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L.J. Sellers is an American author from Santa Rosa, California best known for writing the Detective Jackson Mystery series – a series of highly popular suspense thrillers. For most of her childhood, she lived in Southern Oregon and went to the University of Oregon, where she got her Bachelor’s in journalism. She previously worked as a freelance editor and writer for a range of magazines and newspapers, before she turned to full-time writing career. She is married with three sons and lives in Eugene, Oregon.

Order of Detective Jackson Mystery Series

1The Sex Club 2007Description / Buy
2Secrets to Die for 2009Description / Buy
3Thrilled to Death 2010Description / Buy
4Passions of the Dead 2010Description / Buy
5Dying for Justice 2011Description / Buy
6Liars, Cheaters, & Thieves 2011Description / Buy
7Rules of Crime 2013Description / Buy
8Crimes of Memory 2013Description / Buy
9Deadly Bonds 2014Description / Buy
10Wrongful Death 2015Description / Buy
11Death Deserved 2016Description / Buy
12A Bitter Dying 2017Description / Buy
13A Liar's Death 2018Description / Buy
14A Crime of Hate 2019Description / Buy

Order of Agent Jamie Dallas Series

1The Trigger 2013Description / Buy
2The Target 2014Description / Buy
3The Trap 2014Description / Buy

Order of The Extractor Series

1Guilt Game 2017Description / Buy
2Broken Boys 2017Description / Buy
3The Other 2017Description / Buy

Order of Conner & Hitch Series with Teresa Burrell

1No Consent ( With: Teresa Burrell) 2021Description / Buy

Order of L J Sellers Standalone Novels

1The Baby Thief / Beyond Conception 2010Description / Buy
2The Lethal Effect / The Suicide Effect 2010Description / Buy
3The Gauntlet Assassin 2011Description / Buy
4Point of Control 2016Description / Buy
5The Gender Experiment 2016Description / Buy

Order of L J Sellers Short Story Collections

1Dirty Jobs and Love You to Death (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy

Order of L J Sellers Non-Fiction Books

1Write First, Clean Later / Blogging My Way to Indie Success 2011Description / Buy
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L.J. Sellers launched her writing career with the debut novel “Beyond Conception” that was published in 2001. The first novel in her fan favorite Detective Jackson Wade Mysteries was the 2007 published “The Sex Club”. The series set in Eugene features a homicide detective Wade Jackson, a handsome recently divorced, attractive man that solves intricate murder mysteries.


In addition to topping many bestseller lists both online and offline, LJ Sellers has won many prestigious awards over the years. Her first novel in the Detective Wade Jackson series “The Sex Club” is a two-time winner of the Readers’ Favorite Award. Sellers’s articles titled “Neurology! Discovery” won the 2002 Grand Neal award. In 2003, she got another Grand Neal Award when she her paper “Pharmaceutical Executive” was awarded best overall magazine. In 2012, the novel “Dying for Justice” was the winner of the Mystery Readers Favorite Award.


L.J. Sellers has some of the most popular novels in the mystery genre that ranking her novels would be almost impossible. However, the following three novels are the most popular among the Detective Wade series of novels:

A Bitter Dying: The twelfth novel in the Detective Wade Jackson mysteries is one of the most appreciated in the series. When a recently released convict takes out his frustrations on a young family – holding them hostage, Wade Jackson is the only man with the expertise to deal with the delicate situation. Even as Jackson is the most qualified man to negotiate with the deranged ex con, he has his hands quite full as the officer in charge of the Violent Crimes Unit in Eugene, Oregon.

At present, he is investigating and overseeing a series of savage attacks that are committed by a seemingly random assailant. He now has to juggle his duties as police chief with single parenting duties. While he gets closer to resolving the hostage situation, his most important lead in the random attacks case dies, making it even more urgent to identify the assailant before he strikes again. But things get more complex as the latest series of murders show evidence of a copycat killer taking advantage of the chaos for his own ends. Could he piece together the pieces of the puzzle before the killer makes his next move?

Wrongful Death: The tenth novel in the series is an exciting thriller of a novel that involves the mysterious murder of a police officer in chilly Oregon. Detective Jackson is called in to investigate the murder of a police officer found killed next to a homeless camp where he had been giving out blankets the evening before. For the veteran Detective Jackson Wade, the most likely of suspects are two mentally ill street tramps.

As the investigations progress, the homeless community increasingly becomes aggressive against the police, distracting them from the important work of investigating the murder. With tension mounting, a series of clues points to the police officer having been involved in the investigations of a series of sexual assaults. The force is now faced with a hard dilemma, should they risk the life of another victim to bait a ruthless killer?

Death Deserved: The explosive novels starts out with a bang and never relents right to the very end. Detective Jackson Wade is shocked to learn that a sergeant working for the police chief just got poisoned. The chief asks him to assist in the investigations, but before he can report for duty, an incident at a licensed marijuana a nursery leaves two people dead.

Jackson and his partner Detective Lara Evans find the crime baffling, given that the case now has attracted more suspects than evidence. Soon more poisonings are reported, leading Evans to connect the poisonings with the marijuana. She thinks that someone at the nursery is likely tampering with the edible marijuana. With the investigation unearthing new leads every day, the dangerous nature of the mission becomes apparent; the members of the task force start to question everyone including their colleagues. But the most important thing is to unravel the mystery fast before the savage killer can strike again.

When Does The Next L J Sellers book come out?

L J Sellers doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is A Crime of Hate and was released on May, 12th 2019. It is the newest book in the Detective Jackson Mystery Series.


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