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Mercedes Lackey, who also composes filk music and had a stint rehabilitating raptors, is a sexagenarian American author. She is famed for her many series and sub-series, trilogies, standalone books, short stories, and other co-authored literary work. Her most notable and much sought-after work is called the Valdemar series, especially the Heralds of Valdemar sub-series.

Order of Bardic Voices Series

1The Lark And The Wren 1991Description / Buy
2The Robin & The Kestrel 1993Description / Buy
3A Cast of Corbies 1994Description / Buy
4The Eagle & the Nightingales 1995Description / Buy
5Four & Twenty Blackbirds 1997Description / Buy

Order of Bedlam's Bard Series

1Knight of Ghosts and Shadows 1990Description / Buy
2Bedlam Boyz ( By: Ellen Guon) 1992Description / Buy
3Summoned to Tourney 1992Description / Buy
4Beyond World's End 2001Description / Buy
5Spirits White as Lightning 2001Description / Buy
6Mad Maudlin 2003Description / Buy
7Bedlam's Edge 2005Description / Buy
8Music to My Sorrow 2005Description / Buy
9A Host of Furious Fancies 2012Description / Buy

Order of Blood Of Ten Chiefs Series

1The Blood of Ten Chiefs ( By: C.J. Cherryh, Nancy Springer, Diana L. Paxson, Lynn Abbey, Robert Lynn Asprin, Diane Carey) 1986Description / Buy
2Wolfsong ( By: Lynn Abbey, Robert Lynn Asprin) 1989Description / Buy
3The Winds of Change ( With: Nancy Springer, Janny Wurts, Diana L. Paxson, , Lynn Abbey) 1989Description / Buy
4Against the Wind ( With: Nancy Springer, Diana L. Paxson, , Lynn Abbey, Len Wein) 1990Description / Buy
5Dark Hours ( With: Esther M. Friesner, Nancy Springer, Diana L. Paxson, Lynn Abbey) 1993Description / Buy

Order of Brainship Series

1The Ship Who Sang ( By: Anne McCaffrey) 1969Description / Buy
2The Ship Who Searched ( With: Anne McCaffrey) 1992Description / Buy
3PartnerShip ( By: Anne McCaffrey) 1992Description / Buy
4The City Who Fought ( By: S.M. Stirling) 1993Description / Buy
5The Ship Who Won ( By: Anne McCaffrey, Jody Lynn Nye) 1993Description / Buy
6The Ship Errant ( By: Jody Lynn Nye) 1996Description / Buy
7The Ship Avenged ( By: S.M. Stirling) 1997Description / Buy

Order of Brainship Series

1The Ship Who Searched ( With: Anne McCaffrey) 1992Description / Buy

Order of Darkover Series

1Different Kind of Courage 1985Description / Buy
2Set a Thief 1991Description / Buy
3Rediscovery 1993Description / Buy
4Poetic License 1994Description / Buy
5An Object Lesson 2010Description / Buy

Order of Diana Tregarde Series

1Burning Water 1989Description / Buy
2Children of the Night 1990Description / Buy
3Jinx High 1991Description / Buy
4Magic 101 2014Description / Buy

Order of Dragon Jousters Series

1Joust 2003Description / Buy
2Alta 2004Description / Buy
3Sanctuary 2005Description / Buy
4Aerie 2006Description / Buy

Order of Elemental Masters Series

1The Fire Rose 1995Description / Buy
2The Serpent's Shadow 2001Description / Buy
3The Gates of Sleep 2002Description / Buy
4Phoenix and Ashes 2004Description / Buy
5The Wizard of London 2005Description / Buy
6Grey's Ghost (Short Story) 2005Description / Buy
7Reserved for the Cat 2007Description / Buy
8Unnatural Issue 2011Description / Buy
9Home from the Sea 2012Description / Buy
10Elemental Magic 2012Description / Buy
11Elementary 2013Description / Buy
12Steadfast 2013Description / Buy
13Blood Red 2014Description / Buy
14From a High Tower 2015Description / Buy
15A Study in Sable 2016Description / Buy
16A Scandal in Battersea 2017Description / Buy
17The Bartered Brides 2018Description / Buy
18The Case of the Spellbound Child 2019Description / Buy
19Jolene 2020Description / Buy

