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Jennifer Estep is a Southern girl in all entirety. She is sarcastic, sassy and just a bit crazy. Jennifer Estep’s childhood was a normal one and involved a lot of hanging out with friends, playing and making up wild stories in the head. Jennifer liked to read since being a child be it fairytales, mysteries, adventure stories or fantasies. She does not remember the first book she read but somewhere in the middle while reading her first few, she apparently fell in love with books. Her favorite childhood memory is that of her mother taking her to library every week. Somewhere between writing poems and short stories for assignments, she realized that she wanted to write books for a living. Jennifer has a Bachelor degree in English and Journalism and a Master degree in Professional Communication.

Order of Bigtime Series

# Read Title Published
1 Karma Girl 2007
2 Hot Mama 2007
3 Jinx 2008
4 A Karma Girl Christmas 2011
5 Nightingale 2012
6 Fandemic 2015

Order of Black Blade Series

# Read Title Published
1 Cold Burn of Magic 2015
2 Dark Heart of Magic 2015
3 Bright Blaze of Magic 2016

Order of Elemental Assassin Series

# Read Title Published
1 Spider's Bite 2010
2 Web of Lies 2010
3 Venom 2010
4 Tangled Threads 2011
5 Spider’s Revenge 2011
6 Thread of Death 2012
7 By a Thread 2012
8 Widow's Web 2012
9 Deadly Sting 2013
10 Carniepunk (Short Story) 2013
11 Kiss of Venom 2013
12 Heart of Venom 2013
13 The Spider 2013
14 Poison Promise 2014
15 Black Widow 2014
16 Spider's Trap 2015
17 Bitter Bite 2016
18 Unwanted 2016
19 Unraveled 2016
20 Nice Guys Bite 2016
21 Snared 2017

Order of Mythos Academy Series

# Read Title Published
1 First Frost 2011
2 Touch of Frost 2011
3 Kiss of Frost 2011
4 Dark Frost 2012
5 Crimson Frost 2012
6 Midnight Frost 2013
7 Spartan Frost 2013
8 Halloween Frost (Short Story) 2013
9 Killer Frost 2014
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Jennifer Estep gets her ideas for her books from everywhere – books, movies, real life stories, news stories etc. She likes to question as to what would she have done if it were her in different circumstances. Jennifer is a very open minded person and thus draws her inspiration from everything ranging from a person’s perfume to a person’s laugh or a snippet of a conversation. Her books are full of drama, romance and suspense and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Jennifer Estep is a New York Times Bestselling author of the Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series, The Mythos Academy series, Bigtime series and the Black Blade Fantasy.

The bestselling urban fantasy series Elemental Assassin is a collection of sixteen novels. The series focuses on an assassin – Gin Blanco, who has a codename the Spider and she has the ability to control the elements of Ice and Stone. Other than killing people and correcting the wrongs done by the people, Gin runs a barbeque restaurant by the name of Pork Pit in the fictional metro city of Ashland in the South. The city of Ashland also houses many a vampires, dwarfs, giants and elementals of Fire, Ice, Air and Stone. The first book of the series is Spider’s Bite and the last one being Snared.

Mythos Academy series is a young adult urban fantasy series that focuses on Gwen Frost who is a seventeen year old Gypsy girl. Gwen is gifted with the ability to know an object’s history just by touching it, also called psychometry. Gwen is shipped off to Mythos Academy after a freak out with magic turned serious. The Mythos Academy is a school for the descendants of ancient warriors like Amazons and Spartans. The first book in this series was The Touch of Frost and the last being Killer Frost. This is a relatively smaller series than the Elemental Assassin with only six books in the series offering.

Bigtime series is a paranormal romance books series which features evil villains, sexy superheroes and sassy girls who are looking for love. There are only five books in the series as of now, the first one being the Karma Girl and the last one being Fandemic. The Bigtime series books are set in a fictional city in New York, by the name of Bigtime and is a city which is full of villains, super heroes and larger than like characters. These books are female centered comic books. However, these books are only intended for adults aged 18 or above. The series includes The Fearless Five, Bigtime city’s most popular and powerful and superhero team; Striker -the leader whose power includes regeneration and incredible agility and reflexes; Fiera – the hothead, whose powers include the ability to create, control, and manipulate fire in addition to be super strong; Hermit – the technological whiz who has the ability to plug his brain into computers and thus which allows him to sort through billions of bytes of data per minute; Mr. Sage – the wise statesmen whose psychic powers include telekinesis and premonition and lastly Karma Girl – whose empathic abilities let her tap into and use the powers of other heroes and villains.

The Black Blade series is a young adult urban fantasy series with a focus on Lila Merriweather, a resident of Cloudburst Falls in West Virginia. The town is dubbed as the most magical place in America and Lila is shown to be a thief in the series. Magic makes Lila stronger and she does odd jobs to survive. The first book in the series is Cold Burn of Magic and the last one being Bright Blaze of Magic.

Best Jennifer Estep Books:

Poison Promise: Gin Blanco aka The Spider is put face to face with a legendary crime boss as a new drug hits the streets.

Black Widow: M.M. Monroe is out for revenge and planning the murder of Gin Blanco.