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Karen White is an American Author born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A student of the American School in London, Karen White knew that she wanted to write novels from a young age. It all begun when she was in seventh grade and stumbled upon a copy of Gone with the Wind. The author’s love for reading began to grow and that fed into her love for writing.

Order of Falling Home Series

1Falling Home 2002Description / Buy
2After the Rain 2003Description / Buy

Order of Tradd Street Series

1The House on Tradd Street 2008Description / Buy
2The Girl On Legare Street 2009Description / Buy
3The Strangers on Montagu Street 2011Description / Buy
4Return to Tradd Street 2014Description / Buy
5The Guests on South Battery 2017Description / Buy
6The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street 2019Description / Buy
7The Attic on Queen Street 2021Description / Buy

Order of Karen White Standalone Novels

1In the Shadow of the Moon 2000Description / Buy
2Whispers of Goodbye 2001Description / Buy
3The Color of Light 2005Description / Buy
4Pieces of the Heart 2006Description / Buy
5Learning to Breathe 2007Description / Buy
6The Memory of Water 2008Description / Buy
7The Lost Hours 2009Description / Buy
8On Folly Beach 2010Description / Buy
9The Beach Trees 2011Description / Buy
10Sea Change 2012Description / Buy
11The Time Between 2013Description / Buy
12A Long Time Gone 2014Description / Buy
13The Sound of Glass 2015Description / Buy
14The Forgotten Room ( With: Lauren Willig, Beatriz Williams) 2016Description / Buy
15Flight Patterns 2016Description / Buy
16The Night the Lights Went Out 2017Description / Buy
17Dreams of Falling 2018Description / Buy
18The Glass Ocean ( With: Lauren Willig, Beatriz Williams) 2018Description / Buy
19All the Ways We Said Goodbye ( With: Lauren Willig, Beatriz Williams) 2020Description / Buy
20The Last Night In London 2021Description / Buy

Order of Mossy Creek Series

1Mossy Creek 2001Description / Buy
2Reunion at Mossy Creek 2002Description / Buy
3Summer in Mossy Creek 2003Description / Buy
4Blessings of Mossy Creek 2004Description / Buy
5A Day in Mossy Creek 2006Description / Buy
6At Home in Mossy Creek 2007Description / Buy
7Gone But Not Forgotten (Short Story) 2008Description / Buy
8Critters of Mossy Creek 2009Description / Buy
9Closer Than They Appear (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy

Karen White Anthologies

1 Grand Central2014Description / Buy
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However, Karen did not immediately take to writing, at least not professionally. Instead, she went the way of business and even acquired a degree in the field, graduating cum laude. Of course, as with most would-be authors, Karen couldn’t stay in business. After ten years, she left and began to write, a decision that has paid off rather well.

According to Karen White, she writes Southern Women’s fiction which she calls grit lit. The obsession isn’t that difficult to understand. Karen’s family hails from the South. Her clan has lived in the South for a very long time. And even though she grew up in London, her home has never left her heart.

Karen White, who writes more standalone novels than series, has been known to experiment with mystery and horror. Though, Karen’s horror novels are never true horror, merely utilizing supernatural elements of one sort or another and playing with spooky environments. Karen tends to garner more success with her attempts at telling romance and family-oriented stories. And while it could be argued that she succeeds at injecting suspense into her books—though she is hardly masterful as a writer of horror—Karen is often criticized for her mystery novels, not because they are badly written but because of the lackluster mysteries she typically delivers.

Karen White has a husband, two children and a dog that she will sometimes use in her books.

Karen White Awards

If there was ever a reason for Karen White to appreciate her decision to leave the field of business, it was when she was declared a Finalist for the RITA Award.

Naturally, she would have been happier winning the award, but her achievements in this arena are nothing to scoff at, and neither are the two National Readers’ Choice awards she won and her nomination from the Southeastern Booksellers Alliance.

Best Karen White Books

Karen White’s popularity, at least amongst her fans, emanates from her ability to write engaging material, with some of the best books in her bibliography including:

The Beach Trees: Julie Holt’s life changed when she was twelve. That was when Julie lost her little sister. Julie thought her family might pull together. Instead, she saw the bonds of her loved ones break and erode, leaving her without a support base to lean on.

As an adult enjoying the perks of her prestigious job in the arts, an encounter with a struggling artist leaves Julie haunted by memories of her lost sister. She quickly finds her protective instincts ignited. This new friendship begins to heal Julie’s wounds.

The Beach Trees is one of Karen White’s more popular works. The book kicks off with Julie Holt losing her friend Monica to a heart problem and then learning that she has inherited a home in Mississippi along with Monica’s five-year-old son.

The book reveals that Monica and Julie got along because they both came from dysfunctional families. Julie fled her home after losing her sister. Julie felt guilty because she was the one watching her little sister when she disappeared and that burden has followed her since.

The Beach Trees tells Julie’s story as she goes to Mississippi and meets Monica’s estranged family.

On Folly Beach: Following the loss of her husband, Emmy Hamilton decides to buy Folly Beach’s local bookstore on the encouragement of her mother. Folly Beach attracts all manner of people, some of them looking to get to the Atlantic while others are merely seeking sanctuary.

Emmy is hesitant to embrace Folly Beach. But then she stumbles upon a collection of love letters and encounters the difficult sister of the late owner who has been selling bottle trees in the bookstore’s backyard, and she realizes that Folly Beach has so much more to offer.

Emmy initially ignores Lulu. But then she begins to skim through the love letters she found and this allows her to gain an understanding of Lulu’s plight. The two women are soon drawn into a disappearance from World War II.

When Does The Next Karen White book come out?

Karen White doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Attic on Queen Street and was released on November, 2nd 2021. It is the newest book in the Tradd Street Series.


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