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Joel Rosenberg was a Canadian-American sci-fi and fantasy author famously known for his Guardians of the Flame series. The author was also a gun rights activist and the oldest brother of Carol Rosenberg, the Miami Herald reporter. In 1978 Rosenberg began publishing with an opposite the editorial page in The New York Times. His stories were featured in Amazing Science Fiction, The Dragon, and in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine and his novels have been published by Baen, Avon, Roc and Tor Books.

Order of Guardians of the Flame Series

1The Sleeping Dragon 1983Description / Buy
2The Sword and the Chain 1984Description / Buy
3The Silver Crown 1985Description / Buy
4The Heir Apparent 1987Description / Buy
5The Warrior Lives 1988Description / Buy
6The Road to Ehvenor 1991Description / Buy
7The Road Home 1995Description / Buy
8Not Exactly the Three Musketeers 1999Description / Buy
9Not Quite Scaramouche 2001Description / Buy
10Not Really The Prisoner of Zenda 2003Description / Buy

Order of Thousand Worlds Series

1Ties of Blood and Silver 1984Description / Buy
2Emile and the Dutchman 1985Description / Buy
3Not For Glory 1988Description / Buy
4Hero 1990Description / Buy

Order of Keepers of the Hidden Ways Series

1The Fire Duke 1995Description / Buy
2The Silver Stone 1996Description / Buy
3The Crimson Sky 1998Description / Buy

Order of D'Shai Series

1D'Shai 1991Description / Buy
2Hour of the Octopus 1994Description / Buy

Order of Sparky Hemingway Series

1Home Front 2003Description / Buy
2Family Matters 2004Description / Buy

Order of Morded's Heirs/Paladins Series

1Paladins 2004Description / Buy
2Knight Moves 2006Description / Buy

Order of Legends Of The Riftwar Series

1Honored Enemy ( By: Raymond E. Feist, William R. Forstchen) 2001Description / Buy
2Murder in LaMut ( With: Raymond E. Feist) 2003Description / Buy
3Jimmy the Hand ( By: S.M. Stirling, Raymond E. Feist) 2005Description / Buy
4Jimmy and the Crawler ( By: Raymond E. Feist) 2013Description / Buy

Joel Rosenberg Anthologies

1 Friends of the Horseclans1987Description / Buy
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Rosenberg first published fiction novel is Like the Gentle Rains which was featured in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine in 1982. In 1983, The Sleeping Dragon the debut novel in his long-running series Guardians of the Flame was published. The series placed a group of college students into a fantasy setting, and throughout the series, he traced these characters as well as their descendants and the impacts they had on the society. He showed no guilt about killing off a famous character.

The author also published Keepers of the Hidden Ways trilogy that made heavy use of the Norse mythology. His third fantasy series consisted of four novels and was set in an Asian fantasy world with strict etiquette and cultural standards. Apart from fantasy, Rosenberg authored some Sci-Fi books such as Emile and the Dutchman and Tie of Blood and Silver which feature different characters but the same setting. Other sci-fi books are Here and Not for Glory. During the early 21st century, Rosenberg developed interests in mysteries and published various books in this genre which include Home Front the debut novel in Sparky Hemingway Mysteries in 2003 and Family Matters, the second book in the series in 2004.


These are two best books by Joel Rosenberg, The Sword and the Chain and The Sleeping Dragon.

The Sleeping Dragon: Book one in Guardians of the Flame series. We are introduced to Andrea, Karl, James and the rest getting ready to assume their roles as warrior, wizard, cleric or thief. However their professor Deighton had something planned secretively for this unsuspecting group of students, what was intended to be a game soon turned out to be a life and death as these adventurers find themselves transported into an alternate world and into the bodies of the actual characters that they had pretended to be.

They are cast into a land where magic was quite well. Where dragons breath fire anyhow and only those quick with their swords and skills survive and the only way that they could ever see Earth is if they find the legendary gates between worlds- a place fortified by the most deadly and terrifying enemy of all- the sleeping dragon.

The Sleeping Dragon is an excellent book, the concept of participating in the game is just the beginning of endless adventures and encounters. The character and the plot development is fantastic and makes you want to know what will change from page to page.

The Sword and the Chain: This is the book second book in Guardians of the Flame series that features wizard, warrior, dwarf, thief, and a master builder. All of these characters had chosen this world as their destiny, the world where dragons were real, and magic was the law of the land and not science. Walter, Karl, Lou, Ahira, and Andrea knew that there was indeed no going back to the 20th century America now but instead were stranded in a place and time where healing spells and their skills stood between them and the deadly sharp edge of a slavers blade. However, they could not dare return home as they were bound by a pledge to bring freedom to this realm. However, marching against them were the entire forces of Slaver guilds and wizards. In this real where a wrong step can ultimately change a friend into a foe, can Karl and the team fulfills their pledge?

The second novel is a compelling read; it picks up where the Sleeping Dragon left off when a group of college students chose to remain in a realm they were transported to by their Dungeon Master. This book contains everything that you would expect from a sci-fi novel. The characters are well crafted and continue to grow as compared to the book one in the series.

When Does The Next Joel Rosenberg book come out?

Joel Rosenberg doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Knight Moves and was released on December, 1st 2006. It is the newest book in the Morded's Heirs/Paladins Series.

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