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Marion Zimmer Bradley was an award-winning American author that wrote science fiction and fantasy. She died in 1999 following a heart attack. Bradley couldn’t remember a time when she did not write. It took the author a while to gain traction as an author.

Order of Darkover Series

1The Planet Savers (Short Story) 1962Description / Buy
2The Sword of Aldones 1962Description / Buy
3The Bloody Sun 1964Description / Buy
4Star of Danger 1965Description / Buy
5The Winds of Darkover 1970Description / Buy
6The World Wreckers 1971Description / Buy
7Darkover Landfall 1972Description / Buy
8The Spell Sword 1974Description / Buy
9The Heritage of Hastur 1975Description / Buy
10The Shattered Chain 1976Description / Buy
11The Forbidden Tower 1977Description / Buy
12Stormqueen! 1978Description / Buy
13Two to Conquer 1980Description / Buy
14Sharra's Exile 1981Description / Buy
15Hawkmistress! 1982Description / Buy
16Thendara House 1983Description / Buy
17City of Sorcery 1984Description / Buy
18The Heirs of Hammerfell 1989Description / Buy
19Rediscovery ( With: Mercedes Lackey) 1993Description / Buy
20Exile's Song 1996Description / Buy
21The Shadow Matrix 1997Description / Buy
22Traitor's Sun 1999Description / Buy
23Zandru's Forge ( With: Deborah J. Ross) 2003Description / Buy
24A Flame in Hali ( With: Deborah J. Ross) 2004Description / Buy
25Hastur Lord ( With: Deborah J. Ross) 2010Description / Buy
26The Children of Kings ( With: Deborah J. Ross) 2013Description / Buy
27Thunderlord ( With: Deborah J. Ross) 2016Description / Buy
28Ski the Hellers (Short Story) ( By: Elisabeth Waters, Deborah J. Ross) 2020Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Darkover Series

1Darkover Landfall1972Description / Buy
2Stormqueen!1978Description / Buy
3Thunderlord ( With: Deborah J. Ross)2016Description / Buy
4Traitor's Sun1999Description / Buy
5Hawkmistress!1982Description / Buy
6The Heirs of Hammerfell1989Description / Buy
7Rediscovery ( With: Mercedes Lackey)1993Description / Buy
8The Shattered Chain1976Description / Buy
9The Spell Sword1974Description / Buy
10The Forbidden Tower1977Description / Buy
11Thendara House1983Description / Buy
12City of Sorcery1984Description / Buy
13Star of Danger1965Description / Buy
14The Winds of Darkover1970Description / Buy
15The Bloody Sun1964Description / Buy
16The Heritage of Hastur1975Description / Buy
17The Planet Savers (Short Story)1962Description / Buy
18Sharra's Exile1981Description / Buy
19The Sword of Aldones1962Description / Buy
20The World Wreckers1971Description / Buy
21Exile's Song1996Description / Buy
22The Shadow Matrix1997Description / Buy
23Two to Conquer1980Description / Buy
24Zandru's Forge ( With: Deborah J. Ross)2003Description / Buy
25A Flame in Hali ( With: Deborah J. Ross)2004Description / Buy
26Hastur Lord ( With: Deborah J. Ross)2010Description / Buy
27The Children of Kings ( With: Deborah J. Ross)2013Description / Buy
28Ski the Hellers (Short Story) ( By: Elisabeth Waters, Deborah J. Ross)2020Description / Buy

Order of Darkover Anthologies

1The Keeper's Price 1980Description / Buy
2Sword of Chaos 1982Description / Buy
3Free Amazons of Darkover 1985Description / Buy
4The Other Side of the Mirror 1987Description / Buy
5Red Sun of Darkover 1987Description / Buy
6Four Moons of Darkover 1988Description / Buy
7Domains of Darkover 1990Description / Buy
8Renunciates of Darkover 1991Description / Buy
9Leroni of Darkover 1991Description / Buy
10Towers of Darkover 1993Description / Buy
11Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover 1993Description / Buy
12Snows of Darkover 1994Description / Buy
13Music of Darkover ( By: Elisabeth Waters) 2013Description / Buy

Order of Claire Moffatt/Occult Tales Series

1Dark Satanic 1972Description / Buy
2The Inheritor 1984Description / Buy
3Witch Hill 1990Description / Buy

