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The Guardians of the Flame is a two-decade long-running series of fantasy and science fiction novels by the American author Joel Rosenberg. Arguably one of Rosenberg’s best works, the first in the series of novels was “The Sleeping Dragon”, that was first published in 1983. The series is on a group of college students that play a fantasy role-playing game that sees them teleported by the game master to their game world.

Order of Guardians of the Flame Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Sleeping Dragon ( By: Joel Rosenberg) 1983 Description / Buy
2 The Sword and the Chain ( By: Joel Rosenberg) 1984 Description / Buy
3 The Silver Crown ( By: Joel Rosenberg) 1985 Description / Buy
4 The Heir Apparent ( By: Joel Rosenberg) 1987 Description / Buy
5 The Warrior Lives ( By: Joel Rosenberg) 1988 Description / Buy
6 The Road to Ehvenor ( By: Joel Rosenberg) 1991 Description / Buy
7 The Road Home ( By: Joel Rosenberg) 1995 Description / Buy
8 Not Exactly the Three Musketeers ( By: Joel Rosenberg) 1999 Description / Buy
9 Not Quite Scaramouche ( By: Joel Rosenberg) 2001 Description / Buy
10 Not Really The Prisoner of Zenda ( By: Joel Rosenberg) 2003 Description / Buy
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The first novel begins with a fantasy game one evening, where Andrea, Karl, and James take up their usual role-plays of thief, warrior, cleric, and wizard. But unknown to them, Professor Deighton a master wizard and game master had something in store for the three students.

As soon as the game is on, they are teleported to an alternate world where they are the actual characters they have been playing in the real world. It is no longer a game as survival in the new world is a matter of life of death. They are in a world where dragons breath fire, magic works like a charm, and only those good with a sword survive, placing the gamers at a distinct disadvantage.

Seeking a way to go back home to Earth, they need to find the legendary “Gate Between Worlds”. What follows is an extraordinary tale of their journey through their new world to reach the gate guarded by one of the most dreaded of enemies. The explosive novel full of dark adventure shows why the award-winning novels have been around for two decades.


The Sleeping Dragon: The first novel in the series of novels is undoubtedly one of its best. Rosenberg showcases his fluid style in writing a dark and grim novel that explores some intriguing themes of magic interspersed with gender issues.

The novel is about the nebulous concept of freedom that he brings to the fore e in a variety of ways throughout the novel. The novel perfectly explains the concept of slavery that is common in traditional fantasy. What makes the novel so different from most of your typical science fiction is that it does not hide behind euphemistic concepts and ideas of freedom as not entailing the freedom to determine one’s destiny.

The Second Chain: The second novel is an exhilarating narrative as it follows the three students in their roles of master builder, thief, dwarf, wizard, and warrior. The students have decided that fate had decreed them to live on the alternate world. Acknowledging that there was little chance of ever going back to the comfort of twentieth century America, they will make the best of it.

Only their wits and healing spells now stand between them and a slavers deadly blade. Now that they are stranded in the strange world, they are determined to bring freedom to their new home by defeating the Slaver and Wizard forces that reign supreme on it. But it is never easy, as theirs is a world where a single misstep or wrongly cast spell could turn a friend into a foe or worse, kill them.

The Silver Crown This is another thrilling novel in the series that sees the three students continue in their quest to bring freedom to their new home. Karl’s dream of bringing freedom to the dragon, elves, dwarfs, slaves, lords, warriors, and wizards in his new home is as strong as ever. He offers a safe haven to all that he rescues from the slaver caravans, and in the process makes a truckload of powerful enemies. Things get even more complicated when the Slaver Guild stirs up kingdoms in an effort to enslave more people. With the slavers having obtained a new magical weapon, it is going to be very difficult to prevent them from taking over the place they now call home.


Most Guardians of the Flame fans also loved the “Chicks ‘n Chained Males” by Esther M. Friesner. The novels are post-feminist science fiction featuring Amazon like women who wield broadswords and brass bras who protect their men from terrible fates.

Guardians of the Flame fans also loved the “Falkenberg’s Legion” series of novels by Jerry Pournelle. The series is a pre-apocalyptic series of novels that looks at life on Earth where the most important of resources is almost depleted by the Soviets and Americans who are teetering towards war.

What Is The Next Book in The Guardians Of The Flame Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Guardians Of The Flame Series. The newest book is Not Really The Prisoner of Zenda and was released on January, 1st 2003.

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