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J.J. Marric is a renowned English author who wrote more than 600 hundred novels using 28 different pseudonyms. He was born John Creasy on September 17, 1908 and died on June 13, 1973. He was born to a working class family in the Southfields, Surrey. He was the seventh son of Ruth and Joseph Creasey. He went to Fulham Elementary School and Sloane School in London and worked various sales, factory and clerical jobs after he left school. At the same time, he was trying to establish himself as a writer. His success did not come easily because he received a number of rejections before he was able to publish his first book successfully in 1930.

Order of Gideon Series

1Gideon's Day 1955Description / Buy
2Gideon's Week 1956Description / Buy
3Gideon's Night 1957Description / Buy
4Gideon at Work: Gideon's Day / Gideon's Week / Gideon's Night 1957Description / Buy
5Gideon's Month 1958Description / Buy
6Gideon's Staff 1959Description / Buy
7Gideon's Risk (Short Story) 1960Description / Buy
8Gideon's Fire 1960Description / Buy
9Gideon's March 1962Description / Buy
10Gideon's Ride (Short Story) 1962Description / Buy
11Gideon's Vote 1963Description / Buy
12Gideon's Lot 1965Description / Buy
13Gideon's Badge 1966Description / Buy
14Gideon's Wrath 1967Description / Buy
15Gideon's River 1968Description / Buy
16Gideon's Power 1969Description / Buy
17Gideon's Sport 1970Description / Buy
18Gideon's Art 1971Description / Buy
19Gideon's Men 1972Description / Buy
20Gideon's London 1972Description / Buy
21Gideon's Press 1973Description / Buy
22Gideon's Fog 1974Description / Buy
23Gideon's Drive 1976Description / Buy
24Gideon's Force 1978Description / Buy
25Gideon's Law 1982Description / Buy
26Gideon's Way 1983Description / Buy
27Gideon's Raid 1986Description / Buy
28Gideon's Fear 1990Description / Buy
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The books that Marric wrote were mostly about English crime and fiction. He created a number of famous characters, including Commander George Gideon of Scotland Yard, The Toff, The Baron, and Inspector Roger West. More than six hundred million copies of his books have been sold worldwide. The Gideon of Scotland Yard was one of his popular works because it made its way to television. The Baron character also garnered a lot of attention and received very positive reviews.

JJ Marric Awards

J.J. Marric won many awards throughout his career as a writer. In 1962, he won an Edgar Award for best novel from the Mystery Writers of America for this work in Gideon’s Fire. He received the Mystery Writers of America’s greatest honor in 1969, which is the Edgar Grand Master Award. He was also awarded the Member of the Order of the British Empire for his services in the United Kingdom’s National Savings during the Second World War.

J.J. Marric Books Into Movies/TV

One of Marric’s books that were turned into films is the Gideon of Scotland Yard. It was the basis of the television series known as the Gideon’s Way. The book was also adapted into a movie called the Gideon’s Day by John Ford. Another J.J. Marric’s Book that was turned into a television series is The Baron. It starred Steve Forest and was aired in the 1960s.

Best JJ Marric Books

J.J. Marric has written a lot of books, but the three of the most appreciated ones that he has ever written include:

Gideon’s River (Gideon of Scotland Yard): In this book, Marric allows the plot to unwrap with a randomness and complexity that is very close to real life. It will remind you why the Scotland Yard remains to be one of the world’s best police force to date. The Thames is inhabited by the underworld but Scotland’s Yard reputable detective is never far behind them. He is put in the trail of an international diamond operation by a dropped package. He uses the port of London as his entry point. During a fantastic display of jewels and furs on the river, further complications arise. Danger originates from an unexpected quarter. This book remains compelling as ever as of now. One of the reasons behind its success is the ability of Marric to portray the characters in the book as living. It is an excellent read and eye opener in the work done by the River Police.

Gideon’s Day: This book chronicles a day in the life of the Scotland Yard. The protagonist is Superintendent George Gideon. You are going to read about him in the story and see how he handles various crimes that make their away around the Scotland Yard’s desk. The main focus of the book is an ongoing operation that is targeted against people that are committing mail van robberies. It is a great choice of book for kickback relaxation. It is really intriguing and educational at the same time.

Gideon’s Week: You will get to know what a week in the life of a detective is like when you read this book. Commander Gideon can tell that he is going to have a very long week when Ruby Benson sets up her killer husband. He has to make sure that she is well protected from her bloodthirsty husband’s vendetta or die trying. The general setting and plot of the book is interesting. It is a well-crafted tale that you will want to keep reading on because you will be curious to know what happens next. It is very enjoyable and relaxing to read.

When Does The Next J.J. Marric book come out?

J.J. Marric doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Gideon's Day and was released on September, 23rd 2008. It is the newest book in the Gideon Series.


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