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Jonathon King is an American author of crime fiction. He has also written suspense novels and he seems to have an affinity for South Florida because so many of his books are situated in that area. King’s attraction to the crime and suspense genres isn’t that hard to understand.

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Order of Max Freeman Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Blue Edge of Midnight 2002 Description / Buy
2 A Visible Darkness 2003 Description / Buy
3 Shadow Men 2004 Description / Buy
4 A Killing Night 2005 Description / Buy
5 Acts of Nature 2007 Description / Buy
6 Midnight Guardians 2012 Description / Buy
7 Don't Lose Her 2015 Description / Buy

Order of Jonathon King Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Eye of Vengeance 2006 Description / Buy
2 The Styx 2009 Description / Buy
3 Oooo That Smell (Short Story) 2011 Description / Buy
4 The Sindia Promise 2018 Description / Buy

Jonathon King Anthologies

# Read Title Published Details
1 Florida Heat Wave 2010 Description / Buy
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After all, the author was once a reporter. Having spent quite a few decades working for the likes of the Sun Sentinel and the Philadelphia Daily News, Jonathon King has used his extensive experience in the journalism arena to produce visceral yet grounded crime dramas.

The author’s experience as a reporter cannot be ignored. After all, his job forced him to tour his fair share of crime scenes. And that isn’t even taking into account all the hours he spent in courtrooms and prisons, talking to everyone from crime victims to criminals and policemen.

Sufficing to say Jonathon King understands the criminal justice system more than most, and his Max Freeman books accurately manifest the decades of knowledge he brings to the table. The Max Freeman Books revolve around a detective with a troubled past.

Originally a Philly Police Officer, Max’s life changed when he accidentally killed a 12-year-old child during the events of a robbery. And even though the resulting investigation cleared him of any wrongdoing, Max eventually exiles himself to a shack.

However, even the guilt and the shame can do little to quell Max’s instincts as a police officer and he is soon drawn into a myriad of investigations. The Max Freeman books began in 2002 with The Blue Edge of Midnight, Jonathon King’s debut novel.

Jonathon King Awards

One of Jonathon King’s most defining years was 2003. 2002 saw King finally publish his first novel. It was in the following year that King’s debut novel won the coveted Edgar Award for Best First Novel.

The author has since been nominated for an Anthony, Barry and Macavity Award, and he was even a finalist for the Shamus Award in 2004.

Best Jonathon King Books

Jonathon King is a pretty deliberate writer; his bibliography isn’t nearly as lengthy as one might expect considering all the years he has spent as a published writer, though when a new Jonathon King release hits the shelves people take notice, with some of the best books from the author including:

The Blue Edge of Midnight: Max Freeman’s world came crashing down during a convenience store holdup. King was just a cop in Philadelphia trying to do the right thing. Then he killed a kid. Even though the police department cleared him of wrongdoing, King ran away to the Florida Everglades, exiling himself to a shack without running water or electricity, content to live with his guilt and shame.

Max thought his life of seclusion would never end. But that was before he found a dead girl in the water and the local police saw fit to suspect him of her murder. Now Max has no choice but to find the real murderer in order to prove his innocence.

Jonathon King’s first novel finds a tired detective fighting to secure his future when he is suspected of killing a young girl. Max Freeman wants to escape his past. But a killer running around his backyard makes that a little difficult. Max has to end his exile and return to civilization to prove his innocence.

Working beside Max is a brilliant attorney who believes that his friend has been set up.

A Visible Darkness: Max Freeman was a Philly Cop whose life changed when he killed a kid. Now he is living in self-imposed exile in the Everglades. When Max was accused of murder, his best friend, an attorney called Billy Manchester came to his aid. Now Billy wants Max’s help in investigating the deaths of a number of elderly women from poor communities.

The fact that all the women had lucrative insurance policies drew Billy’s suspicion. However, the police have been unwilling to look into the matter. For that reason, Billy looks to his friend Max to do some probing and prying. In doing his friend this favor, Max Freeman quickly finds that Florida is a vast and confusing place filled with many dark corners.

The second book in Jonathon King’s Max Freeman books finds Max returning to detective work to solve the murders of a number of old widows. Max’s previous encounter with a murder case forced him to return to civilization. Now, Max takes another step towards embracing his old life.

When Does The Next Jonathon King book come out?

Jonathon King doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Sindia Promise and was released on August, 14th 2018.

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  1. I really enjoyed the max freeman books , & hope that the series, has not ended. I like books, where we get learn about the characters, & feel we know them .

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