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Steve Berry born in 1955, is an award-winning American author, professor and a former attorney born and raised in Georgia. Having graduated from Mercer University from the school of Law, Berry worked as a trial lawyer for 30-years and also held elective office for 14 years. He is the founding member of the International Thriller Writers. He served as a co-president for the group for three years. He has been active as an author since 2003, specializing in thriller and suspense genre.

Steve Berry is best known as the author of the book series, The Templar Legacy. The Cotton Malone series book one is ranked as the top 100 thrillers ever written. The storyline is based on the Templar knights, whom during their existence were the most powerful and wealthiest in the world.

Order of Cotton Malone Series

1The Templar Legacy 2006Description / Buy
2The Alexandria Link 2007Description / Buy
3The Venetian Betrayal 2007Description / Buy
4The Charlemagne Pursuit 2008Description / Buy
5The Paris Vendetta 2009Description / Buy
6The Emperor's Tomb 2010Description / Buy
7The Devil's Gold 2011Description / Buy
8The Jefferson Key 2011Description / Buy
9The Tudor Plot 2013Description / Buy
10The King's Deception 2013Description / Buy
11The Lincoln Myth 2014Description / Buy
12The Devil's Bones (Short Story) ( With: James Rollins) 2014Description / Buy
13The Patriot Threat 2015Description / Buy
14The 14th Colony 2016Description / Buy
15The Lost Order 2017Description / Buy
16The Bishop's Pawn 2018Description / Buy
17The Malta Exchange 2019Description / Buy
18Past Prologue ( With: Diana Gabaldon) 2019Description / Buy
19The Warsaw Protocol 2020Description / Buy
20The Kaiser's Web 2021Description / Buy

Order of Cassiopeia Vitt Adventure Series with M J Rose

1The Balkan Escape : A Cassiopeia Vitt Adventure 2010Description / Buy
2The Museum of Mysteries (Short Story) ( With: M J Rose) 2018Description / Buy
3The Lake of Learning (Short Story) ( With: M J Rose) 2019Description / Buy
4The House of Long Ago (Short Story) ( With: M J Rose) 2020Description / Buy
5The End of Forever (Short Story) ( With: M J Rose) 2021Description / Buy

Order of Steve Berry Short Stories/Novellas

1The Devils' Due (Short Story) 2017Description / Buy

Order of Steve Berry Standalone Novels

1The Amber Room 2003Description / Buy
2The Romanov Prophecy 2004Description / Buy
3The Third Secret 2005Description / Buy
4The Columbus Affair 2012Description / Buy

Steve Berry Anthologies

1 First Thrills2010Description / Buy
2 FaceOff2014Description / Buy
3 MatchUp2017Description / Buy
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In 2012 and 2013 Steve Berry was appointed as spokesperson for National Preservation Week. This was due to the recognition of his historic preservation work by the American Library Association.

Steve Berry also received the Royden B. Davis Distinguished Author Award for his prolific works. He also was awarded the 2013 Barnes & Noble Writers Award by the Poets and Writers.

Other awards include; Silver Bullet in 2013 by the International Thriller Writers; the 2013 Anne Frank Human Writers Award.

He was appointed to serve on the Smithsonian Libraries Advisory Board by the Smithsonian Board of Regents. During which, he was tasked to facilitate and assist libraries in their work in the provision of information in forms to curators, students, scholars, scientists, and the public.

A survey conducted by the National Public Radio (RPR) named The Templar Legacy as among the top 100 thrillers to have ever been written.


These are the best two books written by Steve Berry:;

The Templar Legacy: The book storyline is a based on the Knights Templar who possessed immense wealth and absolute power over the face of the earth. The Templar knights are then wiped from the face of the earth by the Inquisition together with their riches. Later two forces compete for the treasures which its true nature could change the world.

The protagonist, Cotton Malone who is a former top officer for the U.S Justice Department receives a call to action while enjoying his new life as a book dealer in Copenhagen. He plunges back to his old life that he had once left behind.

It all begins when Cottons Former supervisor, Stephanie Nelle is violently robbed. Apparently, she is away from home on a mission which has no relationship with the national security.

Stephanie is determined to solve puzzles and crack mysteries that no one has been able to solve before. She is resolved to finding wealth and forbidden knowledge that was thought to have been lost with the fall of the Templar knights.

However, all in all, she is not alone in this quest. A shadow zealot, Raymond de Roquefort together with his army of assassins will stop at nothing to obtain the information that Stephanie possesses.

Cotton is determined to fight side by side with Stephanie against the zealot. However, he learns that the mystery surrounding the Knights Templar puts not lives at stake but even the entire world. This intriguing game of conquest, lust for power, treachery and the discovery could bring the world to its knees.

The Paris Vendetta: this is the Cotton Malone Series Book #5. In 1821 when Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile, it is believed that he took to the grave a very powerful secret. Being the empire and the general he had stolen riches from national treasuries and palaces. He did not indicate this in his will and not even the captors had managed to retrieve this crucial information from him during the final days.

Trouble comes at Cotton Malones bookshop in Copenhagen when an American secret service agent together with his pair of assassins visit the bookstore. Malone is anxious about the agent, but after narrowly escaping a ferocious firefight, he unexpectedly forms a new ally.

They visit Malone’s friend Henrik Thorvaldsen a Danish tycoon. Malone is later bound to find out that his good friend has his personal motives, and is placed in a dilemma of choosing between his friend and the state. In this series of action, Malone plays a game of duplicity and death but at what cost? To claim a prize of untold value.

When Does The Next Steve Berry book come out?

Steve Berry doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is The End of Forever and was released on July, 13th 2021. It is the newest book in the Cassiopeia Vitt Adventure Series.

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