Order of Hunters Series with Paul Edwin Zimmer

1Hunters of the Red Moon (Short Story) 1973Description / Buy
2The Survivors 1979Description / Buy

Order of Sixth Sense Series

1In the Steps of the Master 1973Description / Buy

Order of Avalon Series

1The Mists of Avalon 1979Description / Buy
2The Forest House / The Forests of Avalon 1993Description / Buy
3Lady of Avalon 1997Description / Buy
4Priestess of Avalon 2001Description / Buy
5Ancestors of Avalon ( By: Diana L. Paxson) 2004Description / Buy
6Ravens of Avalon ( By: Diana L. Paxson) 2007Description / Buy
7Sword of Avalon ( By: Diana L. Paxson) 2009Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Avalon Series

1Ancestors of Avalon ( By: Diana L. Paxson)2004Description / Buy
2Ravens of Avalon ( By: Diana L. Paxson)2007Description / Buy
3The Forest House / The Forests of Avalon1993Description / Buy
4Lady of Avalon1997Description / Buy
5Priestess of Avalon2001Description / Buy
6The Mists of Avalon1979Description / Buy
7Sword of Avalon ( By: Diana L. Paxson)2009Description / Buy

Order of Web Of Light Series

1Web of Darkness 1982Description / Buy
2Web of Light 1983Description / Buy
3The Fall of Atlantis 1983Description / Buy

Order of Trillium Series

1Black Trillium ( With: Andre Norton, Julian May) 1990Description / Buy
2Blood Trillium ( By: Julian May) 1992Description / Buy
3Golden Trillium ( By: Andre Norton) 1993Description / Buy
4Lady of the Trillium 1995Description / Buy
5Sky Trillium ( By: Julian May) 1996Description / Buy

Order of Light Series

1Ghostlight 1995Description / Buy
2Witchlight 1996Description / Buy
3Gravelight 1997Description / Buy
4Heartlight 1998Description / Buy

Order of Glenraven Series with Holly Lisle

1Glenraven 1995Description / Buy
2In the Rift 1998Description / Buy

Order of Marion Zimmer Bradley Standalone Novels

1Year of the Big Thaw (Short Story) 1954Description / Buy
2Falcons of Narebedla 1957Description / Buy
3Seven from the Stars 1961Description / Buy
4The Door Through Space 1961Description / Buy
5I am a Lesbian 1962Description / Buy
6The Strange Women (As: Miriam Gardner) 1962Description / Buy
7The Colors of Space (Short Story) 1963Description / Buy
8My Sister, My Love (Short Story) (As: Miriam Gardner) 1963Description / Buy
9Spare Her Heaven / Anything Goes (Short Story) (As: Morgan Ives) 1963Description / Buy
10Twilight Lovers (Short Story) (As: Miriam Gardner) 1964Description / Buy
11Castle Terror 1965Description / Buy
12No Adam for Eve (As: John Dexter) 1966Description / Buy
13Knives of Desire (As: Morgan Ives) 1966Description / Buy
14Souvenir of Monique 1967Description / Buy
15Bluebeard's Daughter 1968Description / Buy
16The Brass Dragon 1969Description / Buy
17The Endless Voyage / The Endless Universe 1975Description / Buy
18Can Ellen Be Saved? 1975Description / Buy
19Drums of Darkness 1976Description / Buy
20The Ruins of Isis / Haunted Spaceship 1977Description / Buy
21The Catch Trap 1979Description / Buy
22The House Between The Worlds 1980Description / Buy
23Survey Ship 1980Description / Buy
24Night's Daughter 1985Description / Buy
25Warrior Woman 1985Description / Buy
26The Firebrand 1987Description / Buy

Order of Lythande Short Stories/Novellas

1Bird of Prey (Short Story) 1957Description / Buy
2Men, Halflings & Hero Worship 1973Description / Buy
3The Jewel of Arwen (Short Story) 1974Description / Buy
4The Parting of Arwen (Short Story) 1974Description / Buy
5The Gratitude of Kings (Short Story) 1997Description / Buy
6The Once and Future Merlin (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy

Order of Marion Zimmer Bradley Short Stories/Novellas

1The Dark Intruder (Short Story) 2015Description / Buy

Order of Marion Zimmer Bradley Short Story Collections

1The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley 1985Description / Buy
2Jamie and Other Stories: The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley 1992Description / Buy
3The Marion Zimmer Bradley Short Story Collection 2014Description / Buy
4Marion Zimmer Bradley, Science Fiction Collection 2014Description / Buy