Order of Exiled Series

1Clan of the Claw ( By: John Ringo, Harry Turtledove, S.M. Stirling, Jody Lynn Nye, Michael Z. Williamson) 2011Description / Buy
2By Tooth and Claw ( With: John Ringo, S.M. Stirling, Jody Lynn Nye, Eric Flint) 2015Description / Buy

Order of Enduring Flame Series

1The Phoenix Unchained 2007Description / Buy
2The Phoenix Endangered 2008Description / Buy
3The Phoenix Transformed 2009Description / Buy
4The Enduring Flame Trilogy 2014Description / Buy

Order of Fairy Tales Series

1Firebird 1996Description / Buy
2The Black Swan 1999Description / Buy

Order of Five Hundred Kingdoms Series

1The Fairy Godmother 2004Description / Buy
2One Good Knight 2006Description / Buy
3Fortune's Fool 2007Description / Buy
4The Snow Queen 2008Description / Buy
5The Sleeping Beauty 2010Description / Buy
6Beauty and the Werewolf 2011Description / Buy
7A Tangled Web 2012Description / Buy

Order of Halfblood Chronicles Series with Andre Norton

1The Elvenbane ( With: Andre Norton) 1991Description / Buy
2Elvenblood ( With: Andre Norton) 1995Description / Buy
3Elvenborn ( With: Andre Norton) 2002Description / Buy

Order of Heirs of Alexandria Series with Eric Flint

1The Shadow of the Lion ( By: Eric Flint) 2002Description / Buy
2This Rough Magic ( With: Eric Flint) 2003Description / Buy
3A Mankind Witch ( By: Dave Freer) 2005Description / Buy
4Much Fall of Blood ( By: Eric Flint) 2010Description / Buy
5Burdens of the Dead ( With: Eric Flint) 2013Description / Buy
6All the Plagues of Hell ( By: Eric Flint) 2018Description / Buy

Order of Valdemar: Heralds of Valdemar Prequel Series

1Take a Thief 2001Description / Buy
2Exile's Honor 2002Description / Buy
3Exile's Valor 2003Description / Buy

Order of Hunter Series

1Hunter 2015Description / Buy
2Elite 2016Description / Buy
3Apex 2017Description / Buy

Order of Jennifer Talldeer Series

1Sacred Ground 1994Description / Buy

Order of Obsidian Mountain Series

1The Outstretched Shadow 2003Description / Buy
2To Light a Candle 2004Description / Buy
3When Darkness Falls 2006Description / Buy
4The Obsidian Mountain Trilogy 2014Description / Buy

Order of One Dozen Daughters Series

1The House of the Four Winds 2014Description / Buy

Order of Reboots Series

1Reboots 2011Description / Buy
2Reboots: Diabolical Streak 2014Description / Buy

Order of SERRAted Edge Series

1Born to Run 1992Description / Buy
2Wheels of Fire 1992Description / Buy
3When the Bough Breaks 1993Description / Buy
4Chrome Circle 1994Description / Buy
5Elvendude 1994Description / Buy
6Spiritride ( By:) 1997Description / Buy
7Lazerwarz ( By:) 1999Description / Buy
8The Chrome Borne 1999Description / Buy
9Silence 2016Description / Buy
10Breaking Silence 2020Description / Buy

Order of Doubled Edge Series with Roberta Gellis

1This Scepter'd Isle 2004Description / Buy
2Ill Met by Moonlight 2005Description / Buy
3By Slanderous Tongues 2007Description / Buy
4And Less Than Kind 2008Description / Buy

