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The name Gideon refers to a series of police procedural novels written by J.J. Marric. The books are more commonly referred to as the Gideon of Scotland Yard series. J.J. Marric, it should be noted, is a pen name used by John Creasy, an author that wrote hundreds of books before his death.

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Order of Gideon Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Gideon's Day / Gideon of Scotland Yard (By: J.J. Marric) 1955 Description / Buy
2 Gideon's Week / Seven Days to Death / Gideon's Fear (By: J.J. Marric) 1956 Description / Buy
3 Gideon's Night (By: J.J. Marric) 1957 Description / Buy
4 Gideon's Month / A Backwards Jump (Short Story) (By: J.J. Marric) 1958 Description / Buy
5 Gideon's Staff / Thugs and Economies (Short Story) (By: J.J. Marric) 1959 Description / Buy
6 Gideon's Risk / Gideon Combats Influence (By: J.J. Marric) 1960 Description / Buy
7 Gideon's Fire ( By: J.J. Marric) 1961 Description / Buy
8 Gideon's March / A Conference for Assassins (Short Story) (By: J.J. Marric) 1962 Description / Buy
9 Gideon's Ride / Traveling Crimes (By: J.J. Marric) 1962 Description / Buy
10 Gideon's Vote / An Uncivilized Election (By: J.J. Marric) 1963 Description / Buy
11 Gideon's Lot / Criminal Imports (By: J.J. Marric) 1964 Description / Buy
12 Gideon's Badge / To Nail a Serial Killer (By: J.J. Marric) 1966 Description / Buy
13 Gideon's Wrath / From Murder to a Cathedral (By: J.J. Marric) 1967 Description / Buy
14 Gideon's River (By: J.J. Marric) 1968 Description / Buy
15 Gideon's Power / Darkness and Confusion (By: J.J. Marric) 1969 Description / Buy
16 Gideon's Sport / Sport, Heat and Scotland Yard (By: J.J. Marric) 1970 Description / Buy
17 Gideon's Art (By: J.J. Marric) 1971 Description / Buy
18 Gideon's Men / No Relaxation at Scotland Yard (Short Story) (By: J.J. Marric) 1972 Description / Buy
19 Gideon's Press / Impartiality Against the Mob (By: J.J. Marric) 1973 Description / Buy
20 Gideon's Fog / Not Hidden by the Fog (By: J.J. Marric) 1974 Description / Buy
21 Gideon's Drive / Good and Justice (Short Story) (By: J.J. Marric) 1976 Description / Buy
22 Gideon's Force / Vigilantes & Biscuits (By: J.J. Marric) 1978 Description / Buy
23 Gideon's Law ( By: J.J. Marric) 1982 Description / Buy
24 Gideon's Way ( By: J.J. Marric) 1983 Description / Buy
25 Gideon's Raid ( By: J.J. Marric) 1986 Description / Buy
26 Gideon's Fear ( By: J.J. Marric) 1990 Description / Buy
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The Gideon series started publication in 1955 and ended in 1976. Marric wrote the first twenty-one novels. The last five novels were written by William Vivian Butler following Marric’s death.

The books follow the exploits of a Scotland Yard Detective that has a reputation for successfully managing multiple cases.

Gideon is a pretty simple man when he is first introduced. His large and powerful size tends to intimidate people but his gentle voice immediately puts them at ease. Gideon explains in one of the books that so many police officers struggle to nurture healthy families because they are continuously overwhelmed by the stress of contending with heavy workloads.

However, that is what makes Gideon so special. Gideon’s Day, the first book in the series, essentially chronicles Gideon’s day from the moment he wakes up to the hour that he walks back through the front door of his home in the evening.

In between those hours, readers are treated to the multitude of crimes that Gideon encounters which include the petty theft of a small shop, a series of mail van-related robberies and a vehicular accident, and Gideon successfully resolves all of them, some of which were actually connected while others were random in nature. Gideon has a tendency to take on disturbingly large caseloads.

The author’s success can be imputed to his amazing memory and prodigious analytical abilities which allow him to take a multitude of mysteries into account and manage them all simultaneously.

Gideon’s mental acuity is complemented by his fair personality which has allowed him to win the respect of police officers and criminals alike. Not only does Gideon deliver amazing results for Scotland Yard but he always finds the time to bond with his family, a feat that sets him apart from many of the detectives of the 1950s.

Gideon Awards

Gideon’s Fire was given the Edgar Allan Poe prize in 1962.

Gideon Books into Movies

Gideon’s Day, the first novel in the Gideon series, was turned into a movie of the same name in 1958. George Gideon was played by Jack Hawkins. John Ford directed the movie. While the Gideon books are serious police procedurals, the movie was more of a comedy with elements of drama.

Best Gideon Books

Commander George Gideon made waves when J.J. Marric first introduced him to readers in the 1950s, and his renown has only continued to grow amongst enthusiasts of police procedurals as the years have passed, with some of the best novels in the Gideon series including:

Gideon’s Day: Gideon is a senior officer at Scotland Yard. He might be the most intelligent and quick-witted detective in the country but even he can get overwhelmed on occasion.

This novel provides a glimpse into the police officer’s average day. Things start with Gideon facing off against an inspector that might be corrupt. Over the course of the day, Gideon deals with everything from petty thieves to violent thugs.

Some of the cases seem disparate. But others have clues that loosely connect them. Gideon takes the workload in stride, doing his interviews, collecting data, and balancing all the clues until he is able to resolve the crimes in question, one after another.

The book ends with Gideon finally going back home to his wife and children. This is considered by many critics to be the best book J.J. Marric ever wrote.

Gideon’s Week: Gideon of Scotland Yard has had long days, but now he has to contend with a really long week. His first case has to do with Ruby Benson, a woman who was frequently battered by her husband until she set him up to be caught by the police.

Unfortunately for Ruby, Sid escaped, returning to the streets and making his intentions to get bloody vengeance known.

Other Book Series You May Like

Another great read is the “Inspector West” Series by John Creasey. Chief Inspector Roger West is one of the best detectives Scotland Yard has to offer. And he cannot seem to steer clear of trouble. Each book finds West struggling to find a bit of a reprieve from all the cases that keep coming his way.

Many readers also have enjoyed the “Peter Diamond” Series by Peter Lovesey. Peter Diamond is a Sussex Detective Superintendent who solves crimes in modern-day Bath in this traditional police procedural.

What Is The Next Book in The Gideon Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Gideon Series. The newest book is Gideon's Fear and was released on May, 3rd 1990.

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  1. There appears to be more Gideon books about now, are they reprints under different title or what is going on. One such book (and there are quite a few) is Not Hidden by the Fog

    1. It appears to be a different author writing under that name. I’ll look to get a separate listing created with them under here.

    2. Some of the variant titles were used by a company that produced Gideon e-books. I do not understand why they thought this necessary – why rename GIDEON’S FORCE as VIGILANTES AND BISCUITS??

      I believe W.V. Butler wrote five more Gideon books after Creasey died, but i have not seen any of them myself.

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