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Stephanie Evanovich is an American author that writes Chick lit and contemporary romance. A former student at New York’s School of Film and Television, she comes from Asbury Park in New Jersey. For the longest time, Evanovich was determined to succeed in the entertainment business.

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Order of Logan Montgomery Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Big Girl Panties 2013 Description / Buy
2 The Sweet Spot 2014 Description / Buy
3 The Total Package 2016 Description / Buy

Order of Stephanie Evanovich Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published Details
1 Under the Table 2019 Description / Buy
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She worked with several improv troupes as an actor. She was also fortunate enough to land roles in a few minor movies. But her career never took off. Evanovich would gladly debate anyone who thinks that she did not try hard enough.

While she eventually abandoned acting, it was only after pursuing it for three decades. She was eventually forced to accept the fact that she did not have the means or the connections to make it in show business.

Fortunately, she also had a passion for creative writing, one that followed her even as she pursued her acting career. The author remembers doing quite a bit of writing as she waited backstage during her theater days. Though, at no point did it occur to Evanovich to write fiction.

Besides her acting, Evanovich’s life was consumed by her family. Once she abandoned her career, the author became a stay-at-home mother. Her two children kept her busy. They also reinforced her belief that she did not have the cutthroat ambition that was required to get ahead in show business.

Her foray into publishing began when her children grew up. Once she realized that they no longer needed her, Evanovich found that she had quite a bit of free time on her hands. She initially attempted to fill it by getting a job as a bookkeeper. But after a while, the author couldn’t shake the restlessness welling up in her.

The creative spring in Stephanie Evanovich’s mind was exploding and she needed an outlet for it. So, as she approached her fifties, she sat down and began writing. Despite the fact that, at her age, she had no business making drastic career changes, Evanovich did the impossible.

She became a published author. Her first book was inspired by her personal experiences. As a large woman, she wanted to write about other large women. She wanted her female readers to understand that they deserved love and joy despite their large size.

Evanovich was convinced that her story had an audience. But she knew that the publishing industry wouldn’t automatically roll out the carpet for her. The author had a powerful card she could have played.

She could have used her connection to Janet Evanovich, who wrote the Stephanie Plum books, to ease her entry into publishing. However, the author insists that Janet did not open any doors in publishing for her.

In fact, for a while, Janet denied the fact that she was Stephanie’s aunt. Though, eventually, she revealed the truth of their relationship. Janet spent two decades encouraging the author to pursue her passion for writing.

She recognized Evanovich’s storytelling abilities and she pushed her to put her gifts into practice. But Janet did not grease any publishing wheels for her niece.

Fortunately for Stephanie Evanovich, she had a friend at St. Martin’s Press who promised to connect her to an agent if she produced a manuscript worth publishing. And that is what Evanovich proceeded to do.

It took the author a while to acclimate to the difficulty of writing a full-length novel. But she grew to appreciate the process.

Best Stephanie Evanovich Books

While some authors hate it, Evanovich approves of the ‘Chick lit’ label that surrounds her work; she finds it flattering. Some of the best books in her bibliography include:

Big Girl Panties: When Holly Brennan’s husband fell ill, she took comfort in food. That did not change when he died. Now 32, she is the heaviest she has ever been. But she is determined to turn her life around. When she encounters Logan Montgomery, the personal trainer promises to help her lose the weight.

Holly expects to hate every moment of the process. What she doesn’t expect is the intimacy that ultimately blossoms between her and Logan.

The Sweet Spot: When Chase and Amanda encounter one another at Amanda’s restaurant, it is love at first sight. Amanda is everything that Chase, a monogamist, wants. But Amanda can’t see that. A hard-working entrepreneur with a successful business, all Amanda can see is a Prince Charming with a herd of stick-thin females that have nothing in common with a curvy woman who likes to cook and eat.

When Does The Next Stephanie Evanovich book come out?

Stephanie Evanovich doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Under the Table and was released on April, 16th 2019.

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