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Peter James was born in Brighton to the former glove maker for the queen. James was admitted at Charterhouse school and later on attended Ravensbourne Film School. While attending the Ravensbourne Film School, Peter James worked as a house cleaner for Orson Welles. Later on, he spent some years working as a film producer and screenwriter in America. However, he had first to begin as a goofer before eventually becoming a writer. Currently, Peter James divides his time between his apartment in Nottingham Hill, which is located in London, and his country home which is located in Brighton, Sussex. James’s interest includes science, criminology and the paranormal. Food and wine are also something that fascinates him as well. Currently, Peter James pens a column for the Sussex life magazine.

Order of Roy Grace Series

1Dead Simple 2005Description / Buy
2Looking Good Dead 2006Description / Buy
3Not Dead Enough 2007Description / Buy
4Dead Man's Footsteps 2008Description / Buy
5Dead Tomorrow 2009Description / Buy
6Dead Like You 2010Description / Buy
7Dead Man's Grip 2011Description / Buy
8Not Dead Yet 2012Description / Buy
9Dead Man's Time 2013Description / Buy
10Want You Dead 2014Description / Buy
11You Are Dead 2015Description / Buy
12Love You Dead 2016Description / Buy
13Need You Dead 2017Description / Buy
14Dead If You Don't 2018Description / Buy
15Dead at First Sight 2019Description / Buy
16Find Them Dead 2020Description / Buy
17Left You Dead 2021Description / Buy

Order of Roy Grace Short Stories/Novellas Series

1In the Nick of Time (Short Story) ( With: Ian Rankin) 2014Description / Buy
2Footloose (Short Story) ( With: Val McDermid) 2019Description / Buy
3Wish You Were Dead 2021Description / Buy

Order of Cold Hill Series

1The House on Cold Hill 2015Description / Buy
2The Secret of Cold Hill 2019Description / Buy

Order of Max Flynn Series

1Dead Letter Drop 1981Description / Buy
2Atom Bomb Angel 1983Description / Buy

Order of Peter James Standalone Novels

1Billionaire 1983Description / Buy
2Biggles The Storybook (Short Story) 1986Description / Buy
3Possession 1988Description / Buy
4Dreamer 1989Description / Buy
5Sweet Heart 1990Description / Buy
6Twilight 1991Description / Buy
7Prophecy 1992Description / Buy
8Host 1993Description / Buy
9Alchemist 1996Description / Buy
10Getting Wired! (Short Story) 1996Description / Buy
11The Truth 1997Description / Buy
12Denial 1998Description / Buy
13Faith 2000Description / Buy
14Perfect People 2011Description / Buy
15Absolute Proof 2017Description / Buy
16I Follow You 2020Description / Buy

Order of Peter James Short Story Collections

1A Twist of the Knife 2014Description / Buy

Order of Peter James Short Stories/Novellas

1Christmas is for the Kids (Short Story) 2011Description / Buy
2In the Nick of Time (Short Story) ( With: Ian Rankin) 2014Description / Buy
3Footloose (Short Story) ( With: Val McDermid) 2019Description / Buy

Order of Afraid of the Light Series

1Afraid of the Light (Short Story) ( By: Alex North, Jo Furniss) 2020Description / Buy
2Afraid Of The Christmas Lights ( By: T E Kinsey, Harriet Tyce, Jo Furniss) 2020Description / Buy
3Afraid of the Shadows ( With: Trevor Wood, Katerina Diamond) 2021Description / Buy

Peter James Anthologies

1 No Rest for the Dead2011Description / Buy
2 The Killer Cookbook2012Description / Buy
3 FaceOff2014Description / Buy
4 MatchUp2017Description / Buy
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As well as success writing and producing films, Peter James branched out into the realm of crime fiction, releasing his first novel, Dead Letter Drop, in 1981. He followed that up with another 15 novels before creating his most famous character, Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. Roy Grace has since gone on to feature in 11 novels at the time of writing, with his debut coming in the 2005 release Dead Simple. The Roy Grace series of novels has gained Peter James international success, with awards for the books coming from France, the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. Since writing the Roy Grace series, James has also released other novels away from the character of Roy Grace, The Perfect Murder, Perfect People and The House on Cold Hill. Two of James’ books have also been turned into plays, with The Perfect Murder being the first to be adapted in 2014 and Dead Simple, the first book in the Roy Grace series, being the latest to tour the UK in 2015.