Order of Marion Zimmer Bradley Non-Fiction Books

1Checklist: A Complete, Cumulative Checklist of Lesbian, Variant and Homosexual Fiction (Short Story) 1960Description / Buy
2Experiment Perilous (Short Story) 1983Description / Buy
3The Necessity for Beauty: Robert W. Chambers and The Romantic Tradition (Short Story) 2009Description / Buy

Order of Sword and Sorceress Anthologies

1Sword and Sorceress 1984Description / Buy
2Sword and Sorceress II 1985Description / Buy
3Sword and Sorceress III 1986Description / Buy
4Sword and Sorceress IV 1987Description / Buy
5Sword and Sorceress V 1988Description / Buy
6Sword and Sorceress VI 1990Description / Buy
7Sword and Sorceress VII 1990Description / Buy
8Sword and Sorceress VIII 1991Description / Buy
9Sword and Sorceress IX 1992Description / Buy
10Sword and Sorceress X 1993Description / Buy
11Sword and Sorceress XIV 1994Description / Buy
12Sword and Sorceress XI 1994Description / Buy
13Sword and Sorceress XII 1995Description / Buy
14Sword and Sorceress XIII 1996Description / Buy
15Sword and Sorceress XV 1998Description / Buy
16Sword and Sorceress XVI 1999Description / Buy
17Sword and Sorceress XVII 2000Description / Buy
18Sword and Sorceress XVIII 2001Description / Buy
19Sword and Sorceress XIX 2002Description / Buy
20Sword and Sorceress XX 2003Description / Buy
21Sword and Sorceress XXI ( By: Diana L. Paxson) 2004Description / Buy
22Sword and Sorceress XXII ( By: Elisabeth Waters) 2007Description / Buy
23Sword and Sorceress XXIII ( By: Elisabeth Waters) 2008Description / Buy
24Sword and Sorceress XXIV ( By: Elisabeth Waters) 2009Description / Buy
25Sword and Sorceress XXV ( By: Elisabeth Waters) 2010Description / Buy
26Sword and Sorceress XXVI ( By: Elisabeth Waters) 2011Description / Buy

Order of Best Of Marion Zimmer Bradley Fantasy Magazine Anthologies

1The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine 1994Description / Buy
2The Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley Fantasy Magazine, Volume 2 1995Description / Buy

Order of Thieves' World Series

1Thieves' World ( By: Lynn Abbey, Robert Lynn Asprin) 1979Description / Buy
2Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn ( By: Lynn Abbey, Robert Lynn Asprin) 1980Description / Buy
3Shadows of Sanctuary ( By: Philip José Farmer, John Brunner, Joe Haldeman, Robert Lynn Asprin) 1981Description / Buy
4Storm Season ( By: Lynn Abbey, Robert Lynn Asprin) 1982Description / Buy
5The Face of Chaos ( By: Lynn Abbey, Robert Lynn Asprin) 1983Description / Buy
6Wings of Omen ( By: Lynn Abbey, Robert Lynn Asprin) 1984Description / Buy
7The Dead of Winter ( By: Robert Lynn Asprin) 1985Description / Buy
8Lythande 1985Description / Buy
9Soul of the City ( By: Lynn Abbey, Robert Lynn Asprin) 1986Description / Buy
10Blood Ties ( By: Lynn Abbey, Robert Lynn Asprin) 1986Description / Buy
11Aftermath ( By: Lynn Abbey, Robert Lynn Asprin) 1987Description / Buy
12Uneasy Alliances ( By: Robert Lynn Asprin) 1988Description / Buy
13Stealers' Sky ( By: Lynn Abbey, Robert Lynn Asprin) 1989Description / Buy
14Sanctuary ( By: Lynn Abbey) 2002Description / Buy
15Turning Points ( By: Lynn Abbey) 2002Description / Buy
16Enemies of Fortune ( By: Lynn Abbey) 2004Description / Buy

Order of Clingfire Series with Deborah J. Ross

1The Fall of Neskaya 1998Description / Buy
2Zandru's Forge 2003Description / Buy
3A Flame in Hali 2004Description / Buy

