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Vince Flynn was born April 6, 1966 in Saint Paul Minnesota. He graduated from both the Saint Thomas Academy in 1984 and the University of Saint Thomas (Minnesota) in 1989. He would work at Kraft Foods specializing in sales marketing and sales. He would work as an aviator in the Marine Corps, and was medically disqualified one week before he was supposed to start Officer Candidate School.

Before pursuing writing full time, Flynn worked as a real estate agent, which was a move that some people thought that he was crazy to pursue (as there was a large risk involved; it meant that he would have to start over with a new career), but he did not regret the change one bit. Part of what got Flynn writing was his trying to overcome his dyslexia. He pushed himself to read and write daily; his influences were J. R. R. Tolkien, Tom Clancy, Gore Vidal, John Irving, Ernest Hemingway, and Robert Ludlum.

Reading these novels pushed him into wanting to write a novel of his own. Flynn was the fifth of seven kids and lived with his wife and three children in the Twin Cities. He also served as a story consultant for the hit TV series “24”, during its fifth season. After a three year battle with stage III prostate cancer, Flynn died in June 2013 at the age of 47.

Order of Mitch Rapp Series with Kyle Mills

1Transfer of Power 1999Description / Buy
2The Third Option 2000Description / Buy
3Separation of Power 2001Description / Buy
4Executive Power 2003Description / Buy
5Memorial Day 2004Description / Buy
6Consent to Kill 2005Description / Buy
7Act of Treason 2006Description / Buy
8Protect and Defend 2007Description / Buy
9Extreme Measures 2008Description / Buy
10Pursuit of Honor 2009Description / Buy
11American Assassin 2010Description / Buy
12Kill Shot 2012Description / Buy
13The Last Man 2012Description / Buy
14The Survivor ( By: Kyle Mills) 2015Description / Buy
15Order to Kill ( By: Kyle Mills) 2016Description / Buy
16Enemy of the State ( By: Kyle Mills) 2017Description / Buy
17Red War ( By: Kyle Mills) 2018Description / Buy
18Lethal Agent ( By: Kyle Mills) 2019Description / Buy
19Total Power ( By: Kyle Mills) 2020Description / Buy
20Enemy at the Gates ( By: Kyle Mills) 2021Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Mitch Rapp Series

1American Assassin2010Description / Buy
2Kill Shot2012Description / Buy
3Transfer of Power1999Description / Buy
4The Third Option2000Description / Buy
5Separation of Power2001Description / Buy
6Executive Power2003Description / Buy
7Memorial Day2004Description / Buy
8Consent to Kill2005Description / Buy
9Act of Treason2006Description / Buy
10Protect and Defend2007Description / Buy
11Extreme Measures2008Description / Buy
12Pursuit of Honor2009Description / Buy
13The Last Man2012Description / Buy
14The Survivor ( By: Kyle Mills)2015Description / Buy
15Order to Kill ( By: Kyle Mills)2016Description / Buy
16Enemy of the State ( By: Kyle Mills)2017Description / Buy
17Red War ( By: Kyle Mills)2018Description / Buy
18Lethal Agent ( By: Kyle Mills)2019Description / Buy
19Total Power ( By: Kyle Mills)2020Description / Buy
20Enemy at the Gates ( By: Kyle Mills)2021Description / Buy

Order of Vince Flynn Standalone Novels

1Term Limits 1997Description / Buy
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While writing would eventually come naturally to Vince Flynn, he did not start out as a writer. In fact, after graduation, he went to work in the marketing department of Kraft Foods, before attempting to gain entry into Marine Corps.

Unfortunately for Flynn, he was deemed medically unfit to join the aviation program. This led him to seek other opportunities for work, and eventually he turned his hand to writing, after immersing himself in notable authors in the same thriller genre that he would end up joining. After his success in writing, Flynn was also signed up to act as a consultant for Season 5 of the TV show 24.

With his knowledge and experience of writing about counterterrorism, especially against Middle Eastern enemies, Flynn was able to assist the writers as and when required.

Flynn was best-known for his series of books featuring the character Mitch Rapp. However his first novel, which he self-published was called Term Limits and did not actually feature Flynn’s most famous creation, although many characters from Rapp’s world made an appearance throughout the story.

It wasn’t until 1999 and Transfer of Power that Flynn introduced the world to the character of Mitch Rapp. Transfer of Power introduces the world to the character of Mitch Rapp as he is working in Iran on a cover ops mission. While on the operation, Rapp discovers there is the possibility of a terrorist attack on Washington DC in the not-too-distant future.

