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Lisa Gardner, a number 1 New York Times crime thriller novelist, started her career in food service. However, after catching her hair numerous times on fire, she took that hint and decided to focus on writing instead. As a self-described research junkie, Lisa’s work as a research analyst for an international consulting company parlayed her interest in police procedures, twisted plots and cutting edge forensics into a streak of internationally bestselling novels.

Lisa Gardner lives in New Hampshire together with her black-diamond skiing daughter and auto-racing husband. She spends most of her days writing inside her loft with a young and adventurous terrier.

Order of Guiness Gang Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 At the Midnight Hour 1995 Description / Buy
2 Hiding Jessica 1995 Description / Buy
3 Quiet One 1996 Description / Buy
4 The One Worth Waiting For 1996 Description / Buy
5 One Who Almost Got Away 1996 Description / Buy

Order of Maximillian's Children Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Maggie's Man 1997 Description / Buy
2 MacNamara's Woman 1997 Description / Buy
3 Brandon's Bride 1998 Description / Buy

Order of FBI Profiler Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 The Perfect Husband 1997 Description / Buy
2 The Third Victim 2001 Description / Buy
3 The Next Accident 2001 Description / Buy
4 The Killing Hour 2003 Description / Buy
5 Gone 2006 Description / Buy
6 Say Goodbye 2008 Description / Buy
7 The 4th Man 2016 Description / Buy
8 Right Behind You 2017 Description / Buy
9 When You See Me 2020 Description / Buy

Order of Detective D.D. Warren Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Alone 2004 Description / Buy
2 Hide 2007 Description / Buy
3 The Neighbor 2009 Description / Buy
4 Live to Tell 2010 Description / Buy
5 Love You More 2011 Description / Buy
6 Catch Me 2012 Description / Buy
7 Fear Nothing 2014 Description / Buy
8 Find Her 2016 Description / Buy
9 Look For Me 2018 Description / Buy
10 The Guy Who Died Twice 2019 Description / Buy
11 Never Tell 2019 Description / Buy
12 When You See Me 2020 Description / Buy

Order of Detective D.D. Warren Short Stories/Novellas

# Read Title Published Details
1 The 7th Month 2012 Description / Buy
2 The Laughing Buddha: Malachai Samuels vs. D.D. Warren (Short Story) ( With: M J Rose) 2015 Description / Buy
3 3 Truths and a Lie 2016 Description / Buy

Order of Tessa Leoni Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Love You More 2011 Description / Buy
2 Touch & Go 2013 Description / Buy
3 Crash & Burn 2015 Description / Buy

Order of Walking After Midnight Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Walking After Midnight 1992 Description / Buy
2 Shadow's Flame 1994 Description / Buy

Order of Lisa Gardner Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Waking Nightmare 1994 Description / Buy
2 Partners In Crime 1998 Description / Buy
3 The Other Daughter 1999 Description / Buy
4 Marrying Mike... Again 2000 Description / Buy
5 The Survivors Club 2002 Description / Buy
6 Before She Disappeared 2021 Description / Buy

Order of Partners in Crime Series as Alicia Scott, Elizabeth August, Kasey Michaels, Sandra Steffen, Paula Detmer Riggs

# Read Title Published Details
1 Partners in Crime Part 1 2014 Description / Buy
2 Cinderella Story Part 2 (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
3 Cinderella Story Part 3 (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
4 Marriage by Contract Part 3 (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
5 Marriage by Contract Part 2 (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
6 The Parent Plan Part 3 (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
7 The Parent Plan Part 2 (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
8 Strange Bedfellows Part 3 (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
9 Partners in Crime Part 2 2014 Description / Buy
10 Cinderella Story Part 1 (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
11 Marriage by Contract Part 1 (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
12 Partners in Crime Part 3 2014 Description / Buy
13 Nine Months Part 1 2014 Description / Buy
14 The Parent Plan Part 1 (Short Story) 2014 Description / Buy
15 Nine Months Part 2 2014 Description / Buy
16 Nine Months Part 3 2014 Description / Buy

Lisa Gardner Anthologies

# Read Title Published Details
1 I'd Kill For That 2004 Description / Buy
2 FaceOff 2014 Description / Buy
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With more than 22 million books in print, Lisa Gardner is published in close to 30 countries. Her success has crossed into the small screen with 4 of her novels having become movies (The Perfect Husband; At the Midnight Hour; Hide; The Survivors Club).


Lisa Gardner’s books have also received many awards from across the world. Her book, THE NEIGHBOR was recognized as being the Best Hardcover Novel from International Thriller’s Writers in the U.S and the Grand Prix des lectrices, prix du policier held in France. Lisa was also recognized with the Daphne duMaurior Award that was presented by RWA back in 2000 for her novel THE OTHER DAUGHTER.


Two of the best appreciated books in the Detective D.D. Warren Series are:

Alone: Bobby, NYPD sharp-shooter, is called to a domestic incident. It is an address that the police have visited before – a volatile wife and husband who regularly battle out their marriage. However, this time it’s quite different. Through his views from the building opposite, he can see the volatile husband pointing a gun at his child and wife. As he moves to shoot the wife, Bobby manages to get a clear shot and he shoots the husband in the head. The wife, terrified and shaking, turns and faces Bobby through the window and shouts the words ‘thank you very much’. Then all hell breaks loose.

The man that Bobby has shot is actually the son of one of the most important judges in the city. Catherine, his wife, has long been suspected to have been abusing their son. It seems that Bobby has just killed the one and only man who would have protected the kid. In the meantime, Mr. Bosu is back again on the streets. A man who committed heinous crimes, he was later sentenced to life imprisonment at the tender age of 22. A man who is so seriously committed to destruction and death, he found ways to continue committing murder even while still behind bars. A man who’s so feared in fact, his fellow prisoners consider Mr. Bosu as a sort of inmate bogey.

Now he has been “accidentally” released. Over the past years, Mr. Bosu has been preying on children. Now, being a freshly released felon, he is trying something quite new – murder for hire. Mr. Bosu knows that he’s good at killing. As such, he always needs cash, so why not combine the 2 interests? He is smart, he is unbelievably strong, and after spending 25 years behind the bars, he possesses a little bit of rage. Mr. Bosu, Bobby and Catherine are all tied together in the devil’s pact, in a way that they can’t actually imagine.

The Neighbor: This novel highlights what happened in the last 6 hours of the world. It was about a case which was guaranteed to spark the media feeding frenzy – a younger mother, pretty and blonde, disappears without any trace from her Boston home, leaving behind a 4-year-old daughter as the lone witness, and her secretive, handsome husband as the main suspect.

However, from the moment that Detective Sergeant D. Warren arrives at Joneses’ little bungalow, she senses something off regarding the picture of the wholesome normality that the couple worked very hard to create. On the surface, Sandra and Jason Jones are like other hardworking young couples raising a child. However, just under the surface most things grow murkier. With time moving on the life of the missing woman and the media firestorms building, Jason Jones appears more intent on isolating his daughter and destroying evidence than on looking for his wife. Is the husband trying to hide away his guilt or is he just trying to hide? And will the lone witness to that crime be the killer’s next victim?

When Does The Next Lisa Gardner book come out?

Lisa Gardner doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Before She Disappeared and was released on January, 19th 2021.