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Michael Grant is an American-based author of young-adult fiction who was born on July 26, 1954. Throughout his career as an author, Michael Grant has managed to pen down more than 150 books, some of which he wrote with his wife. Together with his spouse, Grant has written the Everworld and Animorphs book series. Michael Grant was brought up in a military and family and attended more than ten schools in more than five different states. When he turned 18 years, Grant became a part-time writer mainly because it was one of the few jobs, which would not tie him down in one location. Grant has lived in more than 50 homes in 14 different states. Currently, Michael Grant currently resides in Tiburon, California.

Order of Gone Series

1Gone 2008Description / Buy
2Hunger 2009Description / Buy
3Lies 2010Description / Buy
4Plague 2011Description / Buy
5Fear 2012Description / Buy
6Light 2013Description / Buy
7Monster 2017Description / Buy
8Villain 2018Description / Buy
9Hero 2019Description / Buy

Order of Magnificent 12 Series

1The Call 2010Description / Buy
2The Trap 2011Description / Buy
3The Key 2012Description / Buy
4The Power 2013Description / Buy

Order of BZRK Series

1BZRK 2012Description / Buy
2BZRK Reloaded 2013Description / Buy
3BZRK Origins 2013Description / Buy
4BZRK Apocalypse 2013Description / Buy

Chronological Order of BZRK Series

1BZRK Origins2013Description / Buy
2BZRK2012Description / Buy
3BZRK Reloaded2013Description / Buy
4BZRK Apocalypse2013Description / Buy

Order of Eve and Adam Series with Katherine Applegate

1Eve & Adam 2012Description / Buy
2Love Sucks and Then You Die 2013Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Eve and Adam Series

1Love Sucks and Then You Die2013Description / Buy
2Eve & Adam2012Description / Buy

Order of Messenger Of Fear Series

1Messenger of Fear 2014Description / Buy
2The Snake 2014Description / Buy
3The Tattooed Heart 2015Description / Buy

Order of Soldier Girl Series

1Front Lines 2016Description / Buy
2Silver Stars 2017Description / Buy
3Soldier Girls in Action (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
4Dead of Night (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy
5Purple Hearts 2018Description / Buy

Order of David Mitre Series

1A Sudden Death in Cyprus 2019Description / Buy
2An Artful Assassin in Amsterdam 2019Description / Buy
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Apart from wanting just to scare people, Michael Grant has managed to finally get match his greed for a great story with his love and passion for history. His main objective is to make the reader forget about the date and look at things from the way they used to while still in school. Michael married Katherine Applegate after knowing her for less than 24 hours. Katherine and Grant were in charge of their own cleaning business when they were working on their very first novel. Currently, Michael Grant currently resides in San Francisco Bay.

Michael Grant Awards

Michael Grant has not been nominated for any major literary award.

Michael Grant Books into Movies

None of the books by Michael Grant has been adapted for screenplay.

Best Michael Grant Books

Gone: This is the first installment in the Gone book series by Michael Grant. The book is set in the town of San Pedro, a region where things have strayed from normal and regular. In a flash, all the children aged 14 years has disappeared. To the surprise and confusion of the children who remain, there is a giant force field that has encircled the area of Perdido Beach, thereby preventing people from entering or leaving the area. The children who are stranded find themselves exposed to death, danger, and threat of conflict. It does not take long before the idea of living in a world with no adults becomes a hard-hitting reality. With no televisions or phones working, the small town becomes a prison for all the people who were stranded in the town. Furthermore, they have no way of getting help and time is running out as well.

Immediately as the children turn fifteen years, they disappear completely without a trace. While this is not a problem for everyone, 14-year-old Sam and his friends, with each day passing by, they’re brought closer to their fate and also integrating into absolutely nothing. Apart from the disappearance, there is also another twist; the kids begin to develop exceedingly strange powers, with some being more deadly than the others. Furthermore, these strange powers continue to strengthen as the days goes by. With that said, all the characters introduced in this first installment are deliciously complex, and also relatable as well. Irrespective of the exceedingly unbelievable concepts, the author has still been successful in crafting an astonishingly realistic setting.

Furthermore, what you are definitely going to love about the characters in this book is that irrespective of the imaginable torture and terrible actions I this book, the author still managed to show the readers that the characters are just kids, which in turn enable him to put the plot into perspective. With that said, this is a fast-paced and exceedingly frighteningly gripping book, which will be a delight to a majority of the readers including the ardent fan of the Hunger Games and Stephen King novels.

Hunger: This is the second installment in the Gone Book series. In this book, the author retains the same characters in the first installment. In the first book, a strange occurrence occurred in the same town. Sam Temple is selected to stay since he is one of the oldest residents of the Fallout Alley Youth Zone, which is the term that the kids use to refer to the exceedingly creepy region. Sam is a natural born leader; thus everyone decided to vote him the mayor of the town. One of the biggest challenges that the FAYZ faces is the food shortage; thus the kids are slowly starving. There are crops in the field, but very few people are willing to work on the crops. With that said, this is yet another great addition to the series.

When Does The Next Michael Grant book come out?

Michael Grant doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is An Artful Assassin in Amsterdam and was released on December, 3rd 2019. It is the newest book in the David Mitre Series.


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