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Born in 1943 in New Jersey, Janet Evanovich is an award winning author. The genre that she is most known for is romance writing. Many of her romances were published under the pen name of Steffie Hall. However, there is more to Evanovich’s work than just romance. As well as featuring romantic plots, her novels deal with crime and adventure. One of her romantic heroines is a bounty hunter to pay the bills, for instance. Evanovich’s romance oeuvre grew out of her own love of romance novels. In short, she read some romance novels on a friend’s recommendation, realized that she loved them, and decided to write her own!

Order of Alex Barnaby Series

# Read Title Published
1 Metro Girl 2004
2 Motor Mouth 2006
3 Troublemaker Book 1 2007
4 Troublemaker Book 2 2010

Order of Cate Madigan Series

# Read Title Published
1 Hot Stuff 2007

Order of Culhane Family Series

# Read Title Published
1 Love in a Nutshell 2012
2 The Husband List 2012

Order of Elsie Hawkins Series

# Read Title Published
1 Back to the Bedroom 1989
2 Smitten 1990
3 Wife for Hire 1990
4 The Rocky Road to Romance 1991

Order of Fox and O'Hare Series

# Read Title Published
1 Pros and Cons (Short Story) 2013
2 The Heist 2013
3 The Chase 2014
4 The Shell Game 2014
5 The Job 2014
6 The Scam 2015
7 The Pursuit 2016

Order of Full Series

# Read Title Published
1 Full House 1981
2 Full Tilt 2002
3 Full Speed 2003
4 Full Blast 2004
5 Full Bloom 2005
6 Full Scoop 2006

Order of Janet Evanovich Non-Fiction Novels

# Read Title Published
1 How I Write: Secrets of a Bestselling Author 2006

Order of Janet Evanovich Standalone Novels

# Read Title Published
1 Thanksgiving 1988
2 The Grand Finale 1988
3 Manhunt 1988
4 Love Overboard 1989
5 Naughty Neighbor 1992

Order of Knight and Moon Series

# Read Title Published
1 Curious Minds 2016
2 Dangerous Minds 2017

Order of Lizzy & Diesel Series

# Read Title Published
1 Wicked Appetite 2009
2 Wicked Business 2012
3 Wicked Charms 2015

Order of Stephanie Plum Between the Numbers/Holiday Novels Series

# Read Title Published
1 Visions of Sugar Plums 2002
2 Plum Lovin' 2007
3 Plum Lucky 2008
4 Plum Spooky 2009

Order of Stephanie Plum Series

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Evanovich’s first novel was published in 1987 and it is a romance entitled ‘Hero at Large’. She wrote several traditional romance novels for the publisher ‘Loveswept’. This series of novels is sometimes called the ‘Second Chance’ series, and it was written under the pen name Steffie Hall.

Later, Evanovich decided to move away from the traditional format of the romance novel. She decided to write a series of adventure romances, written in the first person (rather than the third person as is more conventional for the romance genre). These new novels focused on a rather incompetent bounty hunter named Stephanie Plum. As a result, they are known as the ‘Stephanie Plum Series’.

The Stephanie Plum Series began in 1994 with a book entitled ‘One for the Money’. Evanovich continued writing right through to ‘Turbo Twenty Three’ (2016). Other titles in this series include ‘All About Romance’ and ‘Hot Six’ – the latter is, appropriately enough, the sixth book in the series.

Evanovich has also written the Wicked series, which she started off in 2010. The Wicked series is set in a supernatural world, with heroines in search of magical artefacts .

Starting in 2004, Evanovich began a series of novels called the Metroman series. This series is notable because it contains some graphic novels as well as some regular print romances.

As well as these three distinct single authored series of novels, Evanovich’s oeuvre includes some further series that she wrote collaboratively with other novelists. The ‘Full’ series is co written with Charlotte Holt.

By contrast the Fox and O’Hare series of novels (begun in 2013) is a crime-romance crossover featuring a dynamic duo from the FBI hot on the trail of criminals. This series is co written with Lee Goldberg.

Evanovich has also collaborated with Stephen J Cannell and Phoef Sutton. With Stephen J Cannell, she intended to write a new series of novels which she intended to begin in 2007 with a book entitled ‘No Chance’. However, the series idea was ended by Cannell’s death in 2010.

Evanovich has also written some standalone romance novels about a heroine called Elsie Hawkins. Though she has written several books about Hawkins, Evanovich has not organized them into a series (as she did with her other books) in which each book follows chronologically on from the next in the manner of a TV sitcom.


Evanovich has won a Dilys Award. She has also been recognized in more informal ways, for instance by having her novels selected as New York Times Notable Books or recommended titles in Publisher’s Weekly.


‘One for the Money’ was turned into a movie by LionsGate Entertainment in 2012. It was directed by Julie Anne Robinson.


Evanovich’s two best books have to be ‘One for the Money’ and ‘Hot Six’. Both of these books have a considerable fan following – though of course individual fans may disagree and cite two other novels as the best books by this author.

The popularity of One for the Money is demonstrated by the fact that this book was quickly snapped up by a film company. In addition, this is the book that has gained Evanovich most recognition in publications such as The New York Times and Publisher’s Weekly. These publications features ‘One for the Money’ in their lists of recommended books to read. USA Today also recommended this book as one of its ‘Best Bets’.

Hot Six was also recognized by publishers and publications. It was actually the first novel by Evanovich to reach number one in the best sellers’ list in the New York Times. Though it was already popular, the appearance of this book at number one helped to add to its fame.