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Tad Williams is an American Author born in 1957 who has pursued more careers and held more jobs than the average author can possibly fathom. From playing in a band to working in a financial institution, designing military manuals and throwing newspapers to mention but a few, there is nothing that Williams hasn’t done. And his experience in the entertainment industry is, even more, vast, Tad Williams having worked at a radio station, in the theater, and on television.

Even with all those job titles, it will come as a surprise for people to learn that Tad William actually taught grade-school and college. The man’s experience is such that the creativity he manifests in his novels hardly comes as a surprise.

Order of Osten Ard Series

1The Heart of What Was Lost 2017Description / Buy

Order of The Last King of Osten Ard Series

1The Witchwood Crown 2017Description / Buy
2Empire of Grass 2018Description / Buy
3Brothers of the Wind 2021Description / Buy

Order of Bobby Dollar Series

1The Dirty Streets of Heaven 2012Description / Buy
2Happy Hour in Hell 2013Description / Buy
3Sleeping Late on Judgement Day 2014Description / Buy
4God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlepig 2014Description / Buy

Order of Legends Series with Robert Silverberg

1Legends 1998Description / Buy
2Legends II 1998Description / Buy
3Legends 3 1999Description / Buy

Order of Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn Series

1The Dragonbone Chair 1988Description / Buy
2Stone of Farewell 1990Description / Buy
3To Green Angel Tower 1993Description / Buy
4To Green Angel Tower, Part 2 1993Description / Buy

Order of Ordinary Farm Adventures Series

1The Dragons of Ordinary Farm 2009Description / Buy
2The Secrets of Ordinary Farm 2011Description / Buy

Order of Otherland Series with John Joseph Adams

1City of Golden Shadow 1996Description / Buy
2River of Blue Fire 1998Description / Buy
3Mountain of Black Glass 1999Description / Buy
4Sea of Silver Light 2001Description / Buy

Order of Shadowmarch Series

1Shadowmarch 2004Description / Buy
2Shadowplay 2007Description / Buy
3Shadowrise 2010Description / Buy
4Shadowheart 2010Description / Buy

Order of Tad Williams Standalone Novels

1Tailchaser's Song 1985Description / Buy
2Child of an Ancient City 1992Description / Buy
3Caliban's Hour 1994Description / Buy
4Tad Williams' Mirror World 1998Description / Buy
5The War of the Flowers 2003Description / Buy
6Diary of a Dragon (Short Story) 2012Description / Buy
7War of the Flowers 2019Description / Buy

Order of Tad Williams Short Story Collections

1Rite: Short Work 2006Description / Buy
2A Stark and Wormy Knight 2011Description / Buy
3The Very Best of Tad Williams 2014Description / Buy

Order of The Dying Earth Series with Dean Koontz, George R.R. Martin, Kage Baker, Robert Silverberg, Gardner R. Dozois, , Walter Jon Williams, Elizabeth Hand, Tanith Lee, Elizabeth Moon, Mike Resnick, Lucius Shepard, Jeff VanderMeer, , , John C. Wright, Dan Simmons, Neil Gaiman, , , Glen Cook, Jack Vance

1The Dying Earth / Mazirian the Magician ( By: Jack Vance) 1950Description / Buy
2Cugel's Saga / Cugel: The Skybreak Spatterlight ( By: Jack Vance) 1966Description / Buy
3The Eyes of the Overworld / Cugel the Clever ( By: Jack Vance) 1966Description / Buy
4A Quest for Simbilis ( By:) 1974Description / Buy
5Morreion (Short Story) ( By: Jack Vance) 1978Description / Buy
6The Seventeen Virgins ( By: Jack Vance) 1979Description / Buy
7The Bagful of Dreams ( By: Jack Vance) 1979Description / Buy
8Rhialto the Marvellous ( By: Jack Vance) 1984Description / Buy
9The Laughing Magician ( By: Jack Vance) 2006Description / Buy
10Songs of the Dying Earth: Stories in Honour of Jack Vance ( With: Dean Koontz, George R.R. Martin, Kage Baker, Robert Silverberg, Gardner R. Dozois, , Walter Jon Williams, Elizabeth Hand, Tanith Lee, Elizabeth Moon, Mike Resnick, Lucius Shepard, Jeff VanderMeer, , , John C. Wright, Dan Simmons, Neil Gaiman, , , Glen Cook, Jack Vance) 2009Description / Buy

Order of Oz Reimagined Series

1Dorothy Dreams (Short Story) ( By: Simon R. Green) 2013Description / Buy
2Emeralds to Emeralds, Dust to Dust (Short Story) ( By: Seanan McGuire) 2013Description / Buy
3The Boy Detective of Oz (Short Story) 2013Description / Buy
4A Meeting in Oz (Short Story) ( By: Jeffrey Ford) 2013Description / Buy
5Off to See the Emperor (Short Story) ( By: Orson Scott Card) 2013Description / Buy
6The Cobbler of Oz ( By: Jonathan Maberry) 2013Description / Buy
7Lost Girls of Oz (Short Story) ( By: Theodora Goss) 2013Description / Buy
8Blown Away (Short Story) ( By: Jane Yolen) 2013Description / Buy
9A Tornado of Dorothys (Short Story) ( By: Kat Howard) 2013Description / Buy
10The Veiled Shanghai (Short Story) ( By: Ken Liu) 2013Description / Buy
11Dead Blue (Short Story) ( By: David Farland) 2013Description / Buy
12The Great Zeppelin Heist of Oz (Short Story) ( By: C.C. Finlay, Rae Carson) 2013Description / Buy
13Beyond the Naked Eye (Short Story) ( By: Rachel Swirsky) 2013Description / Buy
14City So Bright (Short Story) ( By: Dale Bailey) 2013Description / Buy
15One Flew Over the Rainbow (Short Story) ( By: Robin Wasserman) 2013Description / Buy

