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Born in the year 1948, Leslie Meier is an author of the exceedingly popular Lucy Stone mystery series. All her books takes place in Cape Cod a town in which she was born and raised. Her protagonist, Lucy Stone works as a reporter. Leslie Meier started writing in the late 1980’s when she was still an undergraduate student at Bridgewater State College. She she wanted to be a certified English language teacher, she was required to have completed a teaching and writing course. One of her professors had suggested that one of her articles was exceptional and it could be sent for publication. Leslie Meir decided to send off the article to one of the leading mystery magazines, Ellery Queen’s and the article was accepted for 100 dollars.

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Order of Lucy Stone Series with Lee Hollis, Barbara Ross

# Read Title Published Details
1 Mistletoe Murder / Mail Order Murder 1991 Description / Buy
2 Tippy Toe Murder 1994 Description / Buy
3 Trick or Treat Murder 1996 Description / Buy
4 Back to School Murder 1997 Description / Buy
5 Valentine Murder 1999 Description / Buy
6 Christmas Cookie Murder 1999 Description / Buy
7 Turkey Day Murder 2000 Description / Buy
8 Wedding Day Murder 2001 Description / Buy
9 Birthday Party Murder 2002 Description / Buy
10 Father's Day Murder 2003 Description / Buy
11 Star Spangled Murder 2004 Description / Buy
12 New Year's Eve Murder 2005 Description / Buy
13 Bake Sale Murder 2006 Description / Buy
14 St. Patrick's Day Murder 2008 Description / Buy
15 Mother's Day Murder 2009 Description / Buy
16 Wicked Witch Murder 2010 Description / Buy
17 English Tea Murder 2011 Description / Buy
18 Chocolate Covered Murder 2011 Description / Buy
19 Easter Bunny Murder 2013 Description / Buy
20 Christmas Carol Murder 2013 Description / Buy
21 French Pastry Murder 2014 Description / Buy
22 Candy Corn Murder 2015 Description / Buy
23 British Manor Murder 2017 Description / Buy
24 Turkey Trot Murder 2017 Description / Buy
25 Eggnog Murder 2017 Description / Buy
26 Silver Anniversary Murder 2018 Description / Buy
27 Yule Log Murder 2018 Description / Buy
28 Invitation Only Murder 2019 Description / Buy
29 Christmas Card Murder ( With: Lee Hollis, Peggy Ehrhart) 2020 Description / Buy
30 Irish Parade Murder 2021 Description / Buy
31 Halloween Party Murder ( With: Lee Hollis, Barbara Ross) 2021 Description / Buy
32 Easter Bonnet Murder 2022 Description / Buy
33 Haunted House Murder 2022 Description / Buy
34 Irish Coffee Murder ( With: Lee Hollis, Barbara Ross) 2023 Description / Buy
35 Mother of the Bride Murder 2023 Description / Buy
36 The Christmas Thief 2023 Description / Buy
37 Candy Canes of Christmas Past 2023 Description / Buy
38 Easter Basket Murder ( With: Lee Hollis, Barbara Ross) 2024 Description / Buy
39 Patchwork Quilt Murder 2024 Description / Buy

Order of Lucy Stone Collections

# Read Title Published Details
1 Candy Cane Murder 2007 Description / Buy
2 Gingerbread Cookie Murder 2010 Description / Buy

Leslie Meier Anthologies

# Read Title Published Details
1 A Winter Wonderland 2012 Description / Buy
2 Haunted House Murder 2019 Description / Buy
3 Christmas Sweets 2019 Description / Buy
4 Christmas Card Murder 2020 Description / Buy
5 Irish Coffee Murder 2023 Description / Buy
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A majority of her books draw heavily from her experience from her work as a reporter and as a mother of three children. Leslie’s books are classified as cozy mystery series. Through her books, Meier is able to express her view on modern American life. With that said, every year, Leslie normally writes one book in the Lucy Stone mystery series. The newest book in the series is Christmas Carol Murder, which has been loosely based on Charles Dickens classic. Since all of her kids are all grown up, Leslie has four grandchildren. She now shares an empty den with her husband and a frisky kitten.

Leslie Meier Books into Movies

So far, none of Leslie Mier’s books have been adapted into movies.

Leslie Meier Awards

Despite the fact that she is yet to win any award, Leslie Meier has still enjoyed a great deal of success with most of her books becoming New York Times best sellers.

Best Leslie Meier Books

Leslie Meier is widely known for her Lucy Stone mystery series. The first installment in the Lucy Stone series is Mistletoe Murder, which also happens to be one of the best performing books in the series. This book has been set in the fictional town of Tinker’s Town, which is located in Maine, and it takes place during Christmas festivities. Lucy is a mother of three kids and wife to one Billy. She works as a telephone operator for the biggest company in her community, Country Cousins. Upon finding her employer dead in his car, Lucy suspects that his death was not due to natural causes. However, she still tries to understand why someone would try to kill her boss. Despite the fact that Lucy is exceedingly busy with her Christmas preparations, she still cannot resist the urge of doing a little bit of investigation on her own. When Barney, the friendly local policeman is unable to control his vehicle and eventually ends up in a comma, the risks rises.

Lucy is an exceedingly intelligent amateur sleuth. Readers are definitely going to relate well with her conundrums as she tries to find the perfect balance between work and life, and they are also going to enjoy snooping around with her to establish whodunit. After working on this book series for more than twenty years, Lucy is currently at book 18 in the series. The Bake Sale Murder is also another book that performed extremely well and is also a part of the Lucy Stone Mystery series. In this book, Lucy Stone is not happy at all. Instead of living next to an exceedingly quiet road that she has always been used to, a tiny subdivision has developed next to her. Part of this subdivision includes an obnoxious motorcycle riding teenager who loves to spend most of his time reving up and riding his machine.

Lucy together with her two friends, Pam, Rachael and Sue have started working on a new idea, the Hat and Mitten Fund. From the look of things, a bake sale seems like an excellent idea to raise up cash. When she starts asking for support from her friends, she realizes that she has not stayed in touch with them for an exceedingly long time. Thus, the three friends decide that it can be an extremely great idea to get to know the people residing in the new subdivision while getting some baked goods sold at the same time. What appeared to be the selling of a few baked goods eventually turns out to be an important Cashman takeover. Instead of producing a few cakes and brownies, they are going to have bottled beverages and low cab snacks.

When Does The Next Leslie Meier book come out?

Leslie Meier doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Patchwork Quilt Murder and was released on April, 23rd 2024. It is the newest book in the Lucy Stone Series.


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