Order of Shadow Grail Series

1Legacies 2010Description / Buy
2Conspiracies 2011Description / Buy
3Sacrifices 2013Description / Buy
4Victories 2014Description / Buy

Order of Tales of the Witch World Series

1Tales of the Witch World 2 ( By: Andre Norton) 1988Description / Buy
2Werehunter 1999Description / Buy

Order of The Bard's Tale: Naitachal Series

1Castle of Deception 1992Description / Buy
2Fortress of Frost and Fire 1993Description / Buy
3Prison of Souls 1993Description / Buy
4The Chaos Gate ( By: Josepha Sherman) 1994Description / Buy

Order of The Dragon Prophecy Series

1Crown of Vengeance 2012Description / Buy
2Blade of Empire 2017Description / Buy

Order of The Founding of Valdemar Series

1Beyond 2021Description / Buy

Order of The Hub Series

1The Wizard of Karres 2004Description / Buy

Order of The Secret World Chronicles Series

1Invasion 2011Description / Buy
2Sgian Dubh 2011Description / Buy
3White Bird 2011Description / Buy
4Strike a Pose 2011Description / Buy
5World Divided 2012Description / Buy
6Revolution 2013Description / Buy
7Exemplar 2014Description / Buy
8Collision 2014Description / Buy
9Avalanche 2017Description / Buy
10Echo One 2020Description / Buy

Order of Valdemar: Heralds Of Valdemar Series

1Arrows of the Queen 1987Description / Buy
2Arrow's Flight 1987Description / Buy
3Arrow's Fall 1988Description / Buy

Order of Valdemar: Collegium Chronicles Series

1Foundation 2008Description / Buy
2Intrigues 2010Description / Buy
3Changes 2011Description / Buy
4Redoubt 2012Description / Buy
5Bastion 2013Description / Buy

Order of Valdemar: Family Spies Series

1The Hills Have Spies 2018Description / Buy
2Eye Spy 2019Description / Buy
3Spy, Spy Again 2020Description / Buy

Order of Valdemar: Mage Storms Series

1Storm Warning 1994Description / Buy
2Storm Rising 1995Description / Buy
3Storm Breaking 1996Description / Buy

Order of Valdemar: Mage Wars Series

1The Black Gryphon 1994Description / Buy
2The White Gryphon 1995Description / Buy
3The Silver Gryphon 1996Description / Buy

Order of Valdemar: Kerowyn's Tale Series

1By the Sword 1991Description / Buy

Order of Valdemar: Mage Winds Series

1Winds of Fate 1991Description / Buy
2Winds of Change 1992Description / Buy
3Winds of Fury 1993Description / Buy

Order of Valdemar: The Herald Spy Series

1Closer to Home 2014Description / Buy
2Closer to the Heart 2015Description / Buy
3Closer to the Chest 2016Description / Buy

Order of Valdemar: The Last Herald-Mage Series

1Magic's Pawn 1989Description / Buy
2Magic's Promise 1990Description / Buy
3Magic's Price 1990Description / Buy

Order of Valdemar: The Owl Mage Trilogy Series

1Owlflight 1997Description / Buy
2Owlsight 1998Description / Buy
3Owlknight 1999Description / Buy

Order of Valdemar: The Tale of Lavan Firestorm Series

1Brightly Burning 2000Description / Buy

Order of Valdemar: Vows and Honor Series

1Sword Sworn (Short Story) 1986Description / Buy
2A Tale of Heroes (Short Story) 1987Description / Buy
3The Oathbound 1988Description / Buy
4Oathbreakers 1989Description / Buy
5Oathblood 1998Description / Buy

Order of Valdemar Short Stories/Novellas

1Stolen Silver (Short Story) 1991Description / Buy
2On the Other Side (Short Story) 2010Description / Buy

