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The Mitch Rapp series are a series of a books written by the late author Vince Flynn, and continued by Kyle Mills following the death of Flynn. The series is based around the character Mitch Rapp, a counter-terrorism operative working, for the most part, under the orders of the CIA. Rapp is mainly used in dark operations, and is, therefore, not tied down by as many rules as other agents in the field. This often leads to his methods being far more devastating and extreme. Mitch Rapp was first introduced to audiences with the release of the first novel in the series – Transfer of Power, published in 2000. The series of books are best described as spy thrillers.

Order of Mitch Rapp Series By: Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills

1Transfer of Power1999Description / Buy
2The Third Option2000Description / Buy
3Separation of Power2001Description / Buy
4Executive Power2003Description / Buy
5Memorial Day2004Description / Buy
6Consent to Kill2005Description / Buy
7Act of Treason2006Description / Buy
8Protect and Defend2007Description / Buy
9Extreme Measures2008Description / Buy
10Pursuit of Honor2009Description / Buy
11American Assassin2010Description / Buy
12Kill Shot2012Description / Buy
13The Last Man2012Description / Buy
14The Survivor2015Description / Buy
15Order to Kill2016Description / Buy
16Enemy of the State2017Description / Buy
17Red War2018Description / Buy
18Lethal Agent2019Description / Buy
19Total Power2020Description / Buy
20Enemy at the Gates2021Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Mitch Rapp Series

1American Assassin2010Description / Buy
2Kill Shot2012Description / Buy
3Transfer of Power1999Description / Buy
4The Third Option2000Description / Buy
5Separation of Power2001Description / Buy
6Executive Power2003Description / Buy
7Memorial Day2004Description / Buy
8Consent to Kill2005Description / Buy
9Act of Treason2006Description / Buy
10Protect and Defend2007Description / Buy
11Extreme Measures2008Description / Buy
12Pursuit of Honor2009Description / Buy
13The Last Man2012Description / Buy
14The Survivor2015Description / Buy
15Order to Kill2016Description / Buy
16Enemy of the State2017Description / Buy
17Red War2018Description / Buy
18Lethal Agent2019Description / Buy
19Total Power2020Description / Buy
20Enemy at the Gates2021Description / Buy
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Mitch Rapp was an All-American at Syracuse University when his girlfriend is killed in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. The book series begins with Rapp as a young man training to be CIA super-agent charged with fighting rising Islamist fundamentalism.

The main focus of Mitch Rapp’s operations tend to be Middle Eastern terrorists, although he has dealt with his share of home-bred terrorists, too.
The first book to feature Mitch Rapp is Transfer Of Power, which sees Rapp dealing with a seige at the White House undertaken by Islamic extremists. While working for the CIA, Rapp is asked to solve the situation in any means possible. This situation also lends itself to more deeper political intrigue which threatens Rapp’s plans to get the President of the United States to safety.

However, although Rapp’s first appearance comes in Transfer Of Power, the first book in Rapp’s life story is actually American Assassin. This book features a fresh-faced Mitch Rapp, fresh out of Syracuse University and looking to make a name for himself in the counter-terrorism field. It deals with Rapp’s training with his mentor, Stan Hurley, and his first real operation dealing with trying to stop suspected Islamic terrorists before they can act on American soil. The novel begins at a brisk pace following Mitch Rapp on a vengeance mission as a super CIA agent following the death of his girlfriend. With Islamic terrorism on the rise worldwide, the CIA find the perfect candidate in Syracuse University’s Mitch Rapp. He is recruited by Irene Kennedy as part of a clandestine group of agents to undergo six months of intense training, before being sent out into the field.

Following American Assassin, the book Kill Shot is the next in the story, and it features Rapp trying to hunt down those responsible for the Lockerbie bombing. This book, although the 12th book written in the series, is the second in Mitch Rapp’s story and again looks his how he becomes the man we come to meet in Transfer Of Power.

After half a year of training, the team is sent all over the world tasked with ruthlessly eliminating terrorist threats. From Istanbul, across Europe to Beirut in Lebanon, Rapp has to put all the skills and cunning instilled by his training to survive a Beirut ravaged by war and fought over by fundamentalist factions. The remarkable story that shows Rapp making his way through Europe and the Middle East while leaving a trail of bodies in his wake, shows why Vince Flynn is one of the most popular storytellers of the Spy Thriller genre.


