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Terry Goodkind is American novelist best known for his contemporary suspense book The Law of Nines (2009) and his epic fantasy series The Sword of Truth. He was born in 1948 in Omaha, Nebraska. He relocated to Maine with his wife in 1983 and later relocated to the coast of Lake Las Vegas, Nevada where he resides up to date.

Order of Sword of Truth Series

1Wizard's First Rule 1994Description / Buy
2Stone of Tears 1995Description / Buy
3Blood of the Fold 1996Description / Buy
4Temple of the Winds 1998Description / Buy
5Debt of Bones 1998Description / Buy
6Soul of the Fire 1999Description / Buy
7Faith of the Fallen 2000Description / Buy
8The Pillars of Creation 2001Description / Buy
9Naked Empire 2003Description / Buy
10Chainfire 2004Description / Buy
11Phantom 2006Description / Buy
12Confessor 2007Description / Buy
13The Omen Machine 2011Description / Buy
14The First Confessor 2012Description / Buy
15The Third Kingdom 2012Description / Buy
16Severed Souls 2014Description / Buy
17Warheart 2015Description / Buy

Order of Sister of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles Series

1Death's Mistress 2017Description / Buy
2Shroud of Eternity 2018Description / Buy
3Siege of Stone 2018Description / Buy
4Heart of Black Ice 2020Description / Buy

Order of Children of D'Hara Series

1The Scribbly Man 2019Description / Buy
2Hateful Things 2019Description / Buy
3Wasteland 2019Description / Buy
4Witch's Oath (Short Story) 2020Description / Buy
5Into Darkness 2020Description / Buy

Order of Angela Constantine / Jack Raynes Series

1Nest 2016Description / Buy
2Trouble's Child (Short Story) 2018Description / Buy
3The Girl in the Moon 2018Description / Buy
4Crazy Wanda (Short Story) 2018Description / Buy

Order of Richard & Kahlan Series

1The Omen Machine 2011Description / Buy
2The Third Kingdom 2012Description / Buy
3Severed Souls 2014Description / Buy
4Warheart 2015Description / Buy

Order of Terry Goodkind Standalone Novels

1The Law of Nines 2009Description / Buy
2The Sky People (Short Story) 2019Description / Buy

Order of Year's Best Fantasy Series

1Year's Best Fantasy 2001Description / Buy
2Year's Best Fantasy 2001Description / Buy
3Year's Best Fantasy 2 2002Description / Buy
4Year's Best Fantasy 3 2003Description / Buy
5Year's Best Fantasy 4 2004Description / Buy
6Year's Best Fantasy 5 2005Description / Buy
7Year's Best Fantasy 6 2006Description / Buy
8Year's Best Fantasy 7 2007Description / Buy
9Year's Best Fantasy 8 2008Description / Buy
10Year's Best Fantasy 9 2009Description / Buy
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The author suffers from reading disorder, dyslexia which initially dissuaded him from writing. Before his writing career, Goodkind built violins and cabinet and was a wildlife and marine artist. In 1993, he began to write his debut novel Wizard’s First Rule during the construction of his home on the forested land off the coast of Maine which was later published in 1994. His first book Wizard’s First Rule was auctioned to three publishers in 1994 and sold for $275,000. The author later published other sixteen novels and one novella. All of the author’s books except Wizards First Rule and Stone of Tears have appeared in The New York Times Best Seller list. His twelve books in The Sword of Truth series have sold over 25 million copies worldwide and have also been translated into more than 20 languages.

While the author admits writing in the fantasy genre, Goodkind states that his books are more than just traditional fantasy since they focus on the human and philosophical themes. He believes that the fantasy genre, allows him to tell his stories better and convey emotion he desires and human issues to share with his readers.


The Sword of Truth series was adapted into a television series Legend of the Seeker which premiered for on November 1st, 2008 and ran for two seasons (44 episodes) before its cancellation in 2010. The series featured Craig Horner, Bruce Spence, Craig Parker, Tabrett Bethel, and Bridget Regan.


These are two best books written by Terry Goodkind, Wizard’s First Rule and Stone of Tears.

Wizard’s First Rule: After the brutal killing of his father, a mysterious woman named Kahlan Amnell appears in Richard Cypher’s forest seek help and much more. His beliefs and his world are shattered when the ancient debts come down with a thundering violence. In this heathenism age, it takes more than just courage to survive and confront those who are in charge.

Now Richard and the confessor must take up that task or otherwise become the next victims and far beyond awaits a bewitching land where even the best of their pure hearts could betray them. However, Richard fears nothing so much as what secrets his sword of truth might reveal about his very own soul. Falling in love would ultimately destroy them for the reasons that Kahlan cannot dare to say, and Richard dare not to imagine.

In their darkest moment, hunted everywhere they go, tormented by betrayal and loss, Kahlan calls upon the seeker to reach beyond his sword and invoke within himself something noble. Neither of the two knows that the rules of the battle just changed or that their time has just run out.

The first book in the series is an interesting one; the story flows along pretty well. In fact, there no dead spots where nothing seems to happen as you will find in many books. Every scene in the whole story is always moving toward developing a fantastic climax. Every concept comes together neatly in the end.

Stone of Tears: This is the second books in the Sword of Truth series; it picks up from where the first novel in the series, Wizard’s First Rule left off. In the first book, Richard Cypher’s world was shattered. Once a good guy, he is forced to become the Seeker of Truth to save the whole world from destruction by one Darken Rahl.

In his epic quest, he is joined by Kahlan, the only surviving Confessor who has brought not only powerful but also kind justice in the land where Rahl evil dominated. The couple, aided by Zedd, the last of the wizards of the first order, they are able to cast Rahl to the underworld thus saving the world from destruction.

Unfortunately, the veil to the underworld has been torn, and Darken Rahl begins to summon evil to the face of the earth. Some Horrifying creatures escape through the torn veil and thus unleashing evil on the world above. If Darken is not stopped, he will free the keeper itself, an evil power that is so deadly and once released; it can never be contained.

When Does The Next Terry Goodkind book come out?

Terry Goodkind doesn't seem to have an upcoming book. Their newest book is Into Darkness and was released on March, 2nd 2020. It is the newest book in the Children of D'Hara Series.


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