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The Decoupage Mysteries are a series of cozy mysteries by Jenn McKinlay the American author. McKinlay published “Stuck on Murder” the first novel of the A Decoupage Mysteries in 2009 and went on to make the series a trilogy with “Sealed with a Kill” the last of the series coming out in 2011.

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Order of Decoupage Mystery Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Stuck on Murder ( By: Jenn McKinlay) 2009 Description / Buy
2 Cut to the Corpse ( By: Jenn McKinlay) 2010 Description / Buy
3 Sealed with a Kill ( By: Jenn McKinlay) 2011 Description / Buy
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Brenna Miller is former City Girl that once lived in Boston, but has now moved to the small town of Morse Point in New England. She had left behind a painful past to move to the country side where a friend had offered her a job in her paper shop. She has never told anyone about her terrible past that had left her untrusting of any seemingly violent person and even police officers. To cope with her pain from past ordeals she engages in amateur sleuthing as a form of therapy.

The first novel of the A Decoupage Mystery series introduces the village of Morse Point, Vintage Papers, and the lead Brenna Miller among other residents. Brenna works for her friend Tenley Morse of Vintage Papers, and doubles up as a Decoupage trainer during her free time. But finding acceptance in the small town that does not readily welcome outsiders is quite the task for Brenna. However, the mayor is friendly to Brenna and it is not long before she knows why. The mayor believes she has some influence over Nate Williams her landlord and wants her to convince him to sell his property to some developers he has lined up. Nate refuses the offer and Brenna think that should be the end of the matter.

What follows is a shocking discovery as she is spending some leisure time on the lake. She sees a trunk floating on the water and on opening it finds the body of the mayor. Nate is the lead suspect in the murder case and Brenna has to do all in her power to get him off. It is a compelling novel that just shows what an excellent story teller Jenn McKinlay is.


Sealed with a Kill: The third novel of the series is gripping read set in Morse Poin,t New England during the autumn. Just like the flowers and leaves which are bursting out in color, some of the residents of the small town are also showing their true colors. Brenna has taken up a job as a tour guide and is showing a small group of tourists the sights and sounds of Morse Point Lake.

A tourist points out a strange bird that he believes is not native to New England, but a closer look reveals that it is a small hand jutting out of leaves. Brenna is relived that at least she does not know the victim this time, only to learn that he is her best friend’s father’s business partner. She is right back in the middle of a tricky situation.

Cut to the Corpse: The second novel in the series is another excellent novel in the series with one of the most interesting stories. Tara, a Boston socialite has fallen in love with Jake a local mechanic. Tara has invited some of her old friends including Tenley and Brenna to her bachelorette party. But things go haywire when Brenna wakes up to find Tara in bed with Clue Jakes best friend. Tara is holding a bloody knife and claims no recollection of the events of the night past that had left Clue dead.

Stuck on Murder: The first novel of the series is another incredible novel in the series. Brenna Miller is trying to forget her past by training her students in varnishing, gluing, and making of eye-catching projects. But her life gets more interesting when she has to save her swoon worthy landlord from charges of murder of the town’s mayor.


Many fans of the A Decoupage Mystery novels also love the “A Glassblowing Mystery” series of novels by Sarah Atwell. These are cozy mysteries featuring Emmeline Dowell, a glassblower in a small town given to the excitement of solving a range of murder mysteries.

Fans of the A Decoupage Mystery series also enjoy “Daring Finds” series of novels by Elise Hyatt. The lead in the series is a divorced twenty-nine year old woman named Candice, who starts a furniture refinishing business and finds bizarre mysteries in old furniture.

What Is The Next Book in The Decoupage Mystery Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Decoupage Mystery Series. The newest book is Sealed with a Kill and was released on February, 4th 2011.


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