In 2008, CBS Films made a proposal to Vince to make the New York Times Bestseller Consent to Kill into a movie. The film was to star either Mathew Fox, Colin Farrell or Gerard Butler as Mitch Rapp and would be written by Jonathan Lemkin, with Antoine Fuqua as director. However, this was not to be, as CBS most recent releases were flops. However, in 2011, the film studio announced that they would be looking to make the more popular American Assassin into a movie. Since it would be portraying a younger Rapp, Deadline announced in May 2016 that Dylan O’Brien the 24-year-old actor would likely get the lead role. Stephen Schiff is the head writer on the film with Michael Fuesta in the director’s chair. Filming of the movie started in early September in Budapest and London.


Consent to Kill the seventh book in the series and New York Times Best Seller is deemed one of the finest books in the Mitch Rapp series of novels. What makes the novel such a grand narrative is that, while for years Rapp has had to fight external enemies saving countless American lives in the process, he now has to deal with internal enemies. Along the way, he has made many enemies even among the very world of espionage, who would be glad to see him dead. To make matters worse, the billionaire father of a terrorist he killed now wants revenge and some influential persons in the duplicitous world of espionage are ready to work with him to kill Rapp. This time, he has to exercise all his training, determination, and vigilance if he is to save himself from an international conspiracy and exact revenge on those that have betrayed him.

In Extreme Measures the 11th book in the series, Vince Flynn tells the story of the modern day patriot who despite the betrayals from his country’s most trusted institutions never wavers from his sense of love and duty. With Rapp on a covert mission in Pakistan, his mentor turns to his protégée Mike Nash. Nash has previously served his country honorably under the guidance of Mitch Rapp as part of an elite counter-terrorism unit. With his in-depth familiarity with the workings of the military and intelligence agencies, Flynn makes a gripping narrative portraying the dedication and sacrifices that a handful of devoted and brave men have to make in serving their country.

Another outstanding book in the Mitch Rapp series of novels is the 13th book, The Last Man. The pulse-pounding thriller has Mitch Rapp head to Afghanistan to find out what has happened to Joe Rickman, the man that has run the CIA’s clandestine operation in Afghanistan for nearly a decade. While Rickman’s disappearance has all the hallmarks of a kidnapping, Rapp believes that the geopolitics of Afghanistan that involves the Russians, Pakistanis, Iranians, and the Taliban may have something to do with it. He must act fast to get back Rickman while Afghanistan crumbles all around him.


Many fans of the Mitch Rapp series may also like the “Scot Harvath” series of books by Brad Thor. Scott Harvath is similar to Mitch Rapp in that he is an ex-secret service agent who later becomes a covert counterterrorism agent traveling the world leaving behind a trail of bodies of a wide assortment of villains. Mitch Rapp fans may also find the “John Wells” series by Alex Berenson quite good. Wells is the stereotypical next-door neighbor, while in truth he lives the double life of a CIA agent and an Al-Qaida operative. He is more of the Nicholas Brody from Homeland TV show character, who has to live a double life after serving in the Middle East.

Mitch Rapp F.A.Q.

Q: Who writes the Mitch Rapp series?
A: The author Vince Flynn, who sadly passed away 2013, is the main author of the Mitch Rapp series, although later novels were written by Kyle Mills following Flynn’s death.

Q: What is the first book in the Mitch Rap series?
A: If you want to read Mitch Rapp’s story from the beginning, start with American Assassin, then Kill Shot, before reading the rest in order of publishing, starting with Transfer Of Power.

What Is The Next Book in The Mitch Rapp Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Mitch Rapp Series. The newest book is Enemy at the Gates and was released on September, 14th 2021.

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  1. I’m starting to think our real-life government needs a visit from Mitch Rapp. I think he could take care of the problems that have existed for a few administrations now.

    Moving past real-life politics, the Mitch Rapp series is highly thrilling, especially since Rapp doesn’t have to abide by the tight rules like most CIA agents. The fast pace will make you feel like you’re watching a movie rather than reading a book. Political alliances, back stabbing, mystery; these books have it all.

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