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Author Linda Castillo is originally from Ohio, and knew early on that she wanted to write for a living. It was at the age of thirteen that she wrote her first novel. In her free time, she likes barrel racing and enjoys trail riding. She lives with her two rescued Blue Heelers and two Appaloosa horses.

Order of Operation: Midnight Series

Order of Lights Out Series

# Read Title Published
1 A Baby Before Dawn 2007

Order of Kate Burkholder Series

Order of High Country Heroes Series

# Read Title Published
1 A Hero To Hold 2001
2 Just A Little Bit Dangerous 2002
3 A Cry in the Night 2002

Order of Linda Castillo Stanadlone Novels

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Castillo has written the “Kate Burkholder” series, the “Operation: Midnight” series, and the “High Country Heroes” series. Her work is from the crime thriller, romantic suspense, and romance genres.


She has won many awards, some of which include: the Holt Medallion and the Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence. Her novels have made the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists.


Neve Campbell played Kate Burkholder in a two hour movie called “An Amish Murder” that was based on the novel “Sworn to Silence”.


For those readers looking to get into novels by Linda Castillo, this section will help with that. It will go over the novels “Sworn to Silence”, “Pray for Silence”, and “Breaking Silence”.

Sworn to Silence: This is the first novel in the “Kate Burkholder” series and was released in the year 2009. A serial killer hits Painters Mill, Ohio and the signature used is like that of four killings that went unsolved sixteen years ago. The signature includes Roman numerals carved into the abdomen of each victim.

Kate Burkholder (police chief) does not really want to dredge up the past has to conceal the fact that she knows why the murders stopped back then. Local politicos are not pleased with how things are going and set up a task force that is part of multiple jurisdictions. All so that they can assist, it includes a law enforcement agent that is fighting with his own stuff.

There is added scrutiny in the case, and a rising body count that might just send the chief over the edge.

Pray for Silence: This is the second novel in the “Kate Burkholder” series and was released in the year 2010. The members of the Plank family left Lancaster, Pennsylvania to join Painters Mill just a year ago. It is a small Amish community and it seemed like the model of Plain Life, but then it ended. It ended on an October night that was quite cold, and the entire family was found killed on their farm.

All seven of them, slaughtered. Kate Burkholder and her team do not have a motive, no suspect, and little clues. She is formerly Amish herself, and is not a stranger to the things that the Amish keep from the English (not to mention each other). This is a crime that is extremely out of the ordinary.

John Tomasetti (an agent with the state) shows up to provide assistance. Him and Kate worked together before and they started a volatile relationship because of it. This case is going to test their emotional limits, and will have to face the things from their
troubled pasts that still haunt them. In Kate’s case, this will include a personal connection which is hard for her to bear.

She finds a diary that belonged to a teenage daughter, and is surprised to find that the girl was keeping some dark secrets. The girl may have been leading a colorful double life. Who is the stranger that stole the girl’s heart?

Breaking Silence: This is the third novel in the “Kate Burkholder” series and was released in the year 2011. Model Amish farmers that are hardworking and prosperous; they have a happy extended family and four kids. That is a great way to describe the Slabaugh family. An uncle and the parents are discovered in their barn and are dead. It looks like a simple accident, just methane gas asphyxiation due to a cesspit that was poorly ventilated.

During the autopsy, the coroner finds that one of the deceased had a head injury that they suffered before death. A sign of foul play. Who would want to orphan the Slabaughs’ children? Is this related to the new string of hate crimes that have been committed against the Amish?

Kate grew up Amish and wants the killer brought to justice. The other attacks are ruled hate crimes, and once again, the state sends John Tomasetti to help Kate catch the killer. They look to link the crimes together, and are able to find a dark secret at play underneath the seemingly placid veneer of the peaceful Amish community.