The action then moves to Washington DC, and when a terrorist takes over the White House, it becomes up to Mitch Rapp to try and save the day using whatever means necessary, as becomes the Mitch Rapp was throughout the series.

In 2010, Flynn took the decision to go back to the beginning of Mitch Rapp’s career to write American Assassin and then Kill Shot, instead of continuing his story after Pursuit of Honor. It was a novel take on writing a series, and allowed him to explore Rapp’s character in greater detail.

In all, Vince Flynn wrote 14 novels, 13 of which make up the Mitch Rapp series. Since the death of Flynn, the author Kyle Mills has taken over the reins and will continue Rapp’s story.

He was the author of the New York Times Best selling Mitch Rapp series, that would later be taken over by Kyle Mills after Flynn’s death in 2013. The first novel of the series to be written by Mills, “The Survivor” was partially written by Flynn. The series follows Mitch Rapp, an anti terrorism agent who does whatever it takes to stop terrorists attacks on American soil.

It does not matter what he has to do to accomplish this, he will do it. He also wrote a stand alone novel called “Term Limits” (however, the book is part of the same universe as the Mitch Rapp books and became a bestseller as well). All of his books have hit the New York Times best seller list, and some have made it as high as number one. His writing was considered at times to be a little too accurate; “Memorial Day” was screened by the Pentagon before it was released.


The series has two prequels that were released well into the series. “American Assassin” and “Kill Shot” are the first two books chronologically despite being the thirteenth and fourteenth books released. The two books were released in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

Term Limits should also be read prior to Transfer of Power as while it is a standalone novel, it features characters such as Scott Coleman who feature later in the Rapp series.


Separation of Power is the third thriller in the Rapp series. It is let out that there is a plot to destroy the new director of the CIA, Dr. Irene Kennedy and end the president’s term. This comes at the same time that a world leader is gaining ground for the nuclear arms race, and Israel gives the Americans an ultimatum that is chilling. Only Mitch Rapp can take care of things, and stop World War III from becoming a reality. Out of the 914 reviews for this book, 74% were five star reviews.

Term Limits, Flynn’s first novel, which he self published in the late 1990s. Three powerful politicians in Washington are gunned down in the same night. Soon, demands are given to the American government: restore power to the people. They claim that no one is safe, not even the president. Michael O’ Rourke, a freshman congressman, can shed some light onto the criminals. Some investigating concludes that the shooters are elite military commandos. Out of the 1,146 reviews for this book, 69% were five star reviews.

Transfer of Power is the first Rapp novel published in 1999. Some terrorists kill a dozen and take almost a hundred hostages as they slaughter their way into the White House. The president is taken to an underground bunker for protection. There is some arguing as to how to proceed. In the meantime, it is up to Mitch Rapp (the CIA’s top counter terrorist agent) to move quietly through the White House to free the hostages before the terrorists can kill the president. There is an inside man that would really like to see Rapp fail on his mission to save the president. Out of the 1,720 reviews for this book, 74% were five star reviews.

Vince Flynn FAQs

Q: When was Vince Flynn born?

A: The author Vince Flynn was born on April 6th, 1966.

Q: When did Vince Flynn die?

A: Vince Flynn sadly passed away on June 19, 2013 due to prostate cancer.

Q: How many Mitch Rapp books did Vince Flynn writer?

A: Vince Flynn wrote 13 Mitch Rapp books, his first being Transfer of Power, and his last being Kill Shot.

Q: What is the first book Vince Flynn had published?

A: Vince Flynn’s first published book was Term Limits, which was published in 1997.

When Does The Next Vince Flynn book come out?

Vince Flynn doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The Last Man and was released on November, 13th 2012. It is the newest book in the Mitch Rapp Series.

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  1. Is the book Das Ultimatum available in english, if so did Vince Flynn write this book and any idea where I could purchase this book if written in english.

  2. It’s a shame Vince Flynn passed in 2013; his works were a treat to this world and he is missed in the literary community.

    The Mitch Rapp series are everything you want in a thriller suspense novel. Flynn’s riveting writing sets the stage through his clear writing and keeps the reader engaged all the way through. The books are addicting and somewhat exhausting, but in a good way; you’ll understand after you read these, and trust me, you should read these.

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