Order of Valdemar Short Story Collections Series

1Valdemar Companion 1990Description / Buy
2Sword of Ice and Other Tales of Valdemar 1997Description / Buy
3Sun in Glory and Other Tales of Valdemar 2003Description / Buy
4Crossroads and Other Tales of Valdemar 2005Description / Buy
5Moving Targets and Other Tales of Valdemar 2008Description / Buy
6Changing the World 2009Description / Buy
7Finding the Way and Other Tales of Valdemar 2010Description / Buy
8Under the Vale and Other Tales of Valdemar 2011Description / Buy
9The One Left Behind (Short Story) 2014Description / Buy
10No True Way ( With:) 2014Description / Buy
11Crucible 2015Description / Buy
12Tempest 2016Description / Buy
13Pathways 2017Description / Buy
14The Demon's Den and Other Tales of Valdemar ( By: Tanya Huff) 2018Description / Buy
15Choices 2018Description / Buy
16Seasons 2019Description / Buy
17Passages 2020Description / Buy

Order of Wing Commander Series

1Freedom Flight 1992Description / Buy
2End Run ( By: Christopher Stasheff) 1993Description / Buy
3Fleet Action ( By: William R. Forstchen) 1994Description / Buy
4Heart Of The Tiger ( By: William R. Forstchen) 1995Description / Buy
5The Price of Freedom ( By: William R. Forstchen) 1996Description / Buy
6Action Stations ( By: William R. Forstchen) 1997Description / Buy
7False Colors ( By: William R. Forstchen) 1998Description / Buy
8Wing Commander Novelization ( By: Peter Telep) 1999Description / Buy
9Wing Commander Junior Novelization ( By: Peter Telep) 1999Description / Buy
10Pilgrim Stars ( By: Peter Telep) 1999Description / Buy

Order of Nebula Awards Series

1Nebula Awards 1 ( By: Damon Knight) 1966Description / Buy
2Nebula Awards 2 ( By: Brian W. Aldiss) 1966Description / Buy
3Nebula Awards 3 ( By: Roger Zelazny) 1968Description / Buy
4Nebula Awards 4 ( By: Karen Anderson) 1968Description / Buy
5Nebula Awards 5 ( By: Alexei Panshin) 1969Description / Buy
6Nebula Awards 6 ( By: Thomas D. Clareson) 1971Description / Buy
7Nebula Awards 7 ( By: Theodore Sturgeon, Lloyd Biggle Jr.) 1972Description / Buy
8Nebula Awards 8 ( By: Isaac Asimov) 1973Description / Buy
9Nebula Awards 9 ( By: Kate Wilhelm) 1974Description / Buy
10Nebula Awards 10 ( By: James Gunn) 1975Description / Buy
11Nebula Awards 11 ( By: Ursula K. Le Guin, Craig Kee Strete) 1976Description / Buy
12Nebula Awards 14 ( By: Robin Malkin) 1980Description / Buy
13Nebula Awards 15 ( By: Frank Herbert) 1981Description / Buy
14Nebula Awards 16 ( By: Kim Stanley Robinson) 1982Description / Buy
15Nebula Awards 17 ( By: Joe Haldeman) 1983Description / Buy
16Nebula Awards 19 ( By: Marta Randall) 1984Description / Buy
17Nebula Awards 20 ( By: George Zebrowski) 1985Description / Buy
18Nebula Awards 21 ( By: George Zebrowski) 1985Description / Buy
19Nebula Awards 22 ( By: George Zebrowski) 1988Description / Buy
20Nebula Awards 23 ( By: Michael Bishop) 1989Description / Buy
21Nebula Awards 24 ( By: Michael Bishop) 1990Description / Buy
22Nebula Awards 25 ( By: Michael Bishop) 1991Description / Buy
23Nebula Awards 26 ( By: James K. Morrow) 1992Description / Buy
24Nebula Awards 27 ( By: James K. Morrow) 1993Description / Buy
25Nebula Awards 28 ( By: James K. Morrow) 1994Description / Buy
26Nebula Awards 29 ( By: Pamela Sargent) 1995Description / Buy
27Nebula Awards 30 ( By: Pamela Sargent) 1996Description / Buy
28Nebula Awards 31 ( By: Pamela Sargent) 1997Description / Buy
29Nebula Awards 33 ( By: Connie Willis, Jane Yolen, Jerry Oltion, Nancy Kress) 1999Description / Buy
30Nebula Awards 34 (2000) ( By: Gregory Benford) 2000Description / Buy
31Nebula Awards 36 (2002) ( By: Kim Stanley Robinson) 2002Description / Buy
32Nebula Awards 37 (2003) ( By: Nancy Kress) 2003Description / Buy
33Nebula Awards 38 (2004) ( By: Vonda N. McIntyre) 2004Description / Buy
34Nebula Awards 39 (2005) ( By: Ruth Berman) 2005Description / Buy
35Nebula Awards 40 (2006) ( By: Christopher Rowe) 2006Description / Buy
36Nebula Awards 41 (2007) ( By: Mike Resnick) 2007Description / Buy
37Nebula Awards 42 (2008) ( By: Ben Bova, Ruth Berman) 2008Description / Buy
38Nebula Awards 43 (2009) ( By: Ellen Datlow) 2009Description / Buy
39Nebula Awards 44 (2010) ( By: Bill Fawcett) 2010Description / Buy
40Nebula Awards 45 (2011) ( By: Kevin J. Anderson) 2011Description / Buy
41Nebula Awards 46 (2012) ( By: John Kessel) 2012Description / Buy
42Nebula Awards 47 (2013) ( By: Catherine Asaro) 2013Description / Buy
43Nebula Awards 48 (2014) ( By: Kij Johnson) 2014Description / Buy
44Nebula Awards 50 (2016) 2016Description / Buy
45Nebula Awards 51 (2017) ( By: Julie E. Czerneda) 2017Description / Buy
46Nebula Awards 52 (2018) ( By: Jane Yolen) 2018Description / Buy
47Nebula Awards 53 (2019) ( By: Kim Stanley Robinson) 2019Description / Buy

