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Kyle Mills is a bestselling American author that writes thriller novels. Born in 1966, Mills’ father was an FBI agent. Even though he technically grew up in Oregon, because of his father’s work, the author was always moving.

Order of Mark Beamon Series

1Rising Phoenix 1997Description / Buy
2Storming Heaven 1998Description / Buy
3Free Fall 2000Description / Buy
4Sphere of Influence 2002Description / Buy
5Darkness Falls 2007Description / Buy

Order of Mitch Rapp Series with Vince Flynn

1Transfer of Power ( By: Vince Flynn) 1999Description / Buy
2The Third Option ( By: Vince Flynn) 2000Description / Buy
3Separation of Power ( By: Vince Flynn) 2001Description / Buy
4Executive Power ( By: Vince Flynn) 2003Description / Buy
5Memorial Day ( By: Vince Flynn) 2004Description / Buy
6Consent to Kill ( By: Vince Flynn) 2005Description / Buy
7Act of Treason ( By: Vince Flynn) 2006Description / Buy
8Protect and Defend ( By: Vince Flynn) 2007Description / Buy
9Extreme Measures ( By: Vince Flynn) 2008Description / Buy
10Pursuit of Honor ( By: Vince Flynn) 2009Description / Buy
11American Assassin ( By: Vince Flynn) 2010Description / Buy
12Kill Shot ( By: Vince Flynn) 2012Description / Buy
13The Last Man ( By: Vince Flynn) 2012Description / Buy
14The Survivor 2015Description / Buy
15Order to Kill 2016Description / Buy
16Enemy of the State 2017Description / Buy
17Red War 2018Description / Buy
18Lethal Agent 2019Description / Buy
19Total Power 2020Description / Buy
20Enemy at the Gates 2021Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Mitch Rapp Series

1American Assassin ( By: Vince Flynn)2010Description / Buy
2Kill Shot ( By: Vince Flynn)2012Description / Buy
3Transfer of Power ( By: Vince Flynn)1999Description / Buy
4The Third Option ( By: Vince Flynn)2000Description / Buy
5Separation of Power ( By: Vince Flynn)2001Description / Buy
6Executive Power ( By: Vince Flynn)2003Description / Buy
7Memorial Day ( By: Vince Flynn)2004Description / Buy
8Consent to Kill ( By: Vince Flynn)2005Description / Buy
9Act of Treason ( By: Vince Flynn)2006Description / Buy
10Protect and Defend ( By: Vince Flynn)2007Description / Buy
11Extreme Measures ( By: Vince Flynn)2008Description / Buy
12Pursuit of Honor ( By: Vince Flynn)2009Description / Buy
13The Last Man ( By: Vince Flynn)2012Description / Buy
14The Survivor2015Description / Buy
15Order to Kill2016Description / Buy
16Enemy of the State2017Description / Buy
17Red War2018Description / Buy
18Lethal Agent2019Description / Buy
19Total Power2020Description / Buy
20Enemy at the Gates2021Description / Buy

Order of Covert-One Series

1The Hades Factor ( By: Gayle Lynds, Robert Ludlum) 2000Description / Buy
2The Cassandra Compact ( By: Robert Ludlum, Philip Shelby) 2001Description / Buy
3The Paris Option ( By: Gayle Lynds) 2002Description / Buy
4The Altman Code ( By: Gayle Lynds) 2003Description / Buy
5The Lazarus Vendetta ( By: Patrick Larkin) 2004Description / Buy
6The Moscow Vector ( By: Patrick Larkin) 2005Description / Buy
7Robert Ludlum's The Arctic Event ( By: James H. Cobb) 2007Description / Buy
8The Ares Decision 2011Description / Buy
9The Janus Reprisal ( By: Jamie Freveletti) 2012Description / Buy
10The Utopia Experiment 2013Description / Buy
11The Geneva Strategy ( By: Jamie Freveletti) 2015Description / Buy
12The Patriot Attack 2016Description / Buy

Order of Fade Series

1Fade 2005Description / Buy
2The Second Horseman 2006Description / Buy

Order of Kyle Mills Standalone Novels

1Burn Factor 2001Description / Buy
2Smoke Screen 2003Description / Buy
3Lords of Corruption 2009Description / Buy
4The Immortalists 2011Description / Buy
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Mills’ migratory lifestyle brought with it various challenges. But it also had advantages. For instance, it gave Mills a keen insight into the workings of military and law enforcement officers. It also created in the writer a fascination for criminals. He used every opportunity his father’s job provided to absorb as much information as possible about the CIA and the FBI, not to mention the Army.

But Kyle Mills wasn’t necessarily drawn to the idea of writing. In fact, in college, the student of Finance did everything in his power to avoid English courses. Like the majority of his peers, he had every intention of graduating and using his qualifications to land a position in the corporate arena, the kind that would permit him to purchase a large house and a nice car.

Some of the writer’s dreams came true. He was able to secure a corporate job. However, by that point in his life, Mills found that he no longer cared about living a lavish lifestyle. Even though he had a decent salary, the author lived in a tiny Baltimore house. He also drove an old Jeep.

Most of the money Mills acquired went to a checking account and he was happy to ignore it. Mills’ entry into the publishing arena can be traced back to his decision to engage in rock climbing.

After college, the writer found that he was drawn to the artistic individuals in his community. He was fascinated by the idea of generating creative works out of nothing. Mills met his wife after taking up rock climbing. She was just as attracted to the great outdoors as he was.

The pair spent a lot of time socializing with extraordinary individuals in their community that kept inspiring Mills to do more with his life. He was working for a small bank when the desire to undertake a creative endeavor struck him.

He considered building furniture but quickly realized that he lacked the talent. His wife suggested that he try his hand at writing, and Mills acquiesced, eventually penning ‘Rising Phoenix’, the first novel in the Mark Beamon series.

As a reader, the author is drawn to books that tackle the darker aspects of humanity. He enjoys stories that reveal the twisted facets of mankind. He encourages aspiring authors to study books that entertain them the most.

He believes that they can hone their craft by finding out what makes their favorite stories so appealing. He also encourages them to read books that will introduce them to the technical elements of writing.

He wants those that have started writing to focus their efforts on finishing their drafts. They should fight the temptation to edit the earlier portions of their work before they finish their manuscript.

Best Kyle Mills Books

When Vince Flynn passed away, Mills was chosen to continue the ‘Mitch Rapp’ series. Some of the author’s best novels include:

Order to Kill: Mitch Rapp is in serious trouble. The CIA operative was hot on the heels of some Pakistani nukes. With the help of Scott Coleman, he was determined to prevent the weapons from falling into terrorist hands. But the Russians kept complicating matters.

Their only objective was to keep the chaos in the Middle East going, which is why they were so determined to secure the nukes. Now Rapp is in Russian territory pretending to be an ISIS recruit. If he succeeds, he will uncover and potentially thwart an insidious plot.

Enemy of the State: Mitch Rapp was on the right side of the law, or so he thought. Powerful Saudis had conspired to make the 9/11 attacks a success. But the US had buried the evidence implicating these figures. As a consequence, the King had promised to maintain America’s supply of oil. He had assured the Americans of his determination to eliminate America’s enemies in his government.

But the Saudis failed to fulfill their obligations. Rapp was finally deployed, tasked with sending Saudi royalty a message. To accomplish his mission, the operative was forced to leave the CIA. Now Rapp is on the run, a fugitive from the Saudis and America’s intelligence agencies.

When Does The Next Kyle Mills book come out?

Kyle Mills doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Enemy at the Gates and was released on September, 14th 2021. It is the newest book in the Mitch Rapp Series.

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