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Jack Du Brul is a well-established author, who is best known for the Dr. Philip Mercer. The Dr. Philip Mercer book series began in the year 1998, with the release of the Vulcan’s Forge. From there onwards, Jack Du Brul released a new novel each year in the Philip Mercer until the year 2003. However, when Jack Du Brul began working on the Oregon Files book series, he collaborated with one Clive Cussler, who was brought in as a replacement for Craig Dirgo, who had worked on the first two books. From time to time, Jack Du Brul went ahead to pen down several Philip Mercer books, with the most notable one being Oregon in the year 2006. Currently, Jack Du Brul resides in Vermont, a region that he was brought up in. The first installment in the Philip Mercer book series was penned down while Jack Du Brul was still a waiter and a bartender in Florida.

Order of Philip Mercer Series

# Read Title Published
1 Vulcan's Forge 1998
2 Charon's Landing 1999
3 The Medusa Stone 2000
4 Pandora's Curse 2001
5 River Of Ruin 2002
6 Deep Fire Rising 2003
7 Havoc 2006
8 The Lightning Stones 2015

Order of The Oregon Files Series

# Read Title Published
1 Golden Buddha 2003
2 Dark Watch 2005
3 Skeleton Coast 2006
4 Plague Ship 2008
5 Corsair 2009
6 The Silent Sea 2010
7 The Jungle 2011
8 Mirage 2013
9 Piranha 2015
10 The Emperor's Revenge 2017
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During this period, Jack de Brul used to work as a part-time writer. However, none of his drafts received publication. However, everything changed when Du Brul eventually relocated to Vermont. Jack Du Brul relocated to Vermont so that he could work with his father in his construction company. It is exceedingly interesting to note that despite the fact that Jack Du Brul does not have any military training or black ops training as well, he is still able to pen down highly entertaining thriller books.

Jack Du Brul Awards

Jack Du Brul has not yet been awarded any literary award.

Jack Du Brul Books into Movies

None of the books by Jack Du Brul have been adapted for a screenplay.

Best Jack Du Brul Books

Vulcan’s Forge: One of the best performing series by Jack Du Brul is the Philip Mercer book series. The first novel in the Philip Mercer book series is Vulcan’s Forge, and as the first installment in the book series, the author introduces the reader to Philip Mercer, a mining engineer and a geologist as well. For the readers who do not know anything about geology, the author has done an excellent job of ensuring that the reader is familiar with some of the techniques and jargons used in the field of geology. Furthermore, Jack Du Brul’s style of writing is not that complicated. Thus the readers will easily understand what the author is talking about. In Vulcan’s Forge, the author, Jack Du Brul narrates about nuclear testing exercise that was being carried out in the Indian Ocean. The Nuclear testing activity eventually results in a bomb going off. The bomb has an exceedingly successful result as a volcano erupts out of the ocean, thereby becoming a great source of minerals.

Charon’s Landing: The second book in the Philip Mercer book series. In Charon’s Landing, the Soviets had come up with several plans, which involved the obliteration of the Alaskan oil pipeline. Eventually, an ex-KGB agent managed to steal the plans, and it is later revealed that the agent works for an Arabian oil minister. Ivan Kerikov is the ex-KGB agent, and the author had introduced this character in the first book, Vulcan’s Forge. Kerikov was a worthy adversary to Philip Mercer. Thus it made sense for the two to battle out once more. Another great series by Jack Du Brul is Oregon Files. Philip Mercer did not write the first two books in Oregon Files book series. Authors Clive Crussler and Craig Dirgo penned the first two books down. Author, Jack Du Brul began working on the series from the Third Watch, which is the third book in the Oregon Files book series. Nonetheless, there are several books, which were released after Mirage, which was penned down by Boyd Morrison.

Dark Watch: The third book in the Oregon Files book series and also the first book that author, Jack Du Brul began working on. In this book, ship captain, Juan Cabrillo, goes against modern-day pirates, who are now working with a new and interesting client. The action, in turn, takes the Oregon ship all the way to Asia. Upon arrival, it is established that there was a much bigger conspiracy other than the Pirates’ issue. Havoc is the fifth book in the Philip Mercer book series and this book the readers once again meet with the protagonist, Philip Mercer. The story is a typical action adventure and it also includes a lady as well.