Order of Mercedes Lackey Standalone Novels

1If I Pay Thee Not in Gold ( With: Piers Anthony) 1993Description / Buy
2Tiger Burning Bright ( With: Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton) 1995Description / Buy
3Mapping the World of Harry Potter 2005Description / Buy
4Gwenhwyfar 2009Description / Buy
5Arcanum 101 2012Description / Buy
6Dead Reckoning 2012Description / Buy

Order of Mercedes Lackey Short Story Collections

1In Celebration of Lammas Night 1996Description / Buy
2Fiddler Fair 1998Description / Buy
3Werehunter 1999Description / Buy
4The River's Gift 1999Description / Buy
5Charmed Destinies 2003Description / Buy
6Winter Moon ( With: Tanith Lee, C.E. Murphy) 2005Description / Buy
7Harvest Moon 2010Description / Buy
8Trio of Sorcery 2010Description / Buy
9Dragon's Teeth 2013Description / Buy

Mercedes Lackey Anthologies

1 Friends of the Horseclans II1989Description / Buy
2 A Magic-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic1998Description / Buy
3 Flights of Fantasy1999Description / Buy
4 Charmed Destinies2003Description / Buy
5 Stars: Original Stories Based on the Songs of Janis Ian2003Description / Buy
6 Winter Moon2005Description / Buy
7 Witches: Wicked, Wild & Wonderful2012Description / Buy
8 No True Way2014Description / Buy
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Talia Sensedaughter is the featured protagonist in the “Heralds of Valdemar” sub-series of books authored by Mercedes Lackey. The first book portraying Talia Sensedaughter was published in mid-1987 titled Arrows of the Queen, and the sub-series of novels are shelved as speculative fiction genre (specifically fantasy literature).

For starters, Talia Sensedaughter is a Herald of the Valdemar’s queen. Incidentally, a Herald is a high-profile profession and Valdemar is the fictitious nation of planet Velgath; they form the basis of the books by Mercedes Lackey. The launch pad of the mini-series is Talia, who is an escapee and has now been offered a job relating to royal affairs.