Order of Children of Kings Series with Deborah J. Ross

1The Alton Gift 2007Description / Buy
2Hastur Lord 2010Description / Buy
3The Children of Kings 2013Description / Buy

Marion Zimmer Bradley Anthologies

1 Greyhaven1983Description / Buy
2 Moonsinger's Friends: An Anthology in Honor of Andre Norton1985Description / Buy
3 Spells of Wonder1989Description / Buy
4 Tiger Burning Bright1995Description / Buy
5 Space Opera1996Description / Buy
6 Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Worlds1998Description / Buy
7 The Chronicles of the Round Table1999Description / Buy
8 Science Fiction Gems, Volume 92015Description / Buy
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She started by writing for school magazines. She also experimented with fanzines. It wasn’t until she sold her first short story that her publishing career took off. But even before success came her way, Bradley was always writing.

Her literary influences include C.L. Moore, Henry Kuther, and Leigh Brackett, to mention but a few. As a child, she was drawn to adventure stories. The novels that stayed with her would paint pictures in her mind of strange and distant worlds.

People that followed her work closely will attest to the fact that her writing clearly manifests the authors that inspired her. Born in 1930 in Berkley, California, the author spent her childhood on an Albany farm.

Bradley was 17 when she started writing in earnest. Two years later, she married Robert Alden Bradley. The author was called Marion Eleanor Zimmer at birth. The ‘Bradley’ name with which she is associated entered the picture after her first marriage.

Her relationship with Robert, which produced one son (David Robert Bradley), did not last. The couple divorced in 1964. She married Walter H. Breen just a few weeks later. Her daughter, Moira Greyland, came from this second marriage.

Bradley was formally educated, having attended Hardin-Simmons University (Abilene, Texas) and the University of California (Berkley). It is for her relationship with Breen that Marion Zimmer Bradley is most famously known.

The pair collaborated for so long that even after they separated in 1979, not only did they maintain their marriage but they went on to pursue a successful business relationship. They even lived on the same street. The couple’s divorce was only finalized in 1990.

However, that is not the reason why Bradley’s relationship with Breen is so heavily scrutinized. Breen gained notoriety when he was accused of child molestation. He was eventually arrested and convicted.

At first, Bradley came under fire because it was believed that she knew about Breen’s sexual proclivities but did nothing to stop him. She also failed to report his crimes. During her testimony in court, Bradley ridiculed the idea that she should have protected Breen’s teenage victims.

None the less, Bradley’s reputation survived. She had a massive following of authors and readers that supported the feminist messages in her stories. Everything changed when Bradley’s daughter accused her of sexual abuse in 2014.

Moira also revealed that, in some cases, Bradley had enabled Breen’s actions, allowing him access to multiple young boys. The allegations destroyed Bradley’s name. Some of her publishers revealed that they would start donating the money made from the sale of her books to organizations that protected children.

Figures like John Scalzi, Diana L. Paxson, and G. Willow Wilson expressed their shock at the allegations.

Marion Zimmer Bradley Awards

Bradley has received Hugo, Nebula, and Prometheus Award nominations. She won the World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Prize.

Marion Zimmer Bradley Books into Movies

The Mists of Avalon became a TNT Miniseries. There were plans to turn the Darkover series into a TV show.

Best Marion Zimmer Bradley Books

Bradley initially encouraged her followers to write Darkover fan fiction. All that changed when a dispute with a fan regarding the similarities between their fan fiction and a new Darkover novel arose. The novel remained unpublished and Bradley pulled her support for Darkover fan fiction.

Some of the author’s best novels include:

Mists of Avalon: Everyone knows the story of King Arthur and Camelot, or they think they do. Morgaine was there when the tragedy of Camelot unfolded and she reveals all in this tale that shows the role women played in King Arthur’s saga.

Priestess of Avalon: Eilian was born the day Rian, Avalon’s High Priestess died. She was Rian’s fifth child and she came into the world as the merlin kept vigil.

From the Merlin came the prophecy of Eilian, one that told of her birth and the role she would play as the gateway between worlds. All that knew of her expected greatness. But they had no idea that she would walk a path so different from that of her predecessors.

When Does The Next Marion Zimmer Bradley book come out?

Marion Zimmer Bradley doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Thunderlord and was released on August, 2nd 2016. It is the newest book in the Darkover Series.

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