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The Cotton Malone book series chronicles a former operative of the Justice Department who always seems to be in trouble. Malone’s adventures have taken place in various parts of the world during his many quests. By his side is Cassiopeia Vitta who is intelligent and very capable as Malone combats deadly threats present in the world. As Malone faces the foes his adventures unravel iconic and mysterious mysteries. The series is action packed and perfect if you love conspiracies, history, secrets and worldwide adventure.

Order of Cotton Malone Series

1The Templar Legacy2006Description / Buy
2The Alexandria Link2007Description / Buy
3The Venetian Betrayal2007Description / Buy
4The Charlemagne Pursuit2008Description / Buy
5The Paris Vendetta2009Description / Buy
6The Emperor's Tomb2010Description / Buy
7The Devil's Gold2011Description / Buy
8The Jefferson Key2011Description / Buy
9The Tudor Plot2013Description / Buy
10The King's Deception2013Description / Buy
11The Lincoln Myth2014Description / Buy
12The Devil's Bones (Short Story)2014Description / Buy
13The Patriot Threat2015Description / Buy
14The 14th Colony2016Description / Buy
15The Lost Order2017Description / Buy
16The Bishop's Pawn2018Description / Buy
17The Malta Exchange2019Description / Buy
18Past Prologue2019Description / Buy
19The Warsaw Protocol2020Description / Buy
20The Kaiser's Web2021Description / Buy

Order of Cassiopeia Vitt Adventure Series By: Steve Berry, M J Rose

1The Balkan Escape : A Cassiopeia Vitt Adventure2010Description / Buy
2The Museum of Mysteries (Short Story)2018Description / Buy
3The Lake of Learning (Short Story)2019Description / Buy
4The House of Long Ago (Short Story)2020Description / Buy
5The End of Forever (Short Story)2021Description / Buy
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Malone is an agent of the Magellan Billet which is a division of the Justice Department which focuses specifically on international cases and investigations. In the book the Billet is described as a group of twelve lawyers recruited by the Justice Department and must work together in order to accomplish specialized goals. The lawyers are not spies while their assignments consist of international missions that are exotic, varied and dangerous. Malone has legal skills as a former attorney, however he has other abilities necessary in assigned cases that take the team of twelve into many different and dangerous areas of the world, often times alone as the twelve must use their wits and training in order to be successful. The attorneys must know how to avoid being shot at as well as how to shoot.

In the first book of the series, Cotton Malone is an agent who has retired after having left the Billet one year prior after a 12 year span in which he worked for the agency. Malone at this point has moved to Copenhagen after growing tired of the required traveling and the danger of being shot at. Malone has fallen in love with the city and opened his own book store thanks to the financial backing of a rich Dane billionaire. Malone had expected that the nervously exciting days were behind him, but he was wrong that the life that cost him his marriage and his son for a while was a thing of the past. Malone at this point is in his early forties as a former Navy officer who had been offered to join the Billet. Even in his forties, Malone is strong and tall, the abuse his suffered in the Billet does not show but he does feel the toll that it has taken. Malone’s relationship with his former boss as well as his association with his billionaire financial backer and his intimate relationship with a wealthy and beautiful woman who has an exotic past provides him lots of adventure despite any desire to work in his book store and enjoy retirement.

The Cotton Malone series is a best-selling book series and makes use of a blend of suspense and history that have made the author Steve Barry among the best in the thriller game. Barry has over 11 million books in 37 languages in print in fifty different countries after having endured 85 rejections before he made his breakthrough in the publishing industry. The main character’s background as a former member of the United States Justice Department and his current occupation as a book dealer represent a winning combination while his sidekick has appeared in six of the books in the series, from 2006’s “The Templar Agency” to “The Alexandria Link” to “The Venetian Betrayal to “The Charlemagne Pursuit” to “The Paris Vendetta and the recent installment called “The Emperor’s Tomb.

Best Cotton Malone Books

The King’s Deception (the eight book in the series), The 14th Colony (the eleventh book in the series) and The Venetian Betrayal (the third installment in the series) are perhaps the best three books of the series and the most highly rated thus far.

The Venetian Betrayal: The Venetian Betrayal chronicles Malone’s quest to locate the final resting place of Alexander the Great while a new and evil nation called the Central Asian Foundation attempts to locate the tomb first as treasure hunter and archeologists believe located in the tomb is a healing serums which is the only reason the Central Asian foundation’s Supreme Minister has started using biological weapons in trying to surpass Alexander the Great as the greatest conqueror in history.

The King’s Deception: Meanwhile The King’s Deception sees the main character’s son get kidnapped at gunpoint and the ensuing showdown. During the Operation King’s Deception run by the CIA, the U.S attempts to counteract the release of a Libyan terrorist by the Brits for humanitarian reasons and solve the age old mystery that could alter the present state and foundation of Great Britain. A long buried secret of the Elizabethan era which could delegitimize the English Occupation of parts of Ireland since the last reign of the Tudors. As the many interested parties close in, Malone must try to save his son while trying procure and uncover the secret that is key to preventing the negative consequences of the King’s Deception mission. The eleventh installment of the series entitled The Venetian Betrayal sees Malone battles for survival against Russian antagonist Aleksandr Zorin after Malone’s plane was shot down during a routing mission. Malone narrowly escapes and learns of a plan to attack American with a leftover Cold War weapon. Soon Malone must race against the clock and take down Zorin and battle a weakness that he has denied for years. The provocative thriller has it all, history, fiction, speculation and facts.

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If you enjoy the Cotton Malone series, you might also like books of the “Caribbean Adventure” Series entitled Fallen Out. This Jesse McDermitt novel chronicles a retired combat Marine who has retired to the Florida Keys while people are in need of help as few cops are around. Another book that you might like is the first of the Betrayed Series entitled 30 pieces of Silver. The book chronicles the combined actions of James Rollins and the intrigue religious in nature of Dan Brown, Both bocks are highly rated and not unlike the Cotton Malone Series, more than likely anyone who likes Steve Barry’s work would also enjoy reading these two series as well.

What Is The Next Book in The Cotton Malone Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Cotton Malone Series. The newest book is The Kaiser's Web and was released on February, 23rd 2021.

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