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The “BigTime” series is a series of paranormal novels by paranormal and urban fantasy author Jennifer Estep. Estep published the first novel of the series “Karma Girl” in 2007 to much popularity among fans of the genre. Following the popularity of the series, Jennifer went on to follow the first with several more titles in the still ongoing series.

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Order of Bigtime Series

# Read Title Published Details
1 Karma Girl ( By: Jennifer Estep) 2007 Description / Buy
2 Hot Mama ( By: Jennifer Estep) 2007 Description / Buy
3 Jinx ( By: Jennifer Estep) 2008 Description / Buy
4 A Karma Girl Christmas ( By: Jennifer Estep) 2011 Description / Buy
5 Nightingale ( By: Jennifer Estep) 2012 Description / Buy
6 Fandemic ( By: Jennifer Estep) 2015 Description / Buy
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The Bigtime series of paranormal romances is set in the Big Apple, New York City. The Bigtime is a city full of uber villains, heroic superheroes, sassy smart girls chasing romance and love, among other larger than life, zany, and fun characters. Each novel in the series tells the story of a different heroine as she lives in a city interacting with villains and heroes, and fighting a set of battles over the course of the narrative.

In “Karma Girl” the first novel of the series Carmen Cole has determined that New York is not big enough to hold uber villains, superheroes and herself. The intrepid reporter will do everything in her power to expose the evil wearers of spandex. Her determination is driven by the fact that her cheating fiancé had turned out to be a superhero who had been playing her with his nubile archenemy. Working to expose the superheroes and their perennial enemies has turned Carmen from a small town reporter into one of the most recognizable names working for the national paper “The ExposZ”.

She is now socializing with ravenous fashionistas and millionaires as part of her day’s work while trailing the Terrible Triad and the Fearless Five. But then her life and career come crashing around her ears when she is unlucky enough to be in the right place and right time for the scoop of her career. It is an excellent novel that showcases the amazing story telling skills of Estep that have won her paranormal fans from all across the globe.


Nightingale: The fourth novel in the series is one of the best novels in the Bigtime series of novels. The lead in the series is Abby Appleby, an events organizer who prides herself on her ability to handle anything from panicked partygoers, drunken businessmen, and anxious brides. But then she finds herself in the middle of a tussle between bandit an uber villain and the superhero Talon.

Talon is injured and temporarily becomes blind and so Abby takes him back to his house to take care of him. Singing to him, the two grow close but Abby soon leaves when he sees that he is getting better. But now that Talon is recovered all he knows is that he was taken care of by a Nightingale and starts looking for Abby. But it is not only the sexy superhero who is looking for her, Bandit is angry with her for nursing his uber nemesis back to health.

Fandemic: The fifth novel is another gripping novel of the series featuring Piper Perez. Perez had always believed she was born to be a superhero even as she has never had any kind of superpowers. Given her lack of powers, she pivots to memorabilia, figures and facts about Bigtime’s uber villains and superheroes, earning her the nickname fandemic.

In recent times, someone had been offing the villains and heroes of New York. Things come to a head when one of Piper’s best friends is murdered, and she vows to avenge her friend even if she does not have anything in the way of super powers. Her investigations reveal that Swifte the man she loves may be next on the chopping block. She needs to put all her knowledge of the superhero and uber villain world to save her one and only true love.

Jinx: Another compelling novel of the series is “Jinx” a novel about Bella Bulluci who loves the arts and never thought about living as a superhero, even as she was born into a superhero family. While she does not have some extraordinary super power, she can call upon supercharge telekinesis which is more of a jinx than a power. But then the sparks fly when she meets Debonair, a slightly crooked stranger who is at a gala fundraiser held at the art museum to steal a precious gem.


Many Bigtime series fans also love the “Protector Superhero” series of paranormal novels by Julie Kenner. These are paranormal romances about the life and times of men and women with supernatural powers who protect their loved ones from villainy.

Bigtime fans also enjoy the “Bronwyn the Witch” series of novels by Candace Havens. The lead protagonist of the series is Bronwyn, a witch who protect the important, the rich and famous while having some most interesting romantic escapades.

What Is The Next Book in The Bigtime Series?

There doesn't seem to be an upcoming book in The Bigtime Series. The newest book is Fandemic and was released on June, 2nd 2015.

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