Outside of writing, James does a lot of work for charity, including a lot of work on crime prevention in his home city of Brighton, working with Crimestoppers and Neighbourhood Watch as a patron for the Sussex area. James is proud of his Brighton heritage, with many of his novels set there, and he is.

James also happens to be a self-confessed petrol head. He has owned numerous fast cars throughout the years including Brabus Mercedes-Benz, 4 Aston Martin, AMG Mercedes Benz, two classic Jaguars and a Bentley Continental GT. Peter James has an international racing license, which he has used to compete in the Britcar series in a Toledo and a Ford Accord. Currently, Peter James races three historical cars together with his BMW 1800. His co-driver is one Steve Soper. The team of Steve Soper and Peter James finished 10th overall during the St. Mary’s Trophy. At the moment, Peter James has penned down more than 35 novels including the bestselling novel which features the protagonist, Superintendent Roy Grace. The novels have sold more than 18 million copies throughout the world and have even given even more than 11 Sunday Times number one slots.

The books have also attained the number one slot in countries such as France, Germany, Canada, and Russia. James is also a New York Times best-selling author. Peter James novels have been translated into 37 different languages. In the United Kingdom and the United States, MacMillan Publishers publish his books. In the year 1993, renowned publishers, Penguin Books published James book, Host on two floppy disks. The book was termed as the first electronic novel in the world. James has also penned down supernatural thrillers, science-based thrillers, spy fiction and children’s novel.

Peter James Awards

Peter James is the recipient of various literary awards and remains one of the most decorated writers and producer of this generation. Some of the awards that he has received include Sounds of Crime, Galaxy British Books, Barry Award, Wellcome Trust Books, Sussex Police Award, WHSmith Award and many others.

Peter James Books into Movies

Peter James, The Perfect Murder, a novella remained for more than 15 weeks at the number one spot. The Perfect Murder was later adapted into a stage play by Shaun McKenna, which became a smash-hit in the year 2014. Dead Simple is James’s second adaptation, which was once again done by Shaun McKenna. Currently, the novel is in the development stage for television and film. With that said, Peter James has been involved in more than 26 movies in either writer or production roles. Films, where Peter James has been credited, include The Neptune Factor, The Blockhouse, Blue Blood, Spanish Fly, A Different Loyalty and The Statement.

Best Peter James Books

Dead Simple: Dead Simple begins during the ending hours of a stag party. The men have been celebrating Michael’s upcoming wedding to one Ashley, which was expected to take place a few days later. The group has known each other for so many years, thus whenever each of them marries, they plan practical jokes and even get exceedingly drunk. Michael has been the mastermind behind some of the groups malicious jokes and all of his friends are now looking forward to a payback. Armed with coffins and a breathing tube, the group have already prepared the hole in which Michael was going his night resting. Because they are not foolish, they are going to leave behind a porn magazine, a flashlight and also a walkie-talkie as well before tightening the lid.

As expected, things do not turn out as expected after they had buried their longtime friend. Grace is a man who is thirty-nine years of age and is still mourning the passing of his wife more than nine years ago. With that said, Dead Simple is an intricate and exciting read. The storyline is full of numerous plot twists that will keep the reader entertained.

Peter James F.A.Q.

Q: What nationality is author Peter James?

A: The author Peter James is English. He was born in Brighton.

When Does The Next Peter James book come out?

Peter James doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Wish You Were Dead and was released on May, 27th 2021. It is the newest book in the Roy Grace Short Stories/Novellas Series.

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