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Megan Frampton is an American author that writes historical fiction. People that have read Megan Caldwell’s novels might be surprised to learn that the pen name belongs to Frampton as well. She uses it to write romantic women’s fiction.

Order of Dukes Behaving Badly Series

1The Duke's Guide to Correct Behavior 2014Description / Buy
2When Good Earls Go Bad 2015Description / Buy
3Put Up Your Duke 2015Description / Buy
4No Groom at the Inn 2015Description / Buy
5One-Eyed Dukes Are Wild 2015Description / Buy
6Why Do Dukes Fall in Love? 2016Description / Buy
7My Fair Duchess 2017Description / Buy

Order of Duke's Daughters Series

1Lady Be Bad 2017Description / Buy
2Lady Be Reckless 2018Description / Buy
3The Lady Is Daring 2018Description / Buy
4Never a Bride 2019Description / Buy
5The Earl's Christmas Pearl (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy

Order of Hazards of Dukes Series

1Never Kiss a Duke 2020Description / Buy
2Tall, Duke, and Dangerous 2020Description / Buy
3A Wicked Bargain for the Duke 2021Description / Buy
4Gentleman Seeks Bride 2021Description / Buy

Order of Megan Frampton Standalone Novels

1A Singular Lady 2005Description / Buy

Megan Frampton Anthologies

1 Dressed to Kiss2016Description / Buy
2 A Christmas to Remember2017Description / Buy
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Frampton’s interest in books was sparked when her parents moved to a remote New Hampshire town. Frampton’s parents had a decent library but the author wasn’t tempted to consume its contents, not until the family made the move to New Hampshire.

Frampton’s biggest challenge back then was the TV. First of all, she could only access one television station. If that wasn’t bad enough, the family’s TV finally broke, forcing Frampton to find new ways of entertaining herself.

She turned her attention to her parent’s library. It introduced her to writers like C. S. Lewis and Georgette Heyer. Reading became a joyous habit for the author. However, she hadn’t necessarily set her sights on writing and publishing.

As a young woman, she attended Barnard College, studying English Literature, Political Science, and Religion. She eventually went into the music industry. Frampton spent over a decade reviewing music for a trade magazine.

She was quite successful at her job, eventually climbing to the position of Editor-in-Chief. Her love for reading was ever-present. However, Frampton wasn’t pursuing it to her heart’s content. Her life was quite busy, not just with her work but also with her family.

When the 9/11 attacks happened, Frampton lost her job. She had a two-year-old child at the time and her husband encouraged her to stay home to care for him. Frampton obliged. However, she was initially worried that she would go insane with boredom.

It took the author a while to realize that the development would enable her to indulge her passion for reading. Not long after, she surrendered to the desire to write romance novels similar to the ones she used to read.

Frampton’s first novel was ‘A Singular Lady’. It took her three years to write it. Though, she did most of her writing during the third year. The author’s idea for the story began with a single character, Titania, a heroine that wanted to marry for money rather than pursuing love like most heroines in the romance genre.

Frampton wondered what would happen if Titania found herself falling for a man that had no money. She explored the concept, eventually producing a novel that was praised for its dry wit and sensuality. The author’s first book taught her a lot about writing.

In the years that followed, she found that she could write her manuscripts to completion in just five months. Frampton doesn’t have any particular writing ritual. Though, she spends a lot of time comparing her characters to actors and actresses in real life.

In fact, Frampton will only start writing once she has identified the actor or actress that resembles her latest protagonist the most. It isn’t always an actor. She is more than happy to base her heroes and heroines on ordinary people. Bt she is drawn to actors, which is why she names her protagonists after the actors that inspired her to create them.

Best Megan Frampton Books

When Frampton isn’t writing, she watches historical dramas. She is drawn to the genre because it allows her to enter new realities. Frampton’s best novels include:

The Duke’s Guide to Correct Behavior: The Duke of Rutherford had a poor reputation. Everything changed when the child, he did not know he had, came into his life. When he hired a governess to care for the child, the Duke did not expect Lily to take his breath away.

Now the Duke is ready to settle down, to change his ways, to become worthy of Lily. But Lily knows the Duke’s reputation. She won’t be swayed by his advances.

Put Up Your Duke: The Duke of Gage had no expectations where his new wife was concerned. He had only married Lady Isabella to prevent his estate from slipping through his fingers. He had no idea that Isabella longed for independence, that she was just as unenthusiastic about their marriage as the Duke was. Neither of them expected the game of seduction that followed to be so pleasurable.

When Does The Next Megan Frampton book come out?

The next book by Megan Frampton is Gentleman Seeks Bride and will be released on November, 30th 2021. It is the newest book in the Hazards of Dukes Series.

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