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Roy Grace is one of the two literary series authored by Peter James. The books tend to focus in and around the town of Brighton, England, an area that the author, Peter James, is familiar with, having been born in the town and still partly residing in it. James, who is a sexagenarian, was born in Brighton upon the UK. For his basic education, James attended Charterhouse School. Later on, he signed up for filmmaking lessons at the London-based Ravensbourne Film School. James formerly worked as a house cleaner, gofer, and filmmaker; he founded a company that provided Internet services. James has a laundry list of films to his credit. Did you know James is a rallying enthusiast and owns many high-end fast vehicles?

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Order of Roy Grace Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Dead Simple ( By: Peter James) 2005 Description / Buy
2 Looking Good Dead ( By: Peter James) 2006 Description / Buy
3 Not Dead Enough ( By: Peter James) 2007 Description / Buy
4 Dead Man's Footsteps ( By: Peter James) 2008 Description / Buy
5 Dead Tomorrow ( By: Peter James) 2009 Description / Buy
6 Dead Like You ( By: Peter James) 2010 Description / Buy
7 Dead Man's Grip ( By: Peter James) 2011 Description / Buy
8 Not Dead Yet ( By: Peter James) 2012 Description / Buy
9 Dead Man's Time ( By: Peter James) 2013 Description / Buy
10 Want You Dead ( By: Peter James) 2014 Description / Buy
11 You Are Dead ( By: Peter James) 2015 Description / Buy
12 Love You Dead ( By: Peter James) 2016 Description / Buy
13 Need You Dead ( By: Peter James) 2017 Description / Buy
14 Dead If You Don't ( By: Peter James) 2018 Description / Buy
15 Dead at First Sight ( By: Peter James) 2019 Description / Buy
16 Find Them Dead ( By: Peter James) 2020 Description / Buy
17 Left You Dead (By: Peter James) 2021 Description / Buy
18 Picture You Dead (By: Peter James) 2022 Description / Buy
19 Stop Them Dead (By: Peter James) 2023 Description / Buy

Order of Roy Grace Short Stories/Novellas Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Footloose (Short Story) (By: Val McDermid, Peter James) 2019 Description / Buy
2 Wish You Were Dead (By: Peter James) 2021 Description / Buy
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The series focuses a lot more on the actual police work than a lot of other series in a similar genre, which is why the Roy Grace series stands out amongst its peers. Peter James has collaborated a lot with Sussex Police in order to gain as much authenticity as possible for the stories, and it shows as Grace tackles various headling-grabbing crimes. Grace is not afraid to use the latest technology at hand to solve a case, but nor is he adverse to getting his hands dirty when required. He relies more on actual brains than brawn to solve a case.

The first book to feature the character of Roy Grace is Dead Simple. The story begins at a stag party, and, as is the case with a lot of stag parties, hi-jinks ensues and the groom is the victim of a prank. However, when the groom disappears and four of his best friends have been found murdered, Roy Grace is called in to help solve the case by the groom’s distraught fiancee. After delving further into things, Grace uncovers a web of secrets and lies on his way to potentially solving the case.

The ninth novel in the Roy Grace series, Dead Man’s Time, also starts out in the familiar surroundings of Brighton, a place where fans of Peter James’ work feel safe and familiar. However, as Grace investigates the brutal robbery of an elderly widow further, it takes him on a path throughout Europe and into the United States of America. It is a slight departure for the series, as they do tend to focus more on the familiar locale of Brighton, but that is what makes Dead Man’s Time a real stand out in the series, and it shows Peter James is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone of the familiar to write a great Roy Grace novel.

Peter James has also penned another series of books, a duology titled Max Flynn, and tens of standalone novels. Incidentally, Roy Grace series consists of 13 main books. There are also two minor works. James’ tenth book in the Roy Grace series has two other related anthologies; the first anthology is written by multiple authors, including Peter James, and edited by David Baldacci; the second anthology, which is also an installment in Inspector Rebus series, was authored by Peter James alongside Scottish penman Ian Franklin.

