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Elsie Hawkins is a supporting character featured in a series of novels written by Janet Evanovich. The original collection of the romance books was first released in 1989. However, the Elsie Hawkins series was repackaged and revised later on, and it was published by Harper in 2014. All the included books are all independent books in the romance genre. Like other Janet Evanovich works, they have a prominent comedy theme, especially when one considers the role and character of Elsie Hawkins herself.

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Order of Elsie Hawkins Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Back to the Bedroom ( By: Janet Evanovich) 1989 Description / Buy
2 Smitten ( By: Janet Evanovich) 1990 Description / Buy
3 Wife for Hire ( By: Janet Evanovich) 1990 Description / Buy
4 The Rocky Road to Romance ( By: Janet Evanovich) 1991 Description / Buy
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In the series, Elsie Hawkins is an old lady who seems harmless at first introduction. However, her true character does not befit the regular image that one would have with regard to a retiree. She is a gun-toting badass with some tight grey curls to complement her wild lifestyle. Moreover, she does not take sass from anyone, including the main characters that are always tangled in romantic endeavors in their individual books.

Ms Hawkins is a conspicuous entity in local neighborhoods in her 1957 Cadillac. The powder blue automobile never seems to sustain damage, despite the harsh situations that it seems to face in the hands of its owner. The little lady is considered to be the core inspiration of Grandma Mazur from the other popular Evanovich series, Stephanie Plum. The 1953 Buick which is driven by this other well-liked character is also equally indestructible.

The character of Elsie is first introduced in the novel, Back to the Bedroom. She comes as a potential boarder for a room that is intended for rental by Katherine Finn, a confident red-headed musician. Her eccentric behaviors are revealed when she climbs onto the front window. It is immediately apparent to Katherine that the little lady will not be ignored. Unfortunately, Hawkins also tends to pull people into her mischief, and Ms Finn finds her life becoming a little more interesting with her new boarder.

Best Elsie Hawkins Books

The most popular book in the Elsie Hawkins series is without doubt Wife for Hire. It is the third one in the collection, and readers have acclaimed the comical and yet sweetly romantic story-line. The hero of the novel of novel is Hank Mallone, but he is not exactly the most acclaimed citizen in the neighborhood. He has the reputation of a rogue and that is not acceptable in the local town. When he decides to get a bank loan to elevate his business, he realizes that he needs to repair his public energy fast.

Enter Maggie Toone. Hank hires a woman to act as his wife in order to make appear more family-friendly and appealing to the bank people. His housekeeper, Elsie Hawkins, is not impressed at the scheme and thinks that it was the dumbest idea that Hank has had. If you ask her, there is something definitely fishy about the bank because Hank has great business sense. Janet Evanovich keeps the story hilarious and whimsical as Elsie keeps up her antics and sassy speech while Hank and Maggie find out that their business arrangement can be so much more.

Smitten is another beloved Elsie Hawkins novel from the same collection. In this one, a single mum named Lizabeth, who has never touched a hammer before, decides to take a construction job. Matt cannot resist her smile even though he can already see the disaster brewing. Elsie Hawkins is fond of her niece, so when she is called to babysit while Lizabeth does carpenter stuff, she shows up immediately. Naturally, she is an interesting babysitter and her charges find her antics to be legendary. As the relationship between Liz and Matt grows, Elsie keeps the book entertaining and perfect.

Other Books Series You May Like

Fans of the Elsie Hawkins collection generally love chick lit and general romance comedies. Therefore, if you like the mischief, disaster and comical nature of these novels, you should try out “The Dempseys” series by Jennifer Crusie. This is a modern but humorous series that explores the hilarious side of love and family. Like in the Elsie Hawkins books, events tend to spin a little out of the characters control but a happy ending is always waiting. If you are a fan of historical books you might also find the “Bridgertons collections” interesting with its comic take on old time romance culture, nobility and meddling mothers.

What Is The Next Book in The Elsie Hawkins Series ?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Elsie Hawkins Series . The newest book is The Rocky Road to Romance and was released on March, 1st 1991.


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