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The name Lucy Stone refers to a series of cozy mystery novels written by Leslie Meier. Lucy Stone is also Leslie’s primary protagonist in these books, a hardworking mother doing what she can to keep her friends and family safe.

Order of Lucy Stone Series By: Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis, Barbara Ross, Peggy Ehrhart

1Mistletoe Murder / Mail Order Murder1991Description / Buy
2Tippy Toe Murder1994Description / Buy
3Trick or Treat Murder1996Description / Buy
4Back to School Murder1997Description / Buy
5Valentine Murder1999Description / Buy
6Christmas Cookie Murder1999Description / Buy
7Turkey Day Murder2000Description / Buy
8Wedding Day Murder2001Description / Buy
9Birthday Party Murder2002Description / Buy
10Father's Day Murder2003Description / Buy
11Star Spangled Murder2004Description / Buy
12New Year's Eve Murder2005Description / Buy
13Bake Sale Murder2006Description / Buy
14St. Patrick's Day Murder2008Description / Buy
15Mother's Day Murder2009Description / Buy
16Wicked Witch Murder2010Description / Buy
17English Tea Murder2011Description / Buy
18Chocolate Covered Murder2011Description / Buy
19Easter Bunny Murder2013Description / Buy
20Christmas Carol Murder2013Description / Buy
21French Pastry Murder2014Description / Buy
22Candy Corn Murder2015Description / Buy
23British Manor Murder2017Description / Buy
24Turkey Trot Murder2017Description / Buy
25Eggnog Murder2017Description / Buy
26Silver Anniversary Murder2018Description / Buy
27Yule Log Murder2018Description / Buy
28Invitation Only Murder2019Description / Buy
29Christmas Card Murder2020Description / Buy
30Irish Parade Murder2021Description / Buy
31Halloween Party Murder2021Description / Buy
32Easter Bonnet Murder2022Description / Buy

Order of Lucy Stone Collections

1Candy Cane Murder2007Description / Buy
2Gingerbread Cookie Murder2010Description / Buy
3A Winter Wonderland2012Description / Buy
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Order of Lucy Stone Collections

1Candy Cane Murder2007Description / Buy
2Gingerbread Cookie Murder2010Description / Buy
3A Winter Wonderland2012Description / Buy
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Readers first meet Lucy Stone in Mistletoe Murderer, the first novel in the Lucy Stone series. Lucy is working herself raw to prepare for the Christmas festivities in her small town of Tinker’s Cove.

She has jumpers to knit gifts to pick out and church pageant costumes to make. So when she finds her boss dead in his car, the last thing she needs on her plate is a murder mystery. But everything she can see points towards a murder rather than the supposed suicide.

And even with the rigors of the Christmas season, Lucy cannot help but investigate the mystery at hand.

The Lucy Stone books normally stretch believability for some readers. Lucy Stone lives a very hectic life. She is a relatively young mother who lives with her husband Bill, a restoration carpenter, and their three children.

Even though Lucy identifies as a reporter, she spends her nights working for a mail order company in the customer service department. Lucy’s family is a handful and they consume a considerable portion of her day.

And yet she still finds the strength to report to work on a regular basis. But if that wasn’t enough, Lucy cannot help but stick her nose into the murders and the mysteries that keep erupting around her cozy little town.

Her husband Bill doesn’t really blame her for her affinity to crime. Once Lucy spots an anomaly at a crime scene, a clue that suggests a narrative contrary to what people might be saying about an incident, she cannot help but investigate it until she finds an answer that satisfies her curiosity.

However, even fans of the Lucy Stone series doubt the rationale of an ordinary individual, man or woman, having the strength to care for a medium-sized family, maintain a taxing job and solve mysteries in their spare time.

Though, there are those readers that are drawn to Lucy Stone as a heroine specifically because she seems practically superhuman, at one point going so far as to resolve a dangerous case even while pregnant with her fourth child.

Even though these books are categorized as cozy mysteries, they can get quite dark and grim. The author also uses coarse language in some places.

Best Lucy Stone Books

The Lucy Stone series definitely pushes the envelope in some places, drawing criticism for failing to deliver the lighthearted entertainment that the cozy mystery genre always promises, with some of the best titles in the series including:

Valentine Murder: Valentine’s Day is here in Tinker’s Cove but there is so much more on Lucy Stone’s mind than all the baking she has to do for her children. Bitsy Howell, the new librarian, is dead.

The news caught her just as she arrived for her first board meeting at the newly renovated library. The board members want so badly to believe that an outsider did the dirty deed. But Lucy believes that the killer is one of them.

She suspects that Bitsy might have rubbed a few people the wrong way with her uppity big city ways, though there are clues suggesting that the motive for the librarian’s murder might run far deeper.

Christmas Cookie Murder: With Christmas fast approaching, Lucy Stone is only too happy to host the annual Christmas cookie exchange. This is despite all the tension the event tends to foster among the women present.

This time, trouble takes the shape of Tucker Whitney, the new coworker of Lucy’s friend who makes her first appearance at the exchange only for Lee Cummings to accuse her of destroying her marriage.

Things only escalate further when a water leak causes Lucy’s ceiling to collapse. And then Tucker ends up dead. Now Lucy must determine whether or not Lee’s husband had anything to do with Tucker’s death before things escalate.

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Be sure to check out the “Hayley Powell Food and Cocktails Mystery” Series by Lee Hollis as well. Hayley Powell is a single mother who was barely making ends meet in Bar Harbor, Maine when her boss asked her to take over the paper’s food column. The newly minted food writer must balance the demands of her new job with her affinity for solving murders.

You may also enjoy the “Jaine Austen Mystery” Series by Laura Levine. Jaine is a wisecracking writer for hire who keeps fighting to find love and paying gigs even as she juggles the murders and mysteries that come her way.

What Is The Next Book in The Lucy Stone Series?

The next book in the The Lucy Stone Series by Leslie Meier is Easter Bonnet Murder and will be released on January, 25th 2022.

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