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87th Precinct is a police procedural novel series written by Evan Hunter under the pseudonym Ed McBain. The series novels have been adapted into movies and television on several occasions. This brilliant series is based on the work of a team of police detectives serving in the 87th Precinct in Isola a fictional city located in the New York City of Manhattan. Other fictionalized districts in the series mainly correlate the New York City’s other four boroughs, Majesta representing Queens, Calms Point serving Brooklyn, Bethtown substituting for Staten Island and Riverhead for the Bronx.

Order of 87th Precinct Series

1Cop Hater1956Description / Buy
2The Mugger1956Description / Buy
3The Pusher1956Description / Buy
4The Con Man1957Description / Buy
5Killer's Choice1957Description / Buy
6Lady Killer1958Description / Buy
7Killer's Wedge1958Description / Buy
8Killer's Payoff1958Description / Buy
9King's Ransom1959Description / Buy
10'Til Death1959Description / Buy
11Give the Boys a Great Big Hand1960Description / Buy
12The Heckler1960Description / Buy
13See Them Die1960Description / Buy
14Lady, Lady, I Did It!1961Description / Buy
15The Empty Hours1962Description / Buy
16Like Love1962Description / Buy
17Ten Plus One1963Description / Buy
18Ax1963Description / Buy
19He Who Hesitates1965Description / Buy
20Doll1965Description / Buy
21Eighty Million Eyes1966Description / Buy
22Fuzz1968Description / Buy
23Shotgun1968Description / Buy
24Jigsaw1970Description / Buy
25Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here!1971Description / Buy
26Sadie When She Died1972Description / Buy
27Let's Hear It for the Deaf Man1973Description / Buy
28Hail to the Chief1973Description / Buy
29Bread1974Description / Buy
30Blood Relatives1975Description / Buy
31So Long as You Both Shall Live1976Description / Buy
32Long Time No See1977Description / Buy
33Calypso1979Description / Buy
34Ghosts1980Description / Buy
35Heat1981Description / Buy
36McBain Brief1982Description / Buy
37Ice1983Description / Buy
38Lightning1984Description / Buy
39And All Through The House1984Description / Buy
40Eight Black Horses1985Description / Buy
41Poison1987Description / Buy
42Lullaby1989Description / Buy
43Vespers1989Description / Buy
44Tricks1989Description / Buy
45Widows1991Description / Buy
46Kiss1992Description / Buy
47Mischief1993Description / Buy
48Romance1995Description / Buy
49Nocturne1997Description / Buy
50The Big Bad City1998Description / Buy
51The Last Dance1999Description / Buy
52Money, Money, Money2001Description / Buy
53Fat Ollie's Book2002Description / Buy
54The Frumious Bandersnatch2003Description / Buy
55Hark!2004Description / Buy
56Fiddlers2005Description / Buy
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According to an interview and articles published, the author admitted that the Television series Dragnet majorly influenced the series. Even though the series focuses on police detectives from the 87th Precinct, different detectives feature in various novels, and most of the series books feature an important role of the authors leading character, Detective Stephen Louis.

McBain began the publication of 87th Precinct series in 1956 when the first book in the series Cop Hater was published. The series ran for over 50 books with Fiddlers published in 2005 marking the last installment in the series.


Ed McBain prolific writing has won and also been nominated for various awards. For instance, The Last Spin was nominated for an Edgar Award for the Best Short Story while The Birds (1964) was an Edgar Award nominee for the Best Motion Picture category. In 1986, the author was awarded the Grand Master Award by the Mystery Writers of America. In 2002 McBain was nominated for an Edgar Award for the Best Novel, Money, Money, Money. In 1998, McBain became the first American to win the Diamond Dagger which was awarded by the British Crime Writers Association.


Several of McBain novels have been adapted for the big screen filming. The Blackboard Jungle was adapted into a 1955 film about teachers working in an inter-racial city school. The film was directed and adapted by Richard Brooks.

King’s Ransom was adapted into a 1963 police procedural film titled High and Low by Akira Kurosawa featuring Tatsuya Nakadai, Toshiro Mifune, and Kyoko Kagawa. Buddwing was adapted into a 1966 film Mister Buddwing starring James Garner and directed by Delbert Mann. The Last Summer was adapted into a 1969 coming-of-age film themed on adolescent sexuality. It was filmed at Fire Island and stars Barbara Hershey, Catherine Burns, Richard Thomas, and Bruce Davison.

Without Apparent Motive, a 1971 movie is an adaptation of Ed McBain novel, Ten Plus One, written by Jacques Lanzmann, Vincenzo Labella, and Philippe Labro. Lady, Lady I Did It (1961) was adapted into a 1981 mystery movie directed by Kon Ichikawa and featuring Toshiyuki Nagashima, Yukata Mizutani, and Rie Nakahara.


These are two best books in 87th Precinct series by Ed McBain, Cop Hater and Lady Lady I Did It.

Cop Hater: First published in 1956, the first novel in 87th Precinct series is a police procedural set in the fictional town of Isola, and it is about someone killing police detectives. Even though the story was written in 1956, the minorities and women receive better treatment in this book than many books published during the 1950’s. The lead character is Steve Carella who is engaged to a beautiful deaf mute called Teddy. This is something unexpected, but the author manages to make their relationship possible.

The novel takes place during a heat wave, and all the cops are scared to their nerves wondering which of them could be next.

Lady Lady, I Did It: The first thing detectives Bert Kling and Steve Carella saw was four bodies, all soaked in blood. Then Kling then discovered that one of them was Claire Townsend, his girlfriend and that is when the bookstore killings stopped being just another murder case to the cops of the 87th Precinct, for Kling was one of their own, and no one could get away with killing a policeman’s girl.


If you fancy reading 87th Precinct series, then you will also enjoy reading “Peanuts Coronet” Series by Charles M. Schulz. The series consists of eighty novels and began publication in 1959, and its last book in the series was published in 1992.

The “Peter McGarr” series by Bartholomew Gill is also an ideal series for you. The series features Peter McGarr, a police detective based in Ireland as the lead character. Publication began in 1976 when the debut novel The Death of an Irish Politician was published and ended in 2002 after sixteen novels.

What Is The Next Book in The 87th Precinct Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The 87th Precinct Series. The newest book is Fiddlers and was released on January, 1st 2005.


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