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Modern Witch is a series of novels written by Debora Geary. Generally speaking, there are three different series categorized under the Modern Witch Books. This includes an actual series called Modern Witch and two other spinoffs.

Order of Modern Witch Series

1A Modern Witch2011Description / Buy
2A Hidden Witch2011Description / Buy
3A Reckless Witch2011Description / Buy
4A Witch Central Wedding2012Description / Buy
5A Nomadic Witch2012Description / Buy
6To Have and To Code2012Description / Buy
7A Different Witch2012Description / Buy
8A Celtic Witch2013Description / Buy
9Swordfights & Lullabies2013Description / Buy
10A Lost Witch2013Description / Buy

Chronological Order of Modern Witch Series

1To Have and To Code2012Description / Buy
2A Modern Witch2011Description / Buy
3A Hidden Witch2011Description / Buy
4A Reckless Witch2011Description / Buy
5A Witch Central Wedding2012Description / Buy
6A Nomadic Witch2012Description / Buy
7A Different Witch2012Description / Buy
8A Celtic Witch2013Description / Buy
9Swordfights & Lullabies2013Description / Buy
10A Lost Witch2013Description / Buy

Order of Witch Central Series

1An Imperfect Witch2013Description / Buy
2An Unlikely Witch2013Description / Buy
3Feathers2014Description / Buy
4A Dangerous Witch2014Description / Buy

Order of WitchLight Trilogy Series

1Witches on Parole2011Description / Buy
2Witches Under Way2012Description / Buy
3Witches in Flight2012Description / Buy
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However, the term Modern Witch is rarely used to describe all three series. The series consists of seven novels and three novellas. The books follow relatively young women who, at the start of their separate stories, discover that they are witches.

This is exactly what happens to Lauren in A Modern Witch, the first book in the series. Lauren has been alive for 28 years and, in that time she has never seen any signs to suggest that she might be a supernatural being with the power to perform magic.

However, a spell designed to locate and summon witches identifies her as just that, and it isn’t supposed to make mistakes. Lauren’s life is forever changed by this revelation.

Debora Geary’s fantasy series differs rather drastically from other novels in this genre. Where other series tend to immerse readers in rather dark realms filled with dangerous creatures, a lot of conflict and elements of death, the Modern Witch series is very light.

In fact, one could go so far as to call it fluff, and that is one of the complaints the books tend to attract. Debora’s stories focus a little too intently on delivering sweet narrations about the bright and loving world of witches.

There is rarely any conflict involved. Though, this is one of the reasons some readers love this series. They describe it as a fun and light read that exists to only show the kind and optimistic aspects of the world.

Debora shies away from exploring anything dark or difficult. The author began writing the books in 2011 and wrapped things up in 2013. From there, she began writing the spin-offs to the series, attracting notable interest from fans of the original Modern Witch books.

Best Modern Witch Books

Debora Geary’s Modern Witch books are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, they have garnered a lot of interest over the years, with the best books including the following:

A Reckless Witch: Sierra Brighton’s childhood was glorious because she got to travel the world. She did everything from swimming with whales to dancing in storms. The death of her mother marked the end of her magical freedom, stranding her in foster care and making her a secret witch.

When she is fetched by a spell, Sierra is granted the opportunity to escape magical isolation, but only if she can learn to safely manipulate her power.

Debora creates a very likable character in Sierra. She is strong but she also has many flaws and often struggles to overcome her insecurities. Debora keeps things interesting by introducing a whole slew of new characters.

Unfortunately, Debora does that in every single book. And because previously introduced characters never really go away, and this is the third book in the series, A Reckless Witch tends to feel a little too overcrowded.

Debora also makes things a little too sappy here. The series definitely gets sappier with each new book, and this one pushes things too far, what with all the cookies and ice cream and the fact that everyone is having babies. Without Sierra, this book falls apart rather easily.

A Nomadic Witch: Marcus’ life takes an unexpected twist when a tiny babe comes to Nova Scotia and begins unleashing the horrifying events he was sure were long since buried in his past. It will take much work and determination for Marcus to heal.

This book continues the trend of Debora Geary’s overly sweet stories about witches. She takes things to even more bizarre levels in this book. Some of the scenarios are downright nonsensical. However, Debora seems to understand that she has a very specific audience that loves these stories.

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What Is The Next Book in The Modern Witch Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Modern Witch Series. The newest book is A Lost Witch and was released on June, 19th 2013.


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  1. This series reminded me of “The Magicians” series because you get caught up in the characters’ lives as much as you get caught up in the magic and witchcraft. Debora Geary’s writing makes the characters seem real in that you find yourself wishing you woke up one day and realized you are a witch. Is it weird that books like this make me want to start researching magic and the occult?

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