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Karen Rose is an American writer from Baltimore, Maryland. Rose for the most part writes contemporary romantic suspense novels. Karen Rose has been writing since 2003, having been a professional teacher and chemical engineer before then.

Order of Baltimore Series

Order of Chicago Series

# Read Title Published
1 Don't Tell 2003
2 I'm Watching You 2004
3 Nothing To Fear 2005
4 Count to Ten 2006
5 You Can't Hide 2006

Order of Cincinnati Series

# Read Title Published
1 Closer Than You Think 2014
2 Alone In the Dark 2015
3 Every Dark Corner 2017

Order of Minneapolis Series

# Read Title Published
1 I Can See You 2009
2 Silent Scream 2010

Order of Atlanta Series

# Read Title Published
1 Scream for Me 2008
2 Kill For Me 2009

Order of Philadelphia Series

# Read Title Published
1 Die For Me 2007

Order of Raleigh Series

# Read Title Published
1 Have You Seen Her? 2004

Order of St. Petersburg Series

# Read Title Published
1 Dirty Secrets 2014
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She loves to write city focused novels and is best known for the Chicago series of novels. Don’t Tell, her 2003 published novel was the first novel in the series which has gone on to have four more titles. While the novels may be read as standalones, they happen in the same universe with many characters from earlier books recurring. In addition to the Chicago series of novels, she has also written over fifteen novels in her other popular series that include the Daniel Vartanian series, the Baltimore series, and the Minneapolis series.


Karen Rose has made the shortlist and won many prestigious awards in the course of her career. “Silent Cream” and “I’m Watching You” have been the winners of Best Romantic Suspense in 2005 and 2011 under the RITA Awards (Romance Writers of America Awards). Five of her titles have also made the shortlist of the RITA Awards over the years.


Karen Rose has been a prolific romance writer with many of her novels becoming fan favorites across the world. Nonetheless, three novels have proven most popular with her fans. The three are:

Every Dark Corner: The third novel of the Cincinnati series of novels is one of the best suspense novels by Rose. Griffin Decker Davenport, an FBI Special Agent wakes up from a coma and immediately gets down to finding his missing children that he is certain are in great danger. In his last assignment, he believed that he had brought the bad guys to justice, only to discover that not everyone was safe, just before he was shot. Meanwhile, Kate Coppola, also a Special Agent with the FBI has just moved to Cincinnati. The public story she gives is that she moved there in search of a promotion when in fact she was running away from the heartache of an ended relationship. She had discovered Decker’s undercover recordings and had spent much of her time at the hospital, trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle he had been working on. When someone tries to kill Decker, she realizes that the investigation has links to Deckers mysterious past, which makes this case one of the most dangerous for everyone involved.

The Monster in the Closet: The novel has one of the most intriguing story lines in the Baltimore series of novels. A vicious killer has just killed a mother and is now on the hunt for the child who was a witness to the brutal killing. Clay Maynard is an expert Private Investigator, but even he has failed to locate his daughter that his wife had cruelly stolen from him over two decades past. Now a young woman, Taylor Dawson is an intern at the Daphne Montgomery-Carter stables, a job she took to observe Clay Maynard the program’s security director, and most importantly her father. She is still trying to reconcile the images of the cruel man her mother had painted of her father with the wonderful man that she has been interacting with. Suddenly, she finds herself the target of a man who killed the mother of two girls who work with her in the stables. Things get even more complicated when she falls for Daphne’s handsome son Ford Elkart, a man that is battling his own demons. She is so busy planning for a future with the man of her dreams that she never notices that the real monster is getting ever closer.

You Can’t Hide: One of the most engrossing romantic suspense novels you could ever read, the novel tells the story of Tess Ciccotelli ,whose life is changed forever by an unexpected terror. Cicotelli is a psychiatric nurse whose life becomes a nightmare when she discovers that an unknown person is tormenting her patients to suicide, putting her reputation and job at risk. Nevertheless, she takes her oath very seriously and will do anything to keep her patients information private. She never budges even when Aidan Reagan the chief detective investigating the cases asks that she provide a list of all her patients, or when it becomes dangerous to practice with all suspicion leveled against her. Aidan has never been one to go easy on suspects, but even he is impressed by Tess unyielding loyalty to her patients, particularly when it becomes evident that a vicious person is out to destroy all that she holds dear. As Aidan develops a soft spot for Tess, the killer doubles his efforts to bring her down, further tightening the noose around her neck.