whenever Turner walks on the beach and stares at the Ocean.

It isn’t a coincidence that Jon Reznick, one of the author’s characters, loves staring out over the sea.

Writing entered Turner’s life at a young age. He was eight or nine when the boy penned a short story about a fishing boat. The experience brought him a lot of joy, pushing him to make writing his primary pursuit.

As an adult, Turner looks forward to those moments when a germ of an idea gradually evolves into a full-blown novel. Sometimes, he cannot believe that his imagination can concoct entire books from scratch. It is an astounding accomplishment, one he doesn’t take for granted.

Before dipping his toes into publishing, Turner worked as a newspaper journalist in Edinburg. Later, he joined a news agency that allowed the author to contribute his talents to various major UK newspapers.

He continued to experiment with freelance journalism after writing his first book. But eventually, he left freelancing to write fiction full-time. However, his journalistic instincts continue to influence the author’s literary efforts.

Critics have praised Turner for his economic writing. Journalism taught him to reject the verbose writing styles some of his peers prioritize in favor of stripped-down prose that conveys complex stories in the fewest words possible.

As far as the author is concerned, less is always more. His fans love this approach because it produces cinematic stories.

The conspiracy thrillers Turner pens can be traced back to the crime fiction he consumed early on, particularly movies like ‘The President’s Men,’ and ‘The Conversation,’ which emerged from the paranoid and conspiratorial atmosphere of the 1970s, a period that birthed Watergate, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the death of JFK, and other events that planted seeds of mistrust and suspicion.

Turner combines that mindset with his impeccable research to tell heart-pounding stories. The author’s imagination is not enough to plug the gaps in his understanding, so he visits some of the settings in his novels.

He will also talk to experts in the FBI, CIA, and any other organization that piques his interest. But his books are designed to tell entertaining stories as opposed to lecturing readers about the information Turner has collected during his research sessions.

Each book starts with an idea that keeps germinating and morphing until a story takes shape. While the author outlines each book, he leaves plenty of room for the story to twist and turn. He’s hesitant to write by the seat of his pants. An outline is vital to his process because it tells him where to go once he starts writing.

Best J.B. Turner Books

The author’s favorite writers include Elmore Leonard, John Buchan, John Grisham, and George Orwell, to mention but a few. Turner’s best novels include:

Hard Road: Jon Reznick was a grieving husband. His wife had perished on 9/11. But the black ops specialist had a job to do. He would continue to mourn the loss of his wife after completing a high-level hit. Unfortunately for Reznick, his mission wasn’t quite what he expected.

His superiors wanted the so-called ghost to disguise the hit as a suicide. Not only did Reznick fail, but he was now on the run with the man he should have killed.

Hard Kill: Someone had kidnapped a diplomat. The senior American Security Adviser was an expert on the Persian Gulf, and the US government was quick to blame an Iranian terrorist cell. But Jon Reznick was far from convinced.

The specialist was on vacation when Martha Meryerstein called. The FBI Assistant Director wanted Jon to find the missing diplomat. But something was afoot. Reznick’s gut told him to follow a clue everyone else had either overlooked or dismissed.

His instinct was justified when the investigation revealed a conspiracy with chilling consequences.

When Does The Next J.B. Turner book come out?

The next book by J.B. Turner is Hard Duty and will be released on October, 3rd 2024. It is the newest book in the Jon Reznick Series.


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