There are virtually 80 editions of the first book in the serialized Roy Grace. However, its first edition was initially published in 2005, titled Dead Simple; and this book is classified under the mystery, crime, fiction, and thriller genres. As the title of the series shows, Roy Grace is the featured central character. Roy Grace is a sensible, attentive, shrewd, compassionate, and personable middle-aged man. A Sussex-based detective superintendent, he is attached to criminal investigation department. He has since lost his beloved wife and, subsequently, is yet to surmount his grief after she strangely disappeared many years previously. Roy has a propensity for seeking supernatural assistance.

The turning point in the first book in the serialized Roy Grace, Dead Simple, is when a certain inebriated Michael Harrison is put in a coffin and buried while still alive a few days to his wedding. Harrison’s survival kit includes a two-way radio, torch, and small ventilation. Those who buried Harrison are involved and perish in a gory motor accident shortly thereafter. Prompted by the report made by Harrison’s bride concerning his disappearance, Roy Grace races against time to seek and save Harrison. Out of desperation, Harrison seeks a medium’s help in this spellbinding book that clinched the Prix Polar International award.

Roy Grace Awards

Peter James has won literary awards and been shortlisted for tens of prizes. These are the most notable ones. In 2006, James clinched the Prix Polar International, thanks to his 2005 book called Dead Simple. In 2016, James’s Roy Grace series clinched Dead Good Read Award, in the category of the Best Series; and won the same award in 2015 for his 2015 novel named You Are Dead. James bagged the CAWA Dagger Award in 2016 and was shortlisted twice (2015 and 2009). He clinched WH Smith Award in 2005, Krimi-Blitz prize (2005), Crime Thriller Awards (2011), and US Barry Award (2012).

Roy Grace Books into Movies

There are film adaptations of Peter James’ books. The 1998 film titled Virtual Obsession is adapted from James’ 1993 novel called Host; the starring actors are Peter Gallagher who acts as Dr. Joe Messenger while Mimi Rogers takes Karen messenger’s role. The 1999 TV movie called The Alchemists is adapted from James’ 1996 book Alchemist; starring: Edward Hardwicke who acts as Richard Bannerman and Ruth Gemmell who acts as Julia Bannerman. In the 1975 film called Side by Side, the starring are: Terry-Thomas acts as Max Nugget while Barry Humphries portrays Rodney. The 1976 comedy named Spanish Fly is based on James’ story; Leslie Philips appears as Mike Scott while Terry-Thomas takes Sir Percy’s role.

Best Roy Grace Books

These are the best three books in Roy Grace series. The first is Dead Simple.

Looking Good Dead: The second book in the Roy Grace series. It is about a murder witness who is killed alongside his wife for reporting the incident to homicide detective Roy Grace.

Not Dead Enough: The third book in the said series. Detective Roy Grace is investigating a murder mystery wherein the victim’s spouse is fingered for the murder; the suspect’s air-tight alibi exonerates him, leading to the conclusion that the suspect might have been in two locations simultaneously.

Other Book Series You May Like

Readers who liked the books in the Roy Grace series also sought the following series of books. The first is “Frank Elder” series, authored by John Harvey. The protagonist, a former police officer, is a Nottingham native but presently domiciled in Cornwall. The second is “Inspector Banks” series, penned by Peter Robinson. Protagonist Inspector Banks is a Yorkshire-based police officer, with the rank of a detective chief inspector. Simon Kernick’s Tina Boyd series features central character Tin Boyd, a UK-based detective sergeant.

Roy Grace F.A.Q.

Q: Who writes the Roy Grace series?

A: The Roy Grace series is written by British author Peter James.

Q: What is the first book in the Roy Grace series?

A: The first book in the Roy Grace series is called Dead Simple, which focuses on a stag party gone wrong.

Q: Where are the Roy Grace books set?

A: The Roy Grace books are set in the English seaside town of Brighton, which is a beautiful place to go when the weather is good.

What Is The Next Book in The Roy Grace Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Roy Grace Series. The newest book is Stop Them Dead and was released on September, 28th 2023.

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