Order of Unfettered Series

1Unfettered II: New Tales By Masters of Fantasy ( By: Jim Butcher, Brandon Sanderson, Charlaine Harris, Terry Brooks, Naomi Novik, David Farland, Rachel Caine, Seanan McGuire, Scott Sigler, , Bradley P. Beaulieu, Michael J. Sullivan, Django Wexler, , Shawn Speakman, Mark Lawrence, Anthony Ryan, Sarah Beth Durst) 2016Description / Buy
2Unfettered III: New Tales By Masters of Fantasy ( With: Megan Lindholm, Carrie Vaughn, Brandon Sanderson, Brian Herbert, Robert Jordan, Terry Brooks, , Naomi Novik, Kevin J. Anderson, Delilah S. Dawson, Seanan McGuire, Scott Sigler, , , Lev Grossman, , Shawn Speakman, John Gwynne, , Mark Lawrence, , , Anna Smith Spark, Katherine Arden) 2019Description / Buy

Tad Williams Anthologies

1 Stars: Original Stories Based on the Songs of Janis Ian2003Description / Buy
2 The Wood Boy / The Burning Man2005Description / Buy
3 Songs of the Dying Earth: Stories in Honour of Jack Vance2009Description / Buy
4 Oz Reimagined2013Description / Buy
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The author’s renown has mostly grown from the fantasy and science fiction novels he has written, from Sorrow and Thorn to Shadowmarch, not to mention The War of the Flowers. Williams writes fantasy and science fiction because those are the genres he grew up reading. He has also suggested that the two genres give him far more freedom than he might receive with other fields of literature. And Williams’ work, while technically categorized as Science Fiction and Fantasy, is pretty wide ranging and branches into a number of subgenres.

With millions of copies of his books sold, Williams’ literary skills have even expanded to the comics arena where Williams wrote a few issues for a DC Comics book titled ‘The Next’, this along with Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis and Mirrorworld.

Williams’ wife, Deborah Beale, has played a critical role in his literary success. The two have already collaborated on a couple of young-adult novels.

Tad Williams Awards

Williams was nominated for the John W. Campbell Award for Tailchasers Song. He was also a British Fantasy Society nominee in 2005.

Tad Williams Books to Movies

News surfaced in 2011 that Williams’ novel ‘Tailchaser’s Song’ would be adapted into an animated film by Animetropolis, this in conjunction with International Digital Artists. Peter Ramsey was connected to the potential adaptation as the Executive Producer.

Best Tad Williams Books

Tad Williams has written many series, standalone novels, short stories, and screenplays. Of all those works, these two have attracted considerable interest from readers:

Stone of Farewell: Osten Ard is in a state of unrest, faced with endless dread and darkness and a time of testing the likes of which haven’t been seen before. The wild magic is spreading, and the minions of Ineluki the Storm King, undead Sithi ruler continue to roll across the kingdom unimpeded, bringing undefeatable evil.

For the remnants of a once-proud human army, the only sanctuary safe from Ineluki whose wrath has blighted the land is the Stone of Farewell. A place of mystery and ancient sorrow, this is where all will rally.

Simon works alongside the League of Scrolls or at least those that survived, to discover the truth behind a forgotten legend that could see them traverse the secret heartland of the Sithi. There, decisions that could change the tide of the war will be made.

Tad Williams has a very cinematic approach to writing, and that definitely benefits his work. Having introduced the bulk of his world to readers in the previous book, Tad Williams uses the freedom afforded him here to deliver an, even more, epic tale that will satiate George R.R. Martin and Tolkien fans alike.

Simon leads the charge as a hero who is a little irritated with the way he was basically swept up with the events of the war. Unable to comprehend the significance of the occurrences around him and struggling to remove himself from the stage altogether, Simon is ever the reluctant hero whose self-pity and loathing make him one of the most interesting protagonists in fantasy.

Tailchaser’s Song: This book tells the story of Fritti Tailchaser. Fritti is a courageous tom cat living in a world where courage truly matters; where whiskery heroes and villains abide, and feline gods continue to confound all alongside that furless creature only known as M’an.

This might sound like something for your children to read but Tailchaser’s song is actually an adult book with a lot of adults themes. It has been described by some as a blend of the Hobbit and Watership Down, featuring adventures in forests, towns and the underground.

There is an aspect of animal vernacular that gives the book a unique sensibility; the plot primarily follows a cat that is looking for his missing friend. This book is definitely not for everyone. However, it makes for curious reading.

When Does The Next Tad Williams book come out?

The next book by Tad Williams is Brothers of the Wind and will be released on November, 2nd 2021. It is the newest book in the The Last King of Osten Ard Series.


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  1. I read The Dragonbone Chair, the first of the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series on a whim. Which is to say, I liked the cover. The story does a real good job of world building with lots of dwarves, giants, elves, magic and all the other things we’ve come to expect out of a fantasy epic. It starts a bit slowly, but once it gets going you will be flying through the series before you know it.

    Tad wrote a lot of other good books and attempted to return to fantasy in 2006 with the Shadowmarch series. While nowhere near the level of MST, it is still a decent read.

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