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J.R. Ward is the author of the popular Black Dagger Brotherhood books. Even though she is an award-winning author, not many people realize that J.R. Ward is actually a pseudonym that Jessica Pell Bird uses to write paranormal romance.

Order of An Unforgettable Lady Series

1An Irresistible Bachelor 2004Description / Buy
2An Unforgettable Lady 2004Description / Buy

Order of Firefighters Series

1Consumed 2018Description / Buy

Order of The Moorehouse Legacy Series

1Beauty and the Black Sheep 2005Description / Buy
2The Player 2006Description / Buy
3A Man in a Million 2007Description / Buy
4The Rebel 2019Description / Buy

Order of Black Dagger Legacy Series

1Blood Kiss 2015Description / Buy
2Blood Vow 2016Description / Buy
3Blood Fury 2018Description / Buy
4Blood Truth 2019Description / Buy

Order of Lair Of The Wolven Series

1Claimed 2021Description / Buy

Order of The O'Banyon Brothers Series

1The Billionaire Next Door 2007Description / Buy

Order of Fallen Angels Series

1Covet 2009Description / Buy
2Crave 2010Description / Buy
3Envy 2011Description / Buy
4Rapture 2012Description / Buy
5Possession 2013Description / Buy
6Immortal 2014Description / Buy

Order of The Bourbon Kings Series

1The Bourbon Kings 2015Description / Buy
2The Angels' Share 2016Description / Buy
3Devil's Cut 2017Description / Buy

Order of Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

1Dark Lover 2005Description / Buy
2Lover Eternal 2006Description / Buy
3Lover Awakened 2006Description / Buy
4Lover Revealed 2007Description / Buy
5Lover Unbound 2007Description / Buy
6Lover Enshrined 2008Description / Buy
7Father Mine (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy
8Lover Avenged 2009Description / Buy
9Lover Mine 2010Description / Buy
10Lover Unleashed 2011Description / Buy
11Lover Reborn 2012Description / Buy
12Lover at Last 2013Description / Buy
13The King 2014Description / Buy
14The Shadows 2015Description / Buy
15The Beast 2016Description / Buy
16The Chosen 2017Description / Buy
17Dearest Ivie 2018Description / Buy
18The Thief 2018Description / Buy
19Prisoner of Night 2019Description / Buy
20The Savior 2019Description / Buy
21Where Winter Finds You 2019Description / Buy
22The Sinner 2020Description / Buy
23A Warm Heart in Winter 2020Description / Buy
24Lover Unveiled 2021Description / Buy

Order of Black Dagger Brotherhood: Prison Camp Series

1The Jackal 2020Description / Buy
2The Wolf 2021Description / Buy

Order of The Wedding From Hell Series

1The Wedding from Hell 2018Description / Buy

Order of J R Ward Standalone Novels

1Leaping Hearts 2002Description / Buy
2Heart of Gold 2003Description / Buy
3The Story of Son (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy
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Bird was born in Massachusetts in 1969. The author began writing when she was just a child. Her diary had more short stories in it than actual accounts of her life, and by the time she went to college, the author was a serious writer of romance.

However, Bird primarily wrote for herself, and she did not always have time to pursue the activity, what with the workload of her Law Degree at Albany Law School.

A student of healthcare administration, it wasn’t until Jessica Pell Bird married John Neville Blakemore that she received the encouragement she needed to put her manuscripts to good use by looking for an agent. By 2002, the author’s first romance novel had hit the shelves, and she only continued to immerse herself in the publishing world from that point on.

J.R. Ward was born sometime after Bird’s career as a contemporary romance author took off. While Bird’s romance novels were relative successes, they did little to make the author forget about the Vampire-populated world she had created in earlier years and all the creatures that accompanied it.

Bird had a desire to bring that world to life, but she thought that her sudden change in genres would create some confusion amongst fans of her contemporary romance, and she wasn’t even that keen on giving up the contemporary romance genre.

So J.R. Ward was created, a pseudonym that would make it possible for Jessica Pell Bird to pursue both Contemporary romance and paranormal romance.

J.R. Ward has since crafted a reputation out of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, a series of novels that chronicle the lives of a collection of vampires fighting to stop a race of evil humans.

J.R. Ward is also responsible for the Fallen Angel series which overlaps with the Black Dagger Brotherhood books in some places.

Ward’s books have a Gothic aspect to them, most likely the result of Jessica Pell Bird’s degree in Medieval History. Ward’s books have a dark atmosphere, though they are still tinted with aspects of romance.

There is a theme to Ward’s books. She loves writing about Alpha males whose cocky and arrogant attitudes are broken when they meet headstrong and intelligent women.

J.R. Ward Awards

While Ward isn’t as critically acclaimed as Jessica Pell Bird, the author has still received recognition for her writing efforts under the pseudonym, having won a RITA Award and a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award.

Best J.R. Ward Books

Ward is a name to be feared in the paranormal romance genre, what with the popularity she has garnered over such a short period of time, with some of the best books in her bibliography including:

Dark Lover: Wrath is something special. The leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood is the only purebred vampire on the planet. And Wrath leads his band of brothers, vampires warriors like no other, in a battle against those that would seek to slay them.

Wrath relishes in the killing. Ever since the slayers killed his parents centuries ago, he has sought nothing other than bringing his vengeance upon them. However, his plans for cold blooded revenge stall when one of his fighters dies and he is assigned the task of leading his half-breed daughter into the world of the undead.

The first book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series is typical of the average contemporary romance novel; the only difference is its vampire warrior cast and the gothic atmosphere.

Otherwise, there is a relatively cliché love story and a lot of sex.

Lover Awakened: Everyone fears Zsadist the vampire. His fury is well known, and so are all the sinister deeds he seems to relish in. A force to flee from for both humans and vampires, Zsadist thought he would never escape the scars of his past as a blood slave.

But then he rescued a beautiful aristocrat.

Bella was taken by Zsadist’s seething power. But she knows that his determination to seek vengeance against her tormentors will be the death of them all. She must now find a way to guide him past the scars of his life.

When Does The Next J R Ward book come out?

The next book by J R Ward is The Wolf and will be released on November, 16th 2021. It is the newest book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood: Prison Camp Series.


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