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Mary Burton is an American author best known for writing a series of police procedurals and romantic suspense novels. Born in Richmond where she currently lives, she graduated from Hollins University in Virginia before she embarked on a marketing career. She published her first novel the single standing “A Bride for McCain” in 2000. She has over thirty novels published under her own name and under the alias Mary Ellen Taylor.

Order of Alexandria Series as Mary Taylor

1At the Corner of King Street 2015Description / Buy
2The View from Prince Street 2016Description / Buy

Order of Criminal Profiler Series

1The Last Move 2017Description / Buy
2Cut and Run 2018Description / Buy
3Hide and Seek 2019Description / Buy
4I See You 2019Description / Buy
5Never Look Back 2020Description / Buy

Order of Morgans Of Nashville Series

1Cover Your Eyes 2014Description / Buy
2Be Afraid 2015Description / Buy
3I'll Never Let You Go 2015Description / Buy
4Vulnerable 2016Description / Buy

Order of Forgotten Files Series

1The Shark 2016Description / Buy
2The Dollmaker 2016Description / Buy
3The Hangman 2017Description / Buy

Order of Montana Series

1Near You 2021Description / Buy

Order of Senseless Duo Series

1Senseless 2011Description / Buy
2Merciless 2011Description / Buy

Order of Texas Rangers Series

1The Seventh Victim 2013Description / Buy
2No Escape 2013Description / Buy
3You're Not Safe 2014Description / Buy

Order of Union Street Bakery Series as Mary Taylor

1The Union Street Bakery 2013Description / Buy
2Sweet Expectations 2013Description / Buy

Order of Montana Mavericks: Thunder Canyon Series

1The Tracker 2005Description / Buy
2Big Sky Rancher ( By: Carolyn Davidson) 2005Description / Buy
3The Bounty Hunter ( By: Cheryl St. John) 2005Description / Buy

Order of Mary Burton Standalone Novels

1A Bride for McCain 2000Description / Buy
2The Colorado Bride 2001Description / Buy
3The Perfect Wife 2002Description / Buy
4Rafferty's Bride 2002Description / Buy
5The Lightkeeper's Woman 2004Description / Buy
6The Unexpected Wife 2004Description / Buy
7Heart of the Storm 2005Description / Buy
8In Dark Waters 2005Description / Buy
9The Arsonist 2006Description / Buy
10Wise Moves 2006Description / Buy
11Cold Case Cop 2007Description / Buy
12I'm Watching You 2007Description / Buy
13Dead Ringer 2008Description / Buy
14Dying Scream 2009Description / Buy
15Before She Dies 2012Description / Buy
16Her Last Word 2018Description / Buy
17Winter Cottage (As: Mary Taylor) 2018Description / Buy
18Spring House (As: Mary Taylor) 2019Description / Buy
19Honeysuckle Season (As: Mary Taylor) 2020Description / Buy
20Burn You Twice 2020Description / Buy
21Don't Look Now 2021Description / Buy

Order of Mary Burton Short Stories/Novellas

1Christmas Past 2012Description / Buy

Mary Burton Anthologies

1 Christmas Gold2002Description / Buy
2 A Hero's Kiss2003Description / Buy
3 A Season Of The Heart2005Description / Buy
4 Silver Bells2008Description / Buy
5 Killer Nashville Noir: Cold-Blooded2015Description / Buy
6 Deadly Southern Charm2019Description / Buy
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Mary Burton is best known for The Morgan’s of Nashville Mystery series of novels. The first novel in The Morgans of Nashville series of novels was “Cover Your Eyes” that was first published in 2014. Set in Nashville, the series is one of Burton’s best novels featuring one of the most prominent of the city’s law enforcement families.


Mary Burton has been the recipient of several awards over the years. Some of her most significant awards include the Romance Writers of America RITA Award. She also made the shortlist for the Critics’ Choice Award by RT.


Some of the best books among Mary Burton fans include the following three:

Vulnerable: The fourth novel in the Morgans of Nashville series of novels is an eerie tale of three teenagers that went into a nearby forest to work on a science project, and mysteriously disappeared. Their friends and family had organized a massive search for them when they went missing, but had only found one of the girls, Amber Ryder. Amber is of no help when they ask her of what had happened, or the whereabouts of her fellow classmates.

The teenager has had a serious concussion among other injuries that have left her amnesiac, with no memory of anything that happened to her or her friends. Five years later, Georgia Morgan, determined to resolve the mystery once and for all reopens the case. He is bewildered when he goes to investigate a dead body, only to find the gruesome remains of the teenagers in the case he just reopened. It would seem that five years after the commission of the first crime, the killer is back with a vengeance, and it is up to Homicide Detective Jake Bishop and Georgia Morgan to stop his murderous rampage.

I’ll Never Let You Go: The third novel in the series is an intense and creepy nail biter of a novel that introduces Leah Carson, one of the most strong-willed of protagonists. Four years ago, Leah had left an abusive relationship after she nearly died from wounds inflicted by a demented husband that had stabbed her twenty three times. She is now back on track with her vet business doing well and her romance life looking up. Nonetheless, she still keeps a diary of her day-to-day happenings more out of habit rather than the paranoia of the abusive relationship days.

She is soon dating Alex Morgan a cop with the Tennesseee Bureau of Investigations. But what she does not know is that Alex is dating her as a way of getting information about Deidre, a vise cop she is very close friends with. Things take a turn for the worse when Deidre turns up dead stabbed twenty three times in a manner unnervingly reminiscent of her own stabbing incident. Leah is now more paranoid as there is an increasing escalation of the things that her ex did before he stabbed her four years past. With Deidre dead in similar circumstances, could her ex still be alive, and could she trust her new boyfriend enough to confide in him?

Be Afraid: the second novel of the series is a novel of terror and fear that five year old Jenna Thompson was forced to go through after being held captive for days on end. Many would tell her she is lucky to be alive, which is somewhat true given that the assailant killed the rest of her family. Twenty five years after the event, Jenna is still not at peace with the happenings of the fateful day. Even with the police confirming that the killer had committed suicide of an overdose to avoid arrest, the truth is more ominous.

Taking leave from her job as a forensic artist, she goes back home to Nashville where Rick Morgan the detective requests her help in proving the identity of the skeletal remains of a child. The ordeal serves to jog half-buried hazy memories that bring to the fore a nagging feeling she has always had, that her ordeal at the hands of the killer is not over yet. With cases of other women dying at the hands of a brutal killer bearing a similar modus operandi, Jenna knows that she has to do all in her power to help apprehend the mad man.

When Does The Next Mary Burton book come out?

The next book by Mary Burton is Don't Look Now and will be released on September, 28th 2021.

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