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Stephanie Plum is the central character featured in the “Stephanie Plum” book series by Janet Evanovich. The first novel in the series that features Stephanie Plum was first published in the United States of America in 1994 and is called One for the Money. The book series belongs to the crime and thriller genre.

Order of Stephanie Plum Series

1One for the Money1994Description / Buy
2Two for the Dough1996Description / Buy
3Three to Get Deadly1997Description / Buy
4Four to Score1998Description / Buy
5High Five1999Description / Buy
6Hot Six2000Description / Buy
7Seven Up2001Description / Buy
8Hard Eight2002Description / Buy
9To the Nines2003Description / Buy
10Ten Big Ones2004Description / Buy
11Eleven on Top2005Description / Buy
12Twelve Sharp2006Description / Buy
13Lean Mean Thirteen2007Description / Buy
14Fearless Fourteen2008Description / Buy
15Finger Lickin' Fifteen2009Description / Buy
16Sizzling Sixteen2009Description / Buy
17Smokin' Seventeen2011Description / Buy
18Explosive Eighteen2011Description / Buy
19Notorious Nineteen2012Description / Buy
20Takedown Twenty2013Description / Buy
21Top Secret Twenty-One2014Description / Buy
22Tricky Twenty-Two2015Description / Buy
23Turbo Twenty-Three2016Description / Buy
24Hardcore Twenty-Four2017Description / Buy
25Look Alive Twenty-Five2018Description / Buy
26Twisted Twenty-Six2019Description / Buy
27Fortune and Glory2020Description / Buy
28Game On: Tempting Twenty-Eight2021Description / Buy
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Order of Stephanie Plum Between the Numbers/Holiday Novels Series

1Visions of Sugar Plums2002Description / Buy
2Plum Lovin'2007Description / Buy
3Plum Lucky2008Description / Buy
4Plum Spooky2009Description / Buy
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Stephanie plies her trade as a bounty hunter with an attitude. She hails from Trenton, New Jersey. Trenton is a typically middle-class American neighborhood, with its American houses, narrowly attached houses with clean windows. Dinner in this neighborhood is served at six o’clock in the evening.

Stephanie finds living in New Jersey a roller coaster adventure. However, she has been unemployed for months. Her car has been repossessed and her refrigerator food stock has run dry. Stephanie arm twists her cousin Vinnie, a bail bondsman to give her a chance to work as an n apprehension agent in his company. What happens next is a series of exciting adventures for Stephanie on the trail of fugitives from the law.

The first novel in the series, One For The Money begins with Stephanie offering to catch her high school crush, Joe Morelli, a vice cop turned bail jumper for her cousin’s bails bond company.

To find the missing girlfriend of Benito Ramirez, a vicious and feared prizefighter, she interrogates a couple of “working girls”. As she seeks to solve the mystery, Joe secretly keeps an eye on her. Ranger mentors her and provides her with a vehicle after her car gets destroyed in a mysterious explosion.


The Stephanie Plum book series has won several awards. The first novel in the series, One For The Money, won the Dily’s Award and New Blood Dagger Award in 1995. The second novel in the series, Two For The Dough also bagged the Last Dagger Award in 1996. Several other books in the crime thriller series have won many awards over the years.

Many other books in the series have been nominated for several awards.


The Stephanie Plum book series makes an excellent basis for crime thriller movies or TV series. The first book in the series, One For The Money, was made into a Hollywood movie in 2012.

In the movie, Hollywood A-list actress, Katherine Heigl plays the starring role as recovery agent Stephanie Plum. He cousin Vinnie Plum, played by Patrick Fischer, owns a bails bond company where Stephanie works.

The plot revolves around Plum’s efforts to bring in Joe Morelli, her cousin’s biggest bail-jumper. Morelli was a former vice cop in New Jersey and is the prime suspect in a murder case. Incidentally, Morelli broke Stephanie’s heart while they were in high school.

The movie is rated PG-13 and is 1 hour and 32 minutes long.


The sixth book in the series aptly named Hot Six is another great read. The plot revolves around Trenton vice cop Morelli who joins forces with Plum to track down a psychotic killer. Apparently, the killer gunned down and roasted the youngest son of Alex Ramos, an international black market weapons dealer.

Carlos Manoso, also known as Ranger, happens to have been caught on camera near the crime scene, minutes before the crime was committed. He is the prime suspect in the murder. Manoso is a former special ops agent and was involved with Stephanie as her mentor in the past. To Stephanie, Ranger is much more than a friend.

Ranger is currently a soldier of fortune. As the plot thickens, it seems that the time has come for Stephanie to test her skills as a sleuth against her master.

Another great book in the series is Three To Get Deadly, the third installment in the series. In the novel, Mo Bodemier, the most loved citizen in Trenton is arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. He does not show up for court and Stephanie Plum is tasked with locating him. Once again, she works with Morelli, her high school crush to solve the mystery.


Apart from the Stephanie Plum book series, there are other great novel series penned by Janet Evanovich. They include the “Knight and Moon” and “Fox and O’Hare” book series.

The Knight and Moon book series have two novels that belong to the thriller genre. Book one in the series is Curious Minds which introduces readers to the main characters, Riley Moon, a go-getter and the eccentric Emerson Knight. The second book, Dangerous Minds, is expected to be published in 2017.

In the Fox and O’Hare book series, FBI special agent Kate O’Hare works side by side with a handsome conman working for the Agency named Nicholas Fox.

What Is The Next Book in The Stephanie Plum Series?

The next book in the The Stephanie Plum Series by Janet Evanovich is Game On: Tempting Twenty-Eight and will be released on November, 2nd 2021.

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