The first book in the sub-series, Arrows of the Queen, starts by revisiting how Talia, a youthful escapee, saved a well-known Companion (a horse-like magical creature). Her commendable action earns her a job wherein she is made one of the Heralds.

By and by, Talia chances upon a coup plan and this sparks her quest for cushioning the queen. The ensuing plot will whet your appetite for more of her books, and made Mercedes Lackey one of the contestants for the Locus Poll Awards (1988) in the Best First Novel category.

Mercedes Lackey Awards

Mercedes Lackey has won prestigious awards and been nominated for other awards which transcend her literary work. In the years 1988, 1989, and 2005, Mercedes Lackey clinched the film music-centric Pegasus Award five times, thanks to her music career.

Closer home, the following the literary awards where she has been a nominee or won. In 1988, her 1987 book titled Arrows of the Queen was nominated for the Locus Award in the Best First Novel category. In 1989, her pro-LGBT 1989 novel titled Magic’s Pawn was a nominee for the Lambda Literary Awards in the LGBT Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror category; In 1990, Lackey’s 1990 novel named Magic’s Prince won this award.

In 1991, the novel titled The Elverbane won in the Book of the Year Award category of The Science Fiction Book Club (SFBC). In 1993, Winds of Change, a novel which she penned in 1992, was nominated for the Locus Award in the Best Fantasy Novel grouping. In 1994, Mercedes Lackey was nominated twice. First, her 1993 novel titled The Robin & the Kestrel was nominated for the Locus Award in the Best Fantasy Novel category. Secondly, her 1994 book named Storm Warning was nominated for the Lambda Literary Awards in the Science Fiction or Fantasy category. Similarly, her 1994 book titled The Black Gryphon was nominated for the SFBC (1994) award in the Book of the Year category.

Also nominated for the Locus Award (1995), in the Best Dark Fantasy/Horror Novel category, is the 1994 novel titled Sacred Ground and authored by Mercedes Lackey. Her 1995 novel titled The White Gryphon was nominated for the SFBC awards in 1995. Elvenblood, which she published in 1995, was nominated for the SFBC (1995) in the Book of the Year category. Storm Rising, produced in 1995, was nominated for the Locus Award (1996) in the Best Fantasy Novel group. Mercedes Lackey published a novel in 1996, called Firebird, and it was also nominated for the said award in 1996.

Best Mercedes Books

Many of the books authored by Mercedes Lackey are bestsellers by their own right. The following is a description of her best books by virtue of being nominated for or clinching coveted literary awards. Arguably, Storm Warning, which is the third in the Mage Storms series, is the best book. It is about the war-ravaged Valdemar kingdom in the run-up to a looming war with another kingdom, albeit one with magic superiority.

Hard on the heels of that best book by Mercedes Lackey is The Elvenbane, albeit co-authored. This book is the first one in the Halfblood Chronicles series. It revolves around Shana, a female crossbreed, who has been saved and reared by hitherto unknown dragons. Shana is a manifestation of a prophecy-come-true and makes the Elvenlord people jittery.

Other Book Series You May Like

Avid readers of books crafted by Mercedes Lackey also found the following books interesting. The first one Tanya Huff‘s series called Quarters. This is about Bannon and Vree, two siblings-cum-assassins, whose assassination mission is ill-fated. Their target is a master of magic and greatly inconveniences them when he mysteriously takes Bannon’s physical form, leaving them to share Vree’s body.

Another worthy series is called Sword and Sorceress, written by Marion Zimmer Bradley. This one is about courageous, gifted, and daring females with masterly knowledge of using swords and magic, and trumping in a world fraught with dangers.

When Does The Next Mercedes Lackey book come out?

Mercedes Lackey doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Beyond and was released on June, 15th 2021. It is the newest book in the The Founding of